Federal Aerial Roundup Kills 9 Wild Mustangs in Nevada

Wild-horse advocates are seeking an independent investigation into the deaths of nine mustangs that occurred during a government roundup in Nevada. The activists say one colt was run so hard the hoof walls of its two hind feet actually came off. That colt was euthanized this past Thursday.

“Totally ridiculous at this point when things are right now before the courts, for them to be rounding up more when they are already saying they can’t feed the ones that they have,” said Dr. Elliot Katz, President of San Rafael-based In Defense of Animals.

The federal Bureau of Land Management plans to round up a total of 2,500 wild horses in Nevada using helicopters to herd the animals. They will then be placed for adoption or taken to long-term corrals in the midwest. Federal officials say the roundup in necessary because public ranges are overpopulated.

But animal-rights advocates are suing to stop the roundup. Long-term holding pens are already overcrowded.

“Injure them dangerously because of the helicopter roundup, which, in the snow and so forth, cold weather, causes more horses to fall,” said Katz. “Slip, broken legs, severe injuries, severe exhaustion.”

A contractor is using two helicopters under BLM supervision to heard the horses in the Calico Mountain Complex to corrals. From there, they are trucked to a Fallon facility. A federal judge Wednesday rejected a request to block the roundup.

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Source: CBS5


Frank Pickens
Frank Pickens9 years ago

This is such a load of S**t that they are doing this and then trying to justify it with bogus claims. Something is really amiss right now in the USA between the animal persecutions, Wolves in 4 States being killed, and Horses being run to death by the BLM, and Politicians making outrageous public claims to justify it all. The BLM is a joke, and Interior Secretary Ken Salazar should be hung from a tree. I am so sick of what these government departments are doing I wish these people could just be foired, ousted, and just vanish.

Lin C.
Linda C9 years ago

I have stood before the BLM in person when I lived in Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas, NV and really told them off (to a standing ovation) on their so called mgmt. of the wild horses. The friggin' BLM should be shot!! Sen Harry Reid of NV. sold out alot of the mustangs areas to builders in Las Vegas behind the backs of the people of NV. and those that live in that area. He Needs to be kicked out of the Senate!! People of NV., WAKE UP!!

Chris V.
Chris V9 years ago

Please friends!!! Vote on Change.org and sign petition for the wild horses...

They are listening!


I put the link for Change.org on my comment.

We are so close!

Please vote!!!!

Please pass on to everyone...Votes count right now!

Louise Krause
Louise Krause9 years ago

I do think that the animals should be free.Let them roam free.There is soo much land that they can roam.Leave them alone.

Maria W.
Past Member 9 years ago

Just think of all that carbon and air pollution they are using in that helicopter...

Maria W.
Past Member 9 years ago

Its a man thing...it would seem, some of them have never progressed beyond the Neandrathol age..

Trish R.
Trish R.9 years ago

This is soo incredibly sad. Such beautiful beings. How can one sleep at night !

Elaine Dixon
Elaine Dixon9 years ago

going on for years, and it really needs to stop, we are not suppose to be the ones to decide what stays and what doesn't someday somebody is going to decide if we stay or if we go. and it isn't any one fault but our own.

Alicia Nuszloch
Alicia N9 years ago

sad sad sad, shame of you people !!!

Carolyn I.
Carolyn I.9 years ago

the roundup of mustangs has been going on for years now. I never did think it was the right thing to do to these poor animals. It is because the ranchers want to run beef on the land and horses eat too much of the sparse grazing available. Big ranchers should be restricted to grazing their herds on their own land and not public lands. Let nature take care of the horse population. Nature takes care of nature if people would just let it alone.