Everyone Matters: Please Consider Living the Vegan Ethic

An Open Letter to the Leaders of the Progressive Movement

Written by Sun, Co-Founder of Gentle World


Dear friends of truth and freedom,

If the value of people was measured by how much they cared about other people, you would be among the top 1%. Not only because you respect the rights of others, which in most places on this earth, would be remarkable in and of itself, but also because you advocate for those rights, often against all odds; sometimes at great personal risk, even for the most down-trodden of our species.

Thank you for persevering, decade after decade; speaking, film-making, marching, publishing, campaigning, and in any way you can, lifting our eyes from what is, to see what can be. As insane as our world often looks and feels, I do believe that without your voices of reason and compassion, we’d likely have no world at all.

Thank you for helping us to break through our prejudices, and expand our concept of who matters beyond ourselves, our family, our color, our country or our anything. It is through the lens of the progressive perspective that we are able to see clearly that because everyone matters to him or her self, everyone matters.

I am writing now, when time has never been more of the essence, to ask you to further expand your view of who matters to include the slaves even of slaves.

I am asking you to consider living the vegan ethic.

Focused as you are on social justice issues, I imagine that you are already aware of the growing debate over whether or not we have the right to forcefully deny life and liberty to other species, for the fulfillment of our personal pleasures. If you are not yet vegan yourself, you might be moving in that direction or have a friend or two who is. You may even be convinced by now that veganism is a reasonable solution to many of the world’s problems. Perhaps you have secretly envisioned doing it yourself, someday… when you are ready.

I am asking you to consider that someday is now, and that you are ready.

If you are not yet sure, I humbly suggest that you discover the truth of exactly how everything non-vegan is produced, and then ask your conscience how it feels about your being a part of such misery. I am confident that when that infallible voice answers, as it will, that any support of animal slavery is in direct opposition to your core belief in liberty and justice for all, you will know, with certainty, that living the vegan ethic is essential to living your values.

When you, the leaders of the progressive movement, summon your resolve to rise above this deeply-ingrained prejudice, people will follow your example with even more alacrity than they now follow your words. And others will follow their example, and still others theirs, on and on, exponentially, until our shared dream of a peaceful world becomes a reality.

Please consider.

Your friend,


mike Kowalchuk
Mike Kowalchuk4 years ago

Dogs and cats are meat eater,a dog can eat a vegan diet as there systems are desighned much like ours arebut when it comes to cats they would not have health for long on a vegan diet,i feed my cats a natural food ,ingreedeants that is,there are some fruits and vegies in it witch i dont realy understad,but the main ingreedeants are meat,and tarine witch is needed in a cates diet,i have had very good luck with this food,one of my dearest cats passed last month and she was 20 years young,so i will stay with the same for my other cats.In the last few years i have compleatly stoped any meat products,i have done this for three reasones animal abuse,inviornment and health.

Carrie-Anne Brown

thanks for sharing :)

Stacey Toda
Stacey Toda4 years ago


Pamela W.
Pamela W4 years ago

Jim B ........ I see you've only recently joined Care2 - welcome !! Your post is a glowing reference for veganism - glad to learn it works for you. It's a pity that more vegans don't tell us about their personal experiences, which would answer some of the questions from people considering going vegan. I find their retiscence to share their experiences rather strange and a little disconcerting ..... what do they not want us to know - how difficult they found it ? The few who are willing to share their stories are, more often than not, those whose profile is "hidden" - another detail which is a little perplexing - why is that ?

Jim Bron
Jim Bron4 years ago

I became vegan more than 20 years ago when I learned of the unthinkable cruelty that animals considered to be nothing but commodities or "food" were experiencing. I watched a documentary called The Animals' Film, and that was all it took for me to become vegan. I feel better than ever and my wife, who is a wee bit younger, sometimes cannot keep up with me as my energy level seems to increase with age. I think if more people chose a diet of plants and omitted the animal products, we would see a decrease in serious disease.

4 years ago

if you're bothered by the number of cats killed by negligence and indifference, then you SHOULD care if someone is feeding a cat a vegan diet.
Cats are OBLIGATE CARNIVORES and cannot get taurine or other nutrients they REQUIRE from a veg diet. Synthetic supplements are not fully assimilated and can leave a cat deficient in nutrients essential to living.
They die slow, miserable deaths on veg diets.
THAT is animal abuse.

I'm also against negligence and indifference AND irresponsibility when it comes to pets...that's why I promote Spay/Neuter and I support our local shelter financially.

Ian Thompson
Ian Thompson4 years ago

Marilyn, I don't know about feeding cats vegan products, I've never heard of it, I suppose it may be possible. I know of a much loved dog (owners were not vegans) that had to be fed a vegetarian diet (on vet's instructions) and it lived a long and happy life. I've never owned a cat or dog but I suppose if I did it'd be a dilemma but from my understanding most dog and cat meat is simply a bi-product of animals bred for human consumption or entertainment that would otherwise have been waste product. Of bigger concern to me is the number of cats and dogs that are destroyed or killed by neglect or indifference.

Ian Thompson
Ian Thompson4 years ago

Rainbow, I sincerely hope the aliens do farm us "compassionately". But what if their planet is so overpopulated and desperate for meat they use our human farming methods? They'd probably herd us into our football stadiums; 2 square metres per person should be enough to lay down or stretch our legs. Us males will need to be castatrated of course (without anaesthetic); fortunately we don't have beaks, horns or tails that will need removing but so we don't injure ourselves fighting over space, they may wish to remove our finger nails and inscissor teeth (won't be needing those as we slurp down our daily gruel full of growth hormones and antibiotics). Women of breeding age will need to be placed in breeding stalls to ensure they suckle their young (also makes it easier to AI). Of course the baby will have to be taken from the mother at 9 months; she'll have another to feed soon (got to keep production up). With selective breeding and genetic engineering we should be fat enough for consumption at an early age; of course there'll always be those 'gourmet' aliens who'll want to eat our babies (much more succulent). I just hope when my time came for slaughter they'd use a local abattoir and I'm not shipped off alive to another planet where I can be slaughtered and butchered more cheaply. And I sincerely hope they don't have any strange religious rituals when it comes to my slaughter, you know, the ones that make our deaths as cruel as possible. Yes, I hope they are compassionate!

Barbara D.
Past Member 4 years ago

Helloooo, kiddies! Just checkin' in! Been quite busy on a few other threads. As my friend, Pamela, says, *wink wink, nod, nod* ! Ah, wingnuts..........!
Two sheckels worth of nothing. Why not eat cats and dogs? Meat is meat, all that matters is how it's obtained.
The Swiss don't eat cats and dogs (that only occurred years ago on the most remote dairy farms ~ it was a matter of necessity), and the citizens don't go around shooting feral cats.
Believe me, I bin there, ain't never done that!!

4 years ago

I have a question for Ian if he's still around...

How do you feel about people who are vegan-by-diet feeding a fatally nutrient deficient vegan diet to their cats even though they are scientifically classified as 'obligate carnivores'?

Personally, I find that totally against the vegan commitment to 'do no harm'.
It seems that going against nature with the knowledge that it IS harmful, is nothing less than deliberate and intentional hands-on animal abuse....and yet, it is being promoted by some of the more radical vegans.