Exclusive: NASCAR’s Kasey Kahne’s “Dumb Bitch” Talks About Speaking Out

From ESPN.com to People Magazine, the entire sports and entertainment industry has been caught up in the public relations storm caused when NASCAR driver Kasey Kahne tweeted how “nasty” it was to see a woman breastfeed her child in public.

One woman on twitter responded, saying “‘I hope someday you have a kid and someone tells your wife that feeding your child looks nasty.”  His answer?  He called her a “dumb bitch.”

Since the incident, Kahne has deleted the offensive tweet, somewhat apologized on Facebook, and even had sponsors rebuke him and state that Kahne’s views are in no way reflected by their own businesses. Kahne has already begun the process of trying to rehabilitate his image, especially with women, and move on.  But for Deana, the woman who spoke out against his tirade, the fallout continues as she is accosted via Twitter and email for having the audacity to speak up for women against this hero of the racing world.

I reached out to Deana, who is a friend of mine, and asked her if she would be willing to talk about what happens when standing up for a cause suddenly puts you in the center of controversy, and what sort of fallout has come her way since.

You’re not really a “lactivist” by any means. What made you decide to respond to the Kahne tweet in the first place?

I thought Mr. Kahne’s was wrong, he saw a “nasty” boob. In reality, she was probably a woman just trying to get through her day. She has a baby in tow, ideally she probably wanted to be at home, away from prying eyes to nurse her baby. That was not possible.

What sort of reactions have you been getting from Kahne fans?

I’ve received a lot of support from tons of really great women and even some men (who are racing fans) saying nice things and even defending me. Then there are a lot men and some women who say I’m ruining his reputation, and that I should shut up. I promise folks Kasey Kahne will be fine.

What is the worst thing that has been said to you since you spoke out against Kahne’s breastfeeding tirade?

The ones that hurt the most was a gentleman (term used very loosely) who said he, “hoped my kids would die”, another one suggested that I beat my kids. A few have called me a “murderer” and a “baby killer”, because they looked at my profile and saw that I am pro-choice.Some of your new “friends” on twitter have accused you of being a “fame whore” or seeking out the limelight.  What would you say to them.

Most of the time when a regular person tweets @ a celebrity it goes unnoticed, or we think it does, and there isn’t a reaction. I never thought, for one second, that he would react or even see that tweet. As for me “enjoying” this, I can think of 5000 things more enjoyable than some of those hate tweets. I have not liked this at all, why would anyone like this?

Why do you think that women tend to stay silent rather than respond when someone, especially someone famous, makes a comment that is offensive?

I think women stay silent because we don’t want to be viewed as “whiners” or “complainers”. Because we stay silent people, even famous ones, think it’s ok to say heinous things.

If you had foreseen everything that would happen in response to the “twitter war,” would you have still sent that tweet?

Would I have sent that knowing what I know now? Probably not, but maybe. The interaction between Mr. Kahne sparked a conversation, even if for only a few days, that needs to be had.  Who knows maybe next time I’ll do it from my dog’s completely anonymous account…


The media has made the Kahne story into a fight over what happens to a celebrity when he says something that is bad for his public image.  But the real story is what sort of effect a celebrity’s misogynistic comments has on emboldening his own followers and fans to believe that this is the way you treat women, either online or off.  By responding to someone online by calling her a “dumb bitch,” Kahne didn’t just somehow “hurt” breastfeeding mothers, he showed that the simple sexism involved in a sport that believes women’s bodies should be used to sell beer, but not feed children, is alive an well, and one that he and his fans readily embrace.

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marc horton
marc horton5 years ago

what is nasty is to ever hear anyone but esp. a man say or use any sort of unsavory comments to a woman taking care of a child, k.k. is just another loser, as are you brian s. get a grip he said she said bullshit is also irritating and immature...leave woman alone!

Brian S.
Brian S.6 years ago

“‘I hope someday you have a kid and someone tells your wife that feeding your child looks nasty.” His answer? He called her a “dumb bitch.”

This is completely and utterly FALSE. Yes, he called her a dumb bitch, but it was in direct response to a second tweet she had sent him in which she called him a douchebag and said other unsavory things. Robin, your "friend" is a dirty ass liar. As far as Kasey's comments, I don't know a single person that really wants to see an exposed breast while walking through the grocery store. The mother in question should have been in a discreet location within the store feeding her child, not walking through the store. Kasey never said he didn't support breast feeding in general or that it was nasty in general. Just this one single woman hanging it out in the produce aisle.

If this is the style of reporting that you have Robin you should really think about it. Your lies and false information will bite you in the ass one day. I notice how there is no way to contact you directly on here. Are you scared someone will call your bullshit?

Rebecca W.
Rebecca W6 years ago

Why is a (presumably hetero) guy complaining about being able to see boob? Is it because he can't touch em and someone else is? WAAH! We shouldn't have to hide em anyway! Guys can walk around all over the place with their moobs out but we have to hide in dark corners to feed our kids?!?! Something very very wrong with that!

Sarah M.
Sarah M6 years ago

What a despicable, ignorant, misogynist jerk! I've never even heard of him before but he's clearly no different than any other sexist ass! I'm so sick of the war on women! Women not only create life though childbirth, we sustain it through breastfeeding, whereas men can do neither; women should be exalted as the fairer sex rather than be demeaned and constrained by a patriarchal society full of uneducated, narrow minded sexists.

Patrick F.
Patrick f6 years ago

Kasey Kahne must be a "dumb bitch". Freedom of speech....

Dan B.
Dan Brook6 years ago

I hope he loses his endorsements and sponsorships.

Anne S.
Anne S6 years ago

Calling someone, anyone 'a dumb bitch' is unacceptable. Highly unacceptable.
I watch Nascar and the next season, any sponsor of Kasey Kahne will not be patronized.

nan o.
nan o.6 years ago

I am proud to say that I am a "Lactivist"! There is nothing better for ones baby than mommy's MILK! All female mammals on this planet produce mothers milk. Some women may have a lactation disability, in which case goats milk will suffice as a substitute. Otherwise, there is no reason to use a "formula" invented by Big Pharma. Kasey Kahn is a pathetic moron. He obviously doesn't know that the word "mammal" comes from "mammary" glands! Kasey, get it through your thick skull - God gave women Boobs for a reason - to feed their newborns!

Michael C.
Michael C6 years ago

Sorry folks but some has to say it, Kasey Kahnes is a Dumb Bitch, I feel sorry for what ever woman comes in contact with him. Of course, I Assuming that he is straight.

michele h, As a woman, you should know better, you suggest that this woman just disappear in order to care for her child. Why doesn't anyone tell a "man" that he cannot adjust himself in public, oh yes, that's different, right.

KS Goh
KS Goh6 years ago

Thanks for the article.