Father Raped Daughter for Over 30 Years, Receives Less Than 3 Years in Jail

Sometimes there are no words for the horrible things you read in the news.

Take for example the story of Adolf Bergbauer, a 69-year-old man who allegedly raped his daughter for over 34 years. During that time she birthed 3 of his children Ė only one who survived and is disabled today.

Bergbauer was recently granted a sentence of only two years and eight months in prison for incest after claiming that his daughter was a “willing participant.” His daughter, however, says she feared for her life under his roof and that he forced her to have sex with him at knifepoint and even threatened to kill her if she told anyone.

Now 46 his daughter says the abuse began when she was just 12 or 13 years old. Charges of statutory rape, however, could not be charged because more than 20 years had passed since the initial abuse.

We here at Care2 believe that this case merits further investigation and a stronger sentence for the abuse Bergbauer inflicted upon his daughter. Just two years ago, Austrian Josef Fritzi was given a life sentence for keeping his daughter in a cellar for 24 years and having seven children with her.

Bergbauer allegedly raped his daughter for over 30 years and fathered three of her children yet he was cleared of rape and will serve less than 3 years for his crime. Fritziís sentence seems more appropriate.

Sign Care2′s petition today to send a message to the government of Nuremberg that this sentence is not just!

What do you think? Does this case merit further investigation and a harsher sentence?

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Photo credit: Photo from the U.S. Military.


Kathy Perez
Kathy Johnson5 years ago

further investigation is def needed

Trudy C.
Trudy C6 years ago

Debbie C. if a child has been reared from birth or even just as a vulnerable child under this monster, she has been molded to feel he has full power. To fight back, to even get it that the person she looks up to because he is the significant adult in her world is wrong/evil is hard to do, to break through the lifetime conditioning. Think how short a time it takes for Stockholm syndrome to take hold of formerly, free-thinking adults!

SeattleAnn S.
Ann S6 years ago

How ridiculous to cover this "man" under statutes of limitation. A daughter can never be considered a "willing participant" in the first place since a child relies on parents for virtually everything including initial moral codes of conduct. He should be sentenced harshly for each and every year he so grossly violated the trust and bond between a parent and child.

Ana P Martinez
Ana Martinez6 years ago

If nothing is done to this horrible father, then other such men will think they own their daughters and can do whatever they want with their lives..

Janine H.
Janine H6 years ago

As if this is Ancient Egypt, and the man a pharao...

Always when i hear about terrible things it makes me sad, and i cannot understand how someone could do something terrible - bully, hurt, rape or kill a person or animal. When i was a child this also happened to me... and surviving this is more terrible than not (parents and other may think different, but a victim?), living with all this pain... living with guilty feelings... full with hate for the own self... having one wish, not to wake up at the following day anymore...
No one can understand, because most people cannot imagine this, cannot imagine how much it change. Some of them think, that this would not be so terrible, because all would make some sexual experiences, and so it would not matter if there were some without own interest or wish. This cruel and superficial society makes me sick.

I know that it is not good to wish someone who does terrible things something as a punishment. But when i hear about violent people then i think why are they so "afraid" to go to someone equal and get some hits for their selves. This is a perversion, to think being more a man when beating a woman or a girl. This men are a shame for all normal men.

"We have learned to fly the air like birds and swim the sea like fish, but we have not yet learned the simple art of living together as brothers." (Martin Luther King)

Lika S.
Lika P6 years ago

With situations like this, we NEED April's Law. Please sign to get minimum sentencing.


Debbie Crowe
Debbie Crowe6 years ago

I don't get it. How could he have done this for so long without anyone knowing what was going on? Where was the mother? Why didn't she confide in some friends? How could he have continued doing this after she was grownup?

OMG. This is unbelievable. I don't think there should be a statute of limitations on rape of any kind.

Alison Baker
Alison Baker6 years ago

Patriarchal society. It's times like these that women should really consider teaching younger generations that women in charge isn't always a bad thing.

Robyn B.
Robyn Brice6 years ago

Three years? Are they kidding? The man is a monster who should be locked up for life.

Sandra L.
Sandra L6 years ago

The statute of limitation on any crime involving children is likely to prevent most cases coming forward to full persecution as so many who were abused take years to really work out what happened and get to a place of security where we would feel safe to come forward. Very disturbing story.