Facebook Tells You Who’s Been Looking At Group Pages

One of the main features Facebook offered its users was the anonymous scanning of friends’ and Group pages. Originally, no one could see which pages you looked at, meaning you could find out information without any embarrassing awareness from the object of your curiosity.

This week, Facebook set out to change that situation. Complex Tech reports that Facebook announced via its blog that:

Starting today when you visit a group, you can view who’s seen each post. This way you can stay updated on the group’s activity… For example, in your soccer group you can post the new practice time and then see who got the update.

Facebook also started a new service this week that announces momentous events in friends’ lives. The information, such as wedding dates, engagements or the birth of a child, will appear on the side of the screen when users log in.

Facebook has faced a number of criticisms over the last year. Most recently it was criticized for removing a post that addressed human rights issues in Syria. The company has also been called out for changing the e-mail that appears on users’ accounts, thereby promoting the @facebook.com e-mail feature of the site.

There have also been several waves of disapproval at the security and privacy settings of the website. This new service which allows others to see who views what links on a Group page takes away some of the anonymity of scanning Facebook, but may also give users a clue about the list of people interested in checking up on various personal activities.

Most commentators have agreed that Facebook will most likely attempt to implement this technology into more areas of the site, completely obliterating privacy. So next time you check up on any of your exes, or that old high school crush, just imagine a tiny notice appearing next to their status alerting them that you just visited their page. It’s a startling and slightly horrifying prospect. As the blogger for Complex Tech concludes on this issue, “Who’s ready for full transparency?”

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Robert Ludwig
Robert Ludwig5 years ago

FB security is slipshod and spotty at best. The loss of privacy through the groups is just one aspect. A worse aspect is the games and apps. Electing to play a game or utilize an app opens the door for that application to access your profile information regardless of what security selections you make to your account. The ACLU provided a demonstration app to detail just what information an application can obtain from your account. Try it. It's very illuminating.

Bonnie M.
Bonnie M5 years ago

Well- no one is under the gun to join facebook. The digital world is here to stay,technology will keep on discovering new frontiers. It is a personal choice how to use facebook. Anyone who is self-conscious and private has the choice to stay out of fb. Anyone who chooses to vent their venomous vile on social networks are using knee-jerk reaction, without considering repercussions. SO? Social networks bring out the fanciful, wishful, pseudo-intellectual,self-absorbed ,downright vengeful and hypocritical human nature common in so many of us.
Take it or leave it. Find a more noble issue to support in a more conservative medium. There is always something to learn - if only people stop being judgmental.

Patricia M.
Patricia M5 years ago

No way should facebook allow our privacy to be compromised in anyway. We all like to see who's who or what someone you had a crush on looks like decades later, but to let them know is not only embarrassing but against the law to jeopardize someone who may be under say "Witness Protection" or someone who is a victm of domestic violence that may be checking out their perpetrator's plans and if they should be worried (been there). Or the person on FB may be seeking to see what is going on with their estranged family without causing waves... No, FB is going too far and needs to be brought down a peg or two in the cyberworld. Anyone feeling theatened by this implication should tell FB this or tell them they are leaving. Enough leave and FB will become passe' like MySpace has...

Wendy F.
Wendy F5 years ago

Facebook has started adding tons of advertising and so has youtube. It's a real shame you can't even view a simple video without removing an ad covering part of the screen. I'll have to leave them both now. I'm tired of ads across the screen of a TV show or movie, ads along the side of a Facbeook page when I only want to contact a friend for quick chat. I'm waiting for advertising on our toilet paper and the envelopes our U.S. mail arrives in, ads on our groceries and ads on the money. I don't dare ask - What next?

Anne G.
Anne G5 years ago

I think Miriam R. has it correct, this is about groups, not personal pages, if you don't like it, don't use it. Be aware of privacy settings and use them, it's not that hard.

Miriam Rubinoff
Melissa Rubinoff5 years ago

I've read and reread your article, and I honestly cant see where it says that "next time you check up on any of your exes, or that old high school crush, just imagine a tiny notice appearing next to their status alerting them that you just visited their page." The article says that "when you visit a group, you can view who’s seen each post." Group posts, not personal profile posts. Then it goes on to say that a new service will "announces momentous events in friends’ lives". Friends, not your ex - unless you and your ex are already Facebook friends.

Ron B.
Ron B5 years ago

It's becoming more like In-Your-Face Book all the time. It's as if the Facebook big wigs realize that FB will eventually be going down the road of earlier social networks that have faded away and are trying to delay this by encouraging more user communication and participation. But their ham-fisted way of going about it may only wind up hastening Facebook's demise.

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g d c5 years ago


Dawn W.
Dawn W5 years ago

Why does FB keep making changes no one wants,while ignoring what users tell them they do want? They don't give a crap about their users.

Michele J.
Michele Jones5 years ago

What is wrong with some of you people?? If you folks knew who all was looking at your pics and personal information, then NONE OF YOU would feel comfortable using Facebook!!

Facebook will NEVER go to true transparency on the personal pages because then users would become aware of all the sick twisted folks who are pouring over all of their information.

Facebook's so-called privacy settings failed for me, so I wrote them off in 2009 after a few months of use at the encouragement of the company I worked for.

If you folks want to freely hand over your personal info to others so they can use it to manipulate you, then continue to use Facebook.