Ex-Mormon Felt Suicidal Over Ex-Gay Therapy (VIDEO)


Ex-Mormon Steve Lee learned a lot from having to endure gay conversion therapy for the sake of his Mormon faith: he learned how to change the oil in his car, he learned how to hate himself, and he learned how to want to commit suicide because he knew he could never change.

He was essentially forced to choose between his religion and his life. He chose to live. He got out of the church that refused to accept him and he now lives a happy life with his partner. He lost nothing, he says, but he gained so much.

Steve has an important message: if you’re going through what he did you can make it through, and you can find acceptance elsewhere — you do not need to suffer.

He also wants people to know ex-gay therapy as put forward by religious groups doesn’t work and it is costing lives. He’s seen it. He’s lived it. It needs to stop.

Some have asked why allegations surrounding presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann’s federally funded religious clinic offering ex-gay therapy even matter.

Steve’s story tells you why.

You can read more about Steve’s story here.

Image taken from the video campaign under fair use, all credit to http://www.i-am-an-exmormon.com/


W. C
W. C1 months ago

Thanks for caring.

William C
William C1 months ago

Thank you.

Wendy F.
Wendy F5 years ago

Love you Steve! Good for you and kudos to your wife as well. You've both been through a lot and have found a way to make your lives work. Congratulations and I hope your happiness continues!

Hanford Searl

... As a former Mormon, excommunicated for "being Gay" after 15-yrs. membership, I can identify with some of thee BS Lee "bought into!" Thee real scandal is thee LDS "church" still endorses "electric-shock" therapy for its LGBTQ members. That practice used to happen on the BYU campus when I attended from '66-'70 & after my 2-yr. mission in '73! Was forced off-campus by lawsuits from damaged LGBTQ students & their families. Annual, Spring-time "Witch Hunts" for LGBTQ students included following people to gay bars 50-miles north to SLC! My 1st. book recounts my being wrongly accused of "homosexual activity" at thee "Y," subsequent sketchy association with Spencer W. Kimball, who was then 1-of-12 LDS "Apostles" dealing with this issue. He later became "Prophet, Seer & Revelator" & even more homophobic! Kimball was "proud" of excommunication as Gay nephew, who became a leader in thee Gay-supportive MCC Church in Phoenix.

Glen P.
Glen P6 years ago

Great video!

Gay people cannot find true happiness in their lives until they are out of the closet with who they are, and that is another fabulous member of our diverse peoples.

SeattleAnn S.
Ann S6 years ago

Kudos to you Steve Lee for your braveness and honesty. We should all question authority figures in our lives who tell us that being ourselves is wrong. Especially, when it is not harming any of God's living creatures. It's highly suspicious why people feel so threatened by LGBT. The hypocrisy I constantly saw in my Christian upbringing drove me away from religion altogether. In regard to the issue at hand, many religions are saying they rather people deceive themselves and others about their natures instead of come clean. Then their lesson is that God prefers deception over honesty? That has much more potential to hurt others than just accepting who you are (and it's crazy to call homosexuality "a choice") while trying to improve personality traits that may actually be hurtful. Keep being yourself and kind to others Steve: if there is an ultimate being, what else could it want from us?

Christina J.
Christina J6 years ago

Jaun T. So what you are saying is that if someone simply never acts on their desire to be with a person of the same sex that they have changed? Wouldn't a true change require them to also become attracted to the opposite sex? Avoiding homosexual behavior for your whole life, though you still feel attracted to the same sex, does not "change" you into a heterosexual. Even if it cannot physically force a person to act on same sex desires, I do believe DNA, hormones, chemicals in the brain, something, we are BORN with determines our sexual orientation.

Don Go
Don Go6 years ago

I have nothing against the mormon faith, it's their practice I have a problem with.

In the same way I can't blame this guy for leaving his religion, but I don't like how he compares it to realizing "it was all a joke"

It shouldn't seem funny, if you ask me, but I guess if it isn't funny, it's painful, so way to go for turning that around well for you. ;)

I'm also happy for him, he seems genuinely glad, it's almost creepy. HAHAHA. Random moments of joy and laughter can be a bit creepy.

Have any of you watched "Latter Days"? It's a romance movie about a guy from LA and a mormon. Very cute, and I can see that that was basically him in that movie. Tsk tsk.

May your life be filled with joy, and better faith. :)

Suzanne B.
Suzanne B6 years ago

Interesting - Steve's conclusion that there is no God because God would not change him from what he was to something he is not isn't too logical. I would think that the fact that God would not do that would support the premise that Steve is just exactly as he is supposed to be. After all, who better to accept you exactly as you are than God?

David Handy
David Handy6 years ago

Statistics show that any most programs that say they can "cure" homosexuality have a high failure rate and unfortunately too many commit suicide out of desperation. I am so tired of people saying that it can be done without any understanding of how it feels.

Speaking from experience, gay people can no more change their sexual orientation than a dog can change into a cat.