Female Blogger Receives 50 Lashes in Iran


Written by Fred Patrossian, a Global Voices blogger

These are the words Iranian blogger Somayeh Tohidloo wrote [fa] in her blog after receiving 50 whip lashes in Evin Prison on September 14, 2011:

Be happy, for if you wanted to humiliate me, I confess that I feel my entire body is suffering with degradation.

Somayeh was active during the 2009 presidential election in the campaign for Mir Hussein Mousavi, and she was jailed for 70 days in 2009, after a mass protest movement erupted in Iran. She was released after paying bail, but the flogging sentence was eventually upheld.

Green City writes [fa]:

Here is Iran, where Somayeh Tohidloo, a PhD-graduate is lashed while a $3 billion dollar fraud [over a Lake Urmia] happens, and nothing is done to punish the fraudulent acts.

Gomnamian blog writes [fa]:

Somayeh was accused of insulting Ahmadinejad… I was appalled to see a human being lashed for writing a post about a criminal.

Azarmehr writes:

Today, Somayeh’s facebook page was inundated with messages of support. Mohammad Ali Abtahi, former advisor to Khatami, wrote: “Everyone who knows Somayeh Tohidlou, regard her as a symbol of reasonableness, moderation and character. Today when I learned she had received 50 lashes for having insulted the ‘very respectable president’, I felt it was the Iranian pride which had been flagellated and not Somayeh’s body. Somayeh, you are the only one who has not been humiliated as a result of this sentence”

The Islamic Republic has jailed several bloggers in recent years. Omid Reza MirSayafi, an Iranian blogger, died in prison on March 18, 2009, under suspicious circumstances.

This post was originally published by Global Voices.


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Seyd Saba
Seyd Saba7 years ago

Iranian government needs to be removed...Period

TERRY R7 years ago

Somayeh you are a very brave woman.

Carole R.
Carole R7 years ago

It is so hard to imagine that this sort of thing still goes on in our modern world. It makes me appreciate even more that I live in a free society.

Philip A.
Philip A7 years ago

An absolute disgrace. All the women of Iran should rise up and dispose of their men - they're pathetic & insecure and use the Koran to hide behind. God bless her and give her the strength to continue with her incredibly brave battle.

MEE Techy
MEE Techy7 years ago

sorry sweety .. try to get out .. those stinky, butt sniffing males are dumb & evil.

Maria Cristina A.
Maria Cristina A7 years ago

This is a real WOMAN. Her attitude, her dignity and her strength (because it takes a very strong person to come out of the punnishment and face the tyranic establishment once more) are a lesson to me.

Joy Jin
Joy Jin7 years ago

horrible. i hope she's ok.

Brigid C.
Brigid C7 years ago

wicked! Makes me appreciate the fact that I can comment here blog, etc. How precious is free speech

Kevin Donnelli
Kevin Donnelli7 years ago

Lashing some one with a whip is plain EVIL...

Rob and Jay B.
Jay S7 years ago

Iran is run by a brutal theocracy and has been for years - killing, raping, imprisoning, whipping & silencing any freedom of religion, conscience or speech.

This is the country that recently burned 7000 Bibles & has launched a pogrom against their Xtian minority (none of which Care2 noted). They have persecuted Baha'is into almost extinction, and most have fled to a free welcome in Israel (the only free democracy in the region). And they probably execute more gay people than any other Muslim nation.

Where was all the 'help' when the Iranian people, probably the most educated & progressive of any Islamic country, were the first to rise up & take to the streets for freedom & democracy? Instead the western leaders went into Lybia?

Iran is not an Arab country & it has the lowest mosque attendance in any Islamic country, despite the theocracy & force of religion. If anyone in that oppressive region deserves our support & help, it is the Iranian people. They overthrew one brutal dictator for another one even worse. Such a sad story.