Extreme Energy Does the Job

It’s no surprise that sex sells, but 6 Hour Power’s latest commercial takes this marketing philosophy to a whole new level of obscenity.

From the very start of the commercial I knew I wasn’t going to like where things were going. 

The commercial begins with the camera scanning a woman’s bare leg from her the tip of her black stiletto shoe to her barely there mini-skirt and plugging neckline blouse. Once in full view it appears the woman is an office secretary although her outfit would suggest otherwise. As the camera reaches her face she seductively draws a pen to her red lips, answers the phone, and smiling rushes to what we can only assume is her boss’ office after he suggestively says, “It’s time.”

Time for what you find yourself instinctively thinking. His morning coffee? A conference call? Maybe a meeting? 

No, just his morning round of fellatio. Or so it appears.

When the door opens the woman disappears from sight and we are left with the backside image of a man sitting at a desk that is violently shaking. As the camera zooms closer in we see the man throw his tie over his shoulder leaving you to assume that it was in the way of something, or rather someone. He continues to spasm in his chair and then shouts, “It’s working! I can feel it! I’m feeling it!”

The commercial quickly cuts to a shot of the product with an announcer saying: “Stacker 2, 6 Hour Power extreme energy shot. Feel it fast. Energy that lasts. No crash.” 

The man then promptly springs from his chair and says, “Now I’m ready,” looking sweaty and disheveled (wait I thought he was suppose to be full of energy?)

End scene.

Ready for what? Perhaps, to explain to me what this commercial has to do with selling an extreme energy shot? That would be nice. 

I’ve seen my fair share of sexist commercials, but this one takes the cake bar none.  For one, the woman’s outfit is over the top to say the least. Most wouldn’t imagine a secretary in that get-up unless they were watching a porno. Speaking of pornos, the commercial’s “covert” portrayal of oral sex is completely obvious. If you watch closely (and enough times) you can even catch a glimpse of the woman’s head between her boss’ legs (try around 19 seconds). Really what else are we suppose to think is going on? Is the man having a seizure? Would he call his secretary and say, “It’s time” if he thought he was having a seizure? Not to mention the fact that I’m sure Stacker 2 wouldn’t want seizures associated with their products. 

And what I also don’t understand is why we see a framed picture of a woman, presumably his wife, fall from the man’s desk and shatter on the floor. Are we to assume that this man is also cheating on his wife and if so why is this element added? 

The whole story line has nothing to do with selling an energy product which is what makes it even more infuriating. It is just another deluded male sexual fantasy that only serves to exploit women’s bodies for the purpose of selling a product that is, of course, being aimed at a male consumer. 

The message is clear: women are only meant for sexual pleasure – the receptionist is “dressed” suggestively for her boss’ pleasure and rushes excitedly to his office to perform oral sex on him with nothing in return. This isn’t a scene of an office fling where both parties are pleasured. This is solely and exclusively about a man’s satisfaction.

To top it off, it is unclear who exactly takes the energy shot in the commercial, which you would assume would be the main purpose. Was it the woman and did it give her the energy to perform oral sex on her boss or was it the man and if so then what did it give him energy for? We know he’s ready, but for what and is it a result of having just had oral sex or from taking the shot?

Who knows and honestly who cares? From start to finish the commercial is a nonsensical nightmare that reflects poorly on the company’s respect (or lack thereof) of women and men for that matter. In fact, neither sex is represented positively. Do you want to be the sex-crazed man that cheats on his wife in the office or the adulterous secretary whose boss uses her for sex?

Checking out the 6 Hour Power’s website left me with no better impression of the company. The homepage has a scantily clad superhero-ish woman with ridiculous body dimensions – impossibly large breasts that realistically could never be supported by such a tiny snitched waist. Around her curvaceous hips is a tool belt of sorts fully stocked with 6 Hour Power energy shots of course.

Without even taking 6 Hour Power I already feel energized. Perhaps, it’s because I’m so offended.

Photo by Alan D used under a Creative Commons license.


Sue Geldof
Sue Geldof8 years ago

Stupid would be the word yes. When women act this way it's no wonder why men see them as space cadets for one. they don't take women so serious due to women who act like twats instead of human. I blame the women for this action because women don't have to sell sex to make a point or anything else. try those brains on for size. It might surprise the shite out of these women that they do have them.

Jackie T.
Jackie T.8 years ago

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Kathy Ingallinera

Thanks Ximena - I had never heard of this drink or seen the commercial. I know people commented - "not the first stupid sexist commercial... won't be the last" and similar comments but I thank you for bringing this to MY attention. just because it has happened and is still happening doesn't make it right.

Lloyd C.
Lloyd C8 years ago

This topic is so funny! The woman took the job to "act" in the commercial, so why feel anger, or sorry. Just like women in bikinis on the cover of Car Magazines, and Sports Illustrated, plus inside the spreads. I didn't notice a gun to the heads, so I guess they don't care about how they are perceived, and it was just a job.

Woman as far back in time, have used their "assets" to make money, so you see where the problem is. The "actress" could have turned the role down and all other doing the same, and the commercial might have been killed. Women have the right to refuse the roles, but it is only money!

edward s.
edward s8 years ago

Just one advertisement from the country that gives us Hollywood and a world leading porn industry.We have much the same here in the UK,with liberation has come exploitation,it was inevitable. Freedom and equality ALWAYS meant someone saying, "whats in this for us", for business, for self satisfaction, for profit, for cheap and demeaning sexploitation.Sadly, womens lib traded femininity for lifetime membership of the boys club; and now they are making money from it. What else did we really expect?

Brittany C.
B C8 years ago

Yes, it's a stupid commercial, aimed at stupid men. But it's not the first and it certainly won't be the last. And it is completely irrelevant to the product, but that's hardly a new concept either.

Selma A.
Selma A8 years ago

It's just a commercial aimed at the stupidest of men. I think it could be a great test. Make your own man watch it. If he thinks it's "cool" or reacts to it with anything other than a "wtf" reaction, then dump him. He's clearly just as stupid as the idiot that thought up this "ad". I'm not sure why any woman would be genuinely offended, unless maybe they happen to be a secretary and don't like the portrayal of their job....?