Father Creates App That Turns Off Teens’ Phones While Driving


Ever worry that your teen may get into an accident because he or she is playing with a cell phone while driving?

Well, there’s an app for that.

Troy Orner of Littleton, Colorado has spent years designing his new cell phone application that will automatically turn off the phone while the user driving above a certain preset speed limit.  No texts can be sent or received, no phone calls placed, no web surfed or email checked.

Dubbed the Life Before Text app, this new application is just hitting the market, and Orner couldn’t be more proud — and relieved.  “The thought of [my kids] driving in today’s world, there’s so many distractions and meaningless deaths on the road caused by people texting,” Orner told 9 News in Colorado. “I don’t want them on the road doing this.”

So what if the child is wily enough to turn off, disable or delete the app? Parents will get an automatic email informing them of the fact.

Sorry, teens. Looks like you’re stuck until you park.


Photo credit: Thinkstock


Terry V.
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Thank you for sharing.

Dhary A.
Dhary A.6 years ago

Necessary app

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Holly Lawrence
Holly Lawrence6 years ago

This is great! and yes, it should be on ALL cell phones!

Sarkku V.
Sarkku V6 years ago

Good for all of us. :-)

Kerin Worth
Kerin Worth6 years ago

this is a great idea and I agree, it should be on all cell phones

Teddie S.
Teddie S6 years ago

I like the idea of this app, but adults should have it on their phones also.

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Thanks for sharing.