Failed Tea Party Candidate Suggests Assassinating The President and His Daughters

California Tea Party politician Jules Manson appears to have received a well-deserved visit from the Secret Service, after posting on his Facebook page that President Barack Obama and his children should all be assassinated.

Manson, who ran for city council in 2011 and received only 4 percent of the vote, was already known for putting pictures of the president dressed as Hitler on his Facebook page, but his latest diatribe went even further.  According to the New York Daily News, Manson believed, “Obama’s support of a revised military authorization bill last week was an act of ‘treason’ that ‘eroded’ constitutional protections. ‘It must be countered with assassinations onto them and their children,’ he wrote in the original posting that has since been scrubbed from his Facebook profile. ‘Assassinate the f—-n (N-word) and his monkey children,’ he prodded, according to a screen grab obtained by”

Although he removed the post soon after, Manson then continued to enrage his audience with his “apology.” “Manson described the comments on his Facebook page as ‘careless, emotionally driven remarks that had no real substance’ and wrote, ‘Not including my regular friends whom I converse with often or have in the past and always welcome their comments and posts, I do not believe many of you are concerned citizens. Most of you were simply looking for drama to demonstrate your politically correct righteousness.’”

Sadly, outright calling for, or subtly calling for, the death of the president appears once more to be picking up steam.  Kansas Speaker of the House Mike O’Neal, who “accidentally” referred to the First Lady as “Mrs. YoMama,” in an email, has also been under fire for “praying” the president’s “days be few; and let another take his office/May his children be fatherless and his wife a widow.”  O’Neal claims he really only meant the his days be few in office, not the rest of the psalm.

Obviously the hateful — and often violent — rhetoric is escalating, and now it is encompassing the full first family.  As Jeanne Sager writes, “Inciting violence and pondering assassination against a president has earned Manson a visit from the Secret Service…But his comments against the Obama children should earn him a few new titles to add to his resume: creep, sicko, man willing to stoop the lowest depths possible to make a political point.”

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Ralph H.
Ralph Henderson5 years ago

To disagree with someone and want him removed from power is the right of every citizen. To be outspoken against policies and what you believe is wrong is the duty of every American. But we don't call for them to be killed, that is against all we stand for.
This guy and any like him are people who are caught up in their hate and belief of personal superiority. I'd call for a mental screening and see if he is even competent.
Luckily hate and racism usually give themselves away regardless of their attempts at being secretive.
How can you change things for the right by doing wrong?
If only we could screen out the psychopaths and sociopaths right at the beginning, perhaps our choices would be easier to make.

Patricia N.
Patricia N5 years ago

I wonder if people made remarks like this when Bush was in office or any other president??

Maria D'oporto
Past Member 5 years ago

Respect is a fundamental value, offensive remarks are not the way to communicate, please try to be HUMANS and act like that, this people should'nt have the right to acces a massive media if they can control their own wild toughts, even animals behave better than them sometimes , is a shame we still don't understand to live and let live.

Maria D'oporto
Past Member 5 years ago

Is a sad world were people can be offensive against other human been and walk away free, this should be stoped

Joy L.
Joy L5 years ago

These are the politicans that want to govern this country so they could spread their hate how very sad

Jonathan T.
Jonathan T5 years ago

Disgusting. It makes you wonder how far comments like that would have gone without the watchful eyes of the internet.

Diana P.
Diana P5 years ago

One rotten apple makes the whole barrel smell bad. No matter what my feelings are towards BO this is so wrong on soooo many levels. We live in a crazy world

Anneke Andries
Anneke Andries5 years ago

what a completely insane, criminal idiot this is...

David L.
David L5 years ago

Jules Manson's idiocy amounts to clear treason ~ attempting to incite the assassination of your Prez' and his family...

Let's hope that those Secret Service agents reminded him that they could take him out the back and summarily execute him, if he's silly enough to maintain his threats..

The sheer lunacy of a wannabe-politician posting such a stupid wish in the public domain must clearly raise questions over his mental state and suitability for any public office ~ and certainly puts more mud onto the reputations of those "Tea Baggers" backing his efforts.

Jackie Agusta
Jackie Agusta6 years ago

Wow, what do you say to that? What an absolute tosser. To attack the president is one thing, I'm sure every president would expect some kind of backlash but to include his wife and especially his children is just absolutely disgusting. This guy is a racist, simple as :-(