Fate Of Abortion Laws In North Carolina Literally Rest on One Vote


When North Carolina Governor Beverly Perdue vetoed anti-abortion restrictions passed by the conservative state legislature last month, it was understood that it was likely to be a longshot if her vetoes were upheld.  After all, numerous other pieces of legislation that the Democratic governor had vetoed during the year, including a bill that sought to ban funding to Planned Parenthood, have been overridden by the overwhelmingly Republican majority.

Although the House has already narrowly overridden her veto on mandatory ultrasounds before abortions, which the governor called an attempt by “elected officials seeking to impose their own ideological agenda on others,” the Senate will not be voting until Thursday, and an override is less certain.  The vote literally rides on one senator, who said he is likely to vote either no, or just not vote at all.

That one vote will literally make the difference between legislators mandating a women’s health care decisions and attempting to place additional burdens on her legal right to an abortion, or the governor’s decision to trust women.
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Sonny Honrado
Sonny Honrado6 years ago


Eternal Gardener
Eternal G6 years ago


Michelle K.
Michelle Knight6 years ago

As always, I would like to Thank the participants of this on-going debate! I have a question, I would like to pose to anyone who would like to answer it! WHY DO SO MANY PEOPLE NOT SEEM TO UNDERSTAND THAT FOR MANY PRO-CHOICERS, THE FIGHT IS MORE ABOUT BEING AFFORDED THE BASIC "HUMAN RIGHT" TO MAKE YOUR OWN CHOICE? I personally, could/would NOT have an abortion {when I was pregnant with my 1st daughter, I was told that my AFP Test showed she would likely have Down's Syndrome & the nurse suggested that I abort my CHILD, since I was young & could always have another one, & being so young & single it was going to be VERY difficult for me raising a Special-Needs CHILD! I wanted to kick that cow in the face, but I realized even then that she had a right to her views, just as I had the right to mine. My older daughter just turned 22yrs. old & by the way did NOT have Down's Syndrome. "I DIDN'T HAVE A CHOICE AS TO WHETHER OR NOT I WOULD HAVE HER, DUE TO MY OWN CONVICTIONS, & THAT IS HOW IT SHOULD BE!!!" If I had become pregnant by my stepfather who molested me for several years, or the guy who later raped me, my choice may have been different! "IT WAS ULTIMATELY "MY" CHOICE TO MAKE! ABSOLUTELY NO OTHER HUMAN SHOULD HAVE THAT MUCH POWER OVER SOMEONE ELSES BODY OR CHOICES!!!!!


Annmari Lundin
Annmari Lundin6 years ago

Vernon C. Aug 3, 2011 10:22 AM "If you cannot afford a child or cannot support one, then simply do not do what is required to have one."

It takes two to tango, Vernon. What about the father? Shouldn't he also keep it in the pants? You put all responsibility on the woman to carry a fetus to term but none on the other part. That's is typical of women haters.

Wonder what your mother did to you that earned all that hate towards women and the desire to control our will?

Mary Shelhon Moody

This is WAY off base of the subject but I'll post this wherever need be to get donations for Breast Cancer. I'm walking 39 miles in September an I you're willing, please visit this link and sponcer me with a donation.


Thank you. Since we're on the subject of choice an life, I know that the men and women would support your CHOICE to help SAVE their LIVES. Your donations and my feet :).

Thank you.


Iva L.
Iva R6 years ago

Vernon there is NOTHING 'loving' about you. Trying to dress up your control freak hatred as something 'noble' is both disgusting and demented. Your attitude towards women is sickening and disgusting. You represent a segment of the anti choice crowd whose hatred shows them to be the most loathesome, reprehensible, disgusting, sickening and megalomanical individuals on the face of the earth.

Carolyn Mah
Carolyn M6 years ago

Until these numbers are zero (or almost zero) advocating bringing more unwanted/unplanned children into a potentially dangerous (mentally and physically) situation is contrary to the stated "love" anti-choicers proclaim to have for these kids.

You also wrote "If you cannot afford a child or cannot support one, then simply do not do what is required to have one."

Birth control can and sometimes does fail. Rape happens. Sexual abuse happens. Thousands upon thousands of years of human history has shown that abstinence is a nice idea on paper, but an ultimately unrealistic goal.

Instead of focusing on unrealistic ideology, why not direct your efforts to addressing reality instead?

Carolyn Mah
Carolyn M6 years ago

Vernon, you wrote "a person who cannot love life growing inside of them, can never truly love that life when it is born"

And yet you wish to force a woman who doesn't love her child to raise it (presumably with no help like Medicaid or TANF). Of course she'll never ever abuse the poor tyke. The child will never end up like Christian Choate, or Dave Pelzer, or any of the more than 2000 children in the U.S. that die of child abuse and neglect each year.

I recall spending summers at my grandmother's house just a short walk from her sister's home. Her sister (my great aunt) fostered battered infants. Her house always had half a dozen or more children ranging from a few months to almost two years old. Even as a young child, I remember being HORRIFIED at some of the things that had been done to these defenseless children by their parents. (One little guy was in a brace to relocate his hips after his parents had repeatedly picked him up by the legs and thrown him against a wall) Amazingly enough, seeing how evil people can be to their own children helped form my opinion/support for abortion.

662,000 children have been "served" by the US Foster care system in 2010. 53,000 were adopted and another 107,000 were still waiting at the end of the fiscal year. Some of these kids include the 64,000 whose parents had their parental rights terminated. (http://www.acf.hhs.gov/programs/cb/stats_research/afcars/trends_june2011.pdf)

Until these numbers are zero (or almost zero

Vernon C.
.6 years ago


If I am a misogynist, then you & others like you are misopedists. You hide your profile & I can see why. It takes a special type of worm to want to murder a life growing in your womb. You are very bitter & full of bile & hate, exactly the type of face I see on a person who can write so viciously in their quest to promote death of innocents. How can you & others like you judge me when it is YOU who want to kill & destroy harmless, defenseless human lives?

Every word that I write seek to promote life & love. Yet you call me ignorant & a hater of women because I do not agree to killing. How many babies have YOU aborted?? I bet that you cheered when casey was found not guilty of murdering her kid. It is people like you whom from we need to protect our children because a person who cannot love life growing inside of them, can never truly love that life when it is born. Iva L, you are a bad person.

I hate noone, neither man, woman & certainly not children, & unlike you I believe that EVERYONE have a right to live. You dont go at the mall & buy children. If you cannot afford a child or cannot support one, then simply do not do what is required to have one.

Mary Shelhon Moody

I meant stubborn, NOT SUNBURN. FU Auto-correct (lol)!