Faithful Italian Cat Brings Gifts To Owner’s Grave

A year plus after his owner died, a cat named Toldo has continued to visit his grave in Montagnana, a small village in the hills outside Pistoia, north of the city of Florence in Tuscany. According to the Italian newspaper Corriere, the gray and white cat has also been bringing leaves, sticks, twigs, plastic cups and paper towels to the tombstone of Iozelli Renzo, who died at the age of 71 on September 22, 2011, and had taken in Toldo when he was only three months old.

On the day of the funeral, Toldo had followed Renzo’s coffin to the cemetery. Nobody remarked on this until the next day, when a twig from an acacia tree was found on the gravestone. As Renzo’s widow, Ada, tells Corriere, her first thought was that Toldo had left it, but her daughter dismissed the notion on the grounds that her mother’s “emotional state” was affecting her.

Then Ada’s son, on visiting the cemetery in the evening, found Toldo at his father’s gravesite, as if the cat were “guarding” it.

Since then, other villagers have seen Toldo in the cemetery at the tombstone and roaming among the other graves. Their accounts, says Paolo Vannini in Corriere, show that the story of Toldo is not just something “from the imagination of Walt Disney.”

As Ada said about Toldo, “My husband was very affectionate with him. Renzo loved animals. It’s almost as if Toldo would be grateful. He is a special cat; one can not help liking him.”

Whoever thinks animals cannot feel emotion, not to mention gratitude — and mourn and miss those who have died —  is just really, terribly wrong.

Toldo is also the name of a former goalkeeper for the Fiorentia and Inter football clubs. Toldo is now an “idol” in the area, not, as the website Leggo comments, because of the athlete, but because he is one very special, very faithful cat.


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Lesa D
Lesa Dabout a month ago

awww Toldo...

thank you Kristina...

Kathleen S.
Kathy S4 years ago

Beautiful story that will not be forgotten. This is truly a love story. Other true stories like Hachiko Waits, and Greyfriars Bobby also show the love of an animal for a true friend. Devotion is not just a human trait.

Sue H.
sue H4 years ago

Just another story of the feelings and emotions that animals are capable of having. Elephants too morn their family members. However, this is cross species and I find that even more interesting!

Lynn Demsky
Lynn D4 years ago

Many pets do this and it's as sad as wonderful, thanks for story!

Rosa mc
Lydia M4 years ago

Wow! what an amazing story. How beautiful!

Elisa Faulkner- Uriarte
Elisa F4 years ago

Beautiful story of undying love. Thank you!

Richard Hancock
Richard H5 years ago


Carrie Anne Brown
Carrie-Anne B5 years ago

thanks for sharing :)

Miles F5 years ago

This is a fascinating story that amply demonstrates that animals are much more complex than many people think and that there is much we still do not understand about them. Many of the higher animals will remain for days beside the body of a companion or offspring that has died and I have known of a pheasant that did this when its companion was killed by a car. But for a cat to keep it up for over a year is remarkable and the apparent bringing of 'gifts' is intriguing. However, many will know the story of Greyfriars Bobby (if not, put his name into a search engine) and elephants famously revisit the bones of their dead relatives for many years. Badgers also exhibit complex behaviour that looks like mourning when a member of their clan dies. I am glad that Toldo appears to be receiving the affection he craves, though it can never replace the friend he has lost.

Michaela G.
Michaela G5 years ago

This brings tears to my eyes - and it is very hard to make me weep, normally.