FDA Cautions Against Chicken Sticks for Dogs

The FDA has issued a caution against chicken treats for dogs.  These morsels, also  sold as chicken tenders, chicken jerky, and chicken strips, may be associated with severe to fatal illness in dogs.

The bulletin was issued after a noticeable increase in consumer commentary around this type of dog food.  Both veterinarians and private dog owners have been steadily bringing these complaints forward since October, 2010.

Two earlier warnings

An original caution was issued in September of 2007 and then again in December of 2008.  The number of complaints dropped, and the FDA thought the warning had been heard.  Since there are so many new complaints, a second warning was issued.

Many of these products are produced in China and a caution is issued to check the country of manufacture.  This is an ongoing problem for the FDA.  Domestic products are regulated, even within pet foods, but many supplements are produced out of the country.  And sadly, China has a long history of food and toy gaffes that have proven fatal to American and Australian consumers.  And, in China,  there is no requirement to warn consumers when an ingredient changes, even if the ingredient is dangerous.

These treats are not meant to be the sole component of a pet’s diet, but a supplement only.  Watch for treats produced domestically as a better option for your loved pet.

In the interest of our furred friends, DogFoodAdvisor has published a list of what to look for within a few days of feeding your pet these treats:

  • Decreased appetite
  • Decreased activity
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea (sometimes with blood)
  • Increased water consumption
  • Increased urination

if you see any one of these symptoms in your pet, please get a blood test.  Most dogs recover, but more than a few have not.

The FDA has provided a list of phone numbers to call, or you can simply go to the website.

photo from: flickr creative commons.


Naomi D
Naomi Dreyer10 months ago

Our Brisa is alergic to chicken

natasha p
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Peggy Babout a year ago


Jim Ven
Jim Ven2 years ago

thanks for sharing.

Brenda Jean Louise
Brenda Louise6 years ago

I've always been suspicious of dog treats from countries that are known for their flagrant abuse of proper measures that would make food to the standards that the FDA imposes on our own manufacturers here in the USA. Beef hide fashioned into dog chew bones with a knot on either end came from diseased cows, which made pets die from exposure. I used to buy only chew toys who had "Made In USA" within the body of the package label or outside of box. Thanks to NAFTA and GATT, being made in the USA and to FDA standards are no longer sought after on the pet and food store shelves. Why I wouldn't be surprised if the foreign manufactures use traces of dope to get the dog high and crave for more chew toys. Further more, if you wished to go into the dog chew toy business, you are forced to go out of the United States to get your product made there and sold here. But let's not stop to post the comment yet.
Did you know that most generic drugs are made in China, India, and south of the boarder. This means that FDA rules are not in play for the manufacturer. In order to understand the pharmaceutical drug business you need to understand how a pill is made. The actual pills or oral liquid medicines are made with flavor enhancers to cover the bitterness of the medicine. Preservatives may also be added to the mix. Then the medicine (Milligram's or Milligram units) is put into the flavor enhanced powdered slurry and compressed by a die to make the pill, or added to the flavor enhanced and pre

Jude Hand
Judith Hand6 years ago

An old article, but remains current; tx.

Bunny Z.
Bunny Z.6 years ago

Such a shame...these are my dog's favorites...I'm going to have to learn how to make my own chicken jerky for him now. Thanks for the info.

Carrie Anne Brown

thanks for sharing :)

Dolly B.
Dolly Bisala7 years ago

Most pet food is disgusting - have you ever read the ingredients? Most brands have exactly the same lists and they are stomach turning. I'm careful of what I eat and as my pets/companions are dependent on me, I'm even more careful with what they eat and it's not easy as their food is easily worse than most human food from supermarkets.

Michael Kirkby
.7 years ago

The Chinese are no different than the western world was before the present system; which is not saying much. After all, everyone is so busy chasing King Profit and we aren't Chinese and it's just an animal why should they be denied? It's a quick buck fix even though it is myopic. It's not like we in the Western world have been angels. We treated First Nations and the Chinese brought here to work on building our railroads pretty badly. It's called greed and we all suffer from it at times, some more than others.