Fashion Giants Dump Mohair After Graphic PETA Video Exposes Goat Abuse

Heartbreaking new undercover video from PETA has convinced several major international clothing retailers to drop mohair from their product lines.

H&M, Gap, Inc. (owner of Banana Republic, Athleta and Old Navy), Inditex (which owns Zara) and Arcadia Group (owner of Topshop) have all announced they will ban mohair from their product lines.

Mohair is a silky, resilient luxury fabric popular for coats, sweaters and scarves. It is made from the long, soft hair of Angora goats. Mohair is sometimes called the “diamond fiber” because of its luster and strength.

The problem, of course, is how the goats are treated. In January and February 2018, PETA Asia captured footage from the 12 Angora goat farms in South Africa that provide more than half of the world’s mohair. What they documented is horrifying.

If you want to see the evidence for yourself, this is the footage that convinced the retailers to react. Be advised, it’s graphic:

PETA captured video showing:

  • Workers dragging goats around haphazardly by the horns and legs
  • Goats crying in fear as they are shorn
  • Workers lifting goats by their tails, which can break their spines
  • Workers throwing goats across the floor after shearing them
  • Workers apparently shearing dead goats
  • One worker admitting on video that thousands of goats — 40,000, in fact — died of exposure after being left outside in the cold after being shorn

“At one farm, a worker slowly cut the throats of fully conscious goats with a dull knife and then broke their necks, hacking one animal’s head right off,” said PETA in a press release. “Other goats were hauled to a slaughterhouse, where they were electrically shocked, hung upside down, and slashed across the throat.”

A PETA investigator also reported seeing workers mutilating many goats’ ears with pliers, leaving them screaming in pain.

The shearing is done with huge scissors, which workers wield quickly and carelessly. This practice, naturally, results in painful injuries to the goats. Workers are paid by volume, so speed is crucial to their profit. That doesn’t leave much room for care and kindness to the poor goats.

Terrified goat being shorn.  Photo credit: PETA

Terrified goat being shorn. Photo credit: PETA

“The most effective way to prevent goats from suffering and dying in the ways we’ve seen is by going directly to retailers and consumers,” Dan Paden, director of evidence analysis at PETA, told The Washington Post.

“What’s ultimately going to keep more goats from going through this is when retailers pull their support for the industry, and informed consumers leave the mohair products on the shelves and buy something else that doesn’t have as much cruelty woven into it,” Paden added.

PETA is seeking action from South African law enforcement. They want authorities to investigate and charge farms that are violating South Africa’s 1962 Animals Protection Act. But what can you do?

Keep these sweet goats in mind when you see mohair clothing in stores. Don’t buy these products, and don’t accept them as gifts.

If enough consumers turn away from animal products, they become unprofitable to produce. It’s folly to believe that clothing retailers now shun mohair because they’re horrified by PETA’s video. Rather, they understand that their customers are horrified.

Remember this fact, activists. Use your power as a consumer to the animals’ advantage. Tell companies when you object to products that use and abuse animals. These beautiful and unique goats need our help.

Photo Credit: Ryan Somma/Flickr


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so horrible

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mans cruelty just never ends

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NO animal abuse! Try to help abused animals. And...go vegan!

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I had signed all the petitions, but I didn't watch the video. I watch one (and half only) about sheep and lamb and some images are carved in my mind. No reason to upset myself more than I am already. I am vegan, I sign all sorts of petitions, I have helped many other people to become vegan and I give all what I can to animal causes. Not having children all my inheritance will go to the animals. I can't do more.

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If you did read this article, if you watched this footage and others than you simply cannot just say thankyou for sharing.
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Thank god for animal activists the world over and Peta for their explicit exposes and those brave investigators. Thank you thank you thankyou