Family Saves 7 Giant Puppies Marked to Die for Possible Ringworm

Written by Robin Shuten of Michigan

My son was about 11 when he called me from his grandma’s house and told me that someone had dropped off an entire litter of puppies. He was really upset as there was talk of calling the pound to have them picked up. I debated briefly, but the next day we went to pick them up. I told him we would find homes for them, and in the mean time, they would be in no danger of being euthanized.

So we went out to his grandmother’s house to pick up the seven puppies, only to find that the dog pound had already picked them up! So I proceeded to talk with them about letting me take them. We knew they were homeless and there was no way that an owner would come for them. And the odds of all of them being adopted within the seven day stay of execution were rather slim.

At this point, I hadn’t met the puppies and my expectations were that I would find puppies weighing 8 or 9 pounds a piece. But, they were all around 25 pounds each! I was stunned. My son had failed to mention that, thinking that I may not want to take them, but at this point my son, my daughter and I were feeling pretty protective of them. But the pound would not budge. They said we had to have them all fixed and get their shots, all of which would have come to around $1,000. I could not afford that. They refused to work with us.

Next I called the humane society in a bigger city thinking they may have more room. I was just trying whatever occurred to me. I finally got a glimmer of hope when the newly contacted humane society offered to make us “agents” of theirs long enough to pick them up and drive them in. So that was what we did. We picked up roughly 175 pounds of wiggly adorableness!

After we got the puppies, we were told that they didn’t think they would have any problem finding them homes but they had enough room to keep them longer than the other place. However,  the next morning the humane society called me to tell me that they thought the puppies had ring worm. They had to put them down, all of them.

I said, “There has got to be something I can do!” There was. I was told I could foster them, get them checked by my vet and get them a clean bill of health. The humane society showed me the cause for their concern was a spot, roughly the size of a quarter, on one puppy’s ear. (Learn about ring worm here) That was it. So we proceeded to go back and pick them up again.

I had two dogs at home at that time so I had to keep them apart. I kept them in my barn during the day and let them run around after work while my dogs were inside. They ate 15 pounds of puppy food per day. I had to wait two weeks for the culture to be completed so we went through approximately 200 pounds of puppy food. I got their clean bill of health and was able to take them back to the humane society to be adopted. We kept one of them as our own, one of the sweetest dogs I’ve ever known! All six of the others were adopted.

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Jim Ven
Jim Ven2 years ago

thanks for the article.

Carrie-Anne Brown

great ending, thanks for sharing :)

Marcia Moore
Marcia Moore3 years ago

You are a wonderful person and mother. You saved 7 puppies with no little investment in time, effort and cost, gave them good homes (and kept one:), and you left an eternal stamp of compassion upon your son's heart. Thank you for the story and for being a beautiful, caring, compassionate individual!

Amy P.
Amy P4 years ago

Gail M.-I hadn't made a post for 2 months and then you post a direct comment at me about ranting and then you rant in your post. Hmmmmm

Waheeda S.
Waheeda E4 years ago

Bless both of you for helping these pups! :)

Carol F.
Carol F4 years ago

Just read this article and want to say God Bless you and your son for protecting these puppies.
I hope you have the one you adopted for a very long time!!

Gail M.
Gail M4 years ago

Amy P, please stop the rant. You posted incorrect advice and were called on it. Please have the graciousness to accept it and move on. Don't depend on Wikipedia for accuracy either. Wikipedia was created by everyday people who can just post what they want with very little oversight. The same rings true for VCA vets. I fired mine. What a moron she was! They wanted to kill my (late) tortie because she scratched her palm that she needed a couple stitches…never mind the rough abuse she gave the cat. When I refused to get Iodine surgery for a thyroid condition (costing upwards of $5,000), VCA accused me of being cheap and uncaring. My new vet agreed with me and this fur-kid lived an additional 5 years with medicated chewy treats! I do digress, though, since this story is about a litter of pups with potential ringworm. Not all shelters kill their animals for ringworm as another poster stated. Our shelter is a small, no-kill, all-volunteer-run. We can care for 12 dogs and upwards of 25 cats at any given time. When our shelter got ringworm from a stray brought in, we CLOSED THE SHELTER FOR NEARLY 3 MONTHS!!! Our medical costs soared over $50,000 (see my previous post). EVERY SINGLE ANIMAL WAS CURED - ALL SURVIVED - ALL FOUND WONDERFUL HOMES!!! No need to kill for ringworm - shelters who do this are cheap and don't want to bother. Shelters like ours are the caring ones - every animal counts.

Tania S.
Tania S4 years ago

People like you make it possible. Thank you.

June Bostock
June Bostock4 years ago


Claire Jordan
Claire Jordan4 years ago

Absolutely ridiculous - all you need for ringworm is one part of Imaverol to 49 parts warm water, applied four times at three day intervals. It costs about £21 a bottle including postage, but a bottle goes a long way - one bottle contains enough for a full course of treatment for the whole of a horse, and in most cases you really only need a dessertspoonful to dab on the affected area. It even keeps after its been diluted, so there's no wastage.

Keeping animals for only seven days is even more ridiculous, and the so-called "shelter" seems to have been just looking for excuses to kill the puppies. Even in the days when shelters here in the UK used to put unclaimed animals down, the waiting time was iirc six months, and most shelters now say they never put a healthy animal down. Even aggressive dogs who can't be rehomed are simply retained at the shelter, unless they are really lethally dangerous.