Fetus To “Testify” In Ohio Abortion Bill Hearing

In case there was any doubt that the “fetal heartbeat” bill, an Ohio legislative bill that would essentially ban almost all abortions by setting a cutoff for abortion to be at the point a heartbeat could be detected (approximately 18 days after conception), was nothing more than a ploy for attention, you only have to look at its newest “witness.”

A 9 week fetus.

Via Cincinnati.com:

On Wednesday, March 2nd, at 9:00 a.m. in House Hearing Room 116, the House Health Committee will hold a hearing on House Bill 125, the “Heartbeat Bill,” which was introduced on last week by Representative Lynn Wachtmann--with more than half the House of Representatives as co-sponsors. The committee will feature proponent testimony from the youngest to ever come before the committee–a nine-week old unborn baby.

“For the first time in a committee hearing, legislators will be able to see and hear the beating heart of a baby in the womb–just like the ones the Heartbeat Bill will protect,” said Janet (Folger) Porter, President of Faith2Action, and former Legislative Director of Ohio Right to Life, where she helped pass the nation’s first ban on Partial Birth Abortion.

Two in-utero babies will appear live before the committee by an ultrasound projector which is able to not only show that baby’s moving arms and legs, but also display–in color–the baby’s beating heart. “When passed, the Heartbeat Bill will insure that once that heartbeat is detected, the baby is protected,” added Porter.

Ohio had five anti-abortion bills being heard in the legislature currently.  Out of all five, this is the only bill that Ohio Right To Life is refusing to back, proving what an atrocious (and unconstitutional) bill this really is.  From their “send a heart balloon” launch to their “talking baby” testimony, the Heartbeat Bill has been nothing but attention starved antics from start to finish.

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William C
William C2 years ago

Thank you.

W. C
W. C2 years ago

Thanks for the article.

Nimue Pendragon

These nutters (House of Representatives) sound like they're on drugs.

LMj Sunshine
James merritt jr6 years ago

Thank you.

Elizabeth O.
.7 years ago

Voted 'yes!'

Ray Schultz
Ray S7 years ago

USE your VOICE or LOSE your VOICE so your CHILDREN (daughter's)have a VOICE and FREEDOM of CHOICE!

I believe it's just putting a SPIN on DISCRIMINATION against Women and Minorities. I haven't looked it up yet,but, I just bet there is a HIGH population of African American's in Ohio plus I bet HIGH unemployment especially for Minorities more then like a large amount of it's Citizen's I bet dependent on Welfare-program's that help the poor-women-children-infant's-elderly and disabled. CUTTING-MEDICAID(MEDICARE-SOCIAL SECURITY) is next for REPUBLICAN'S to CUT.

We really need to SPEAK OUT now because these Right Wing, Tea Party-Republican's are hell bent on taking a Women's Right's away. I think it's great that Men are SPEAKING out for Women's Issue's! Especially if your a Women or a Women and a Minority you had better take heed into what we are all saying read my Phrase that I not only came up with but try to live by and share with other's.

I know what the REPUBLICAN'S are doing and were not going to set back and watch. I'm also a Nurse I really get upset when these different State's are threatening Women-who have a MISCARRIAGE or STILL BIRTH with LIFE in PRISON in UTAH that LAW passed.WHAT?? By the way UTAH is a REPUBLICAN State and Women are clearly viewed as the subservient-DOMINATED by the MEN. Red Southern State's-HIGH population's of African American's are joining that CORRUPT regime of the REPUBLICAN politician's.

Reality Check

Barbara U.
Barbara U7 years ago

Another thing, I've always thought that this was a diversion tactic on the part of republican politicians. When they stop making sense on why we should do away with the EPA, Clean Air/Water Act, lower taxes on millionairs, Climate Change, all they have to do to rope back in thier base is talk about gay marriage and abortions.

Barbara U.
Barbara U7 years ago

The Left has done so much more to prevent abortion than the Right.
Nobody is pro-abortion, hence the term "pro-choice." The Pro-Choice side has been instrumental in educating women on family planning and birth control which has significantly reduced the number of unwanted pregnancies. If the Right succeeds on obstructing a woman's right to family planning, there will be more instances of abortions, legal or illegal. We will again began seeing desparate women loose thier lives as a result of back-room abortions.

The Right's solution is to obstruct family planning services such as Planned Parenthood and the same-old call for abstinance, which historically never works. They have no other viable solutions. Those on the Pro-Choice side has prevented far more aboritions with thier real-world solutions than the Pro-Lifers.

Christina Sundberg

Matilda: We care because an abortion is the ending of an innocent human life.

Matilda H.
Past Member 7 years ago

I have nothing but respect for religion and religious beliefs, but PLEASE stop imposing those believes on OTHER people. Why does it really matter so much to people if someone chooses to have an abortion? Live life the way YOU want to live and leave other people alone in their choices! I'm sure it's difficult enough to come to the decision to actually have an abortion.