Fight Back Colorado Plans to Unseat Anti-Gay Republicans


Colorado Republicans who used unprecedented tactics to prevent the legalization of civil unions are to have a fight on their hands this November if the new group Fight Back Colorado gets its way.

Fight Back Colorado bills itself as an independent expenditure committee that is nonpartisan and is reacting solely to the way in which the Republican leadership in the Colorado House worked to prevent a civil unions bill, that had bipartisan support, from coming to the floor.

Says Executive Director Brad Clark in an email:

This independent expenditure committee is designed to hold anti-equality legislators accountable for their actions. This will be a deliberate and strategic campaign, targeting resources to defeat state legislators who killed civil unions in Colorado. Once we replace enough anti-equality representatives with pro-equality representatives, we will close up shop.

Simple as that. This is in fact a strategy that was successfully used in New York to replace stridently anti-marriage equality senators. This, in 2011, led to several Republicans joining Democratic legislators to legalize marriage equality in the state, legislation that in June had its first anniversary.

Fight Back Colorado has yet to make clear which legislators it plans to campaign against, and it has made it known that it will likely not have the funds to target every single legislator that was opposed to the civil unions legislation.

Based on the events that led to the civil unions bill being killed, we can make some educated guesses on likely targets.

A chief candidate surely must be Republican House Speaker Frank McNulty who deliberately ran down the clock by having lawmakers discuss other bills in excruciating detail so that the civil unions bill would not make it onto the floor on the final day of the session.

When Democratic lawmakers refused to keep playing that game, McNulty simply ended that night’s scheduling, killing almost 30 bills in the process.

When a special session was called, the Republican leadership sent the bill to a committee where all Republicans were against the measure, and so the bill was killed. Had it reached the House floor there were more than enough votes to pass the bill.

Here’s a video from Fight Back Colorado talking about its aims:

To learn more about Fight Back Colorado, please click here.

A recent poll found 75% of Colorado voters support recognizing gay couples with marriage (47%) or civil unions (28%). Only 22% said there should be no legal recognition for same-sex relationships.


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Annmari Lundin
Annmari Lundin5 years ago

I so miss commas in headlines! Then there wouldn't be so many misunderstandings.

John B.
John B5 years ago

Thanks Steve for the article, video and the link to Fight Back Colorado's site. Good for them and I hope their tactic works. Gene J. and Rex J. can't send another green star yet but I wish I could.

Nancy Crouse
Nancy Crouse5 years ago

Time to un-seat all Republicans. Bigots have no place in the governing of any community.
I believe that if Republicans are elected in November and as a President this will be the ruination of the USA and will unfortunately impact other countries. God help us all.

Lyn Franks
Lyn Franks5 years ago

And... while the Colorado "Party of Stupid" fiddles with equal rights, the state burns.

Carole Cherne
Carole Cherne5 years ago

It's about time!

Diana Bair
Diana Bair5 years ago

This is good, but we need to UNSEAT as many republicians as we can, / there is so much going on ALL rights are important, and we need to fight for all of .....US, gays, women, health, poor, elderly, disabled, all classes,workers,jobless, and the list can go on and on and on. we all need to register and....VOTE, each ....of us...our own circumstances, NOT...CONTROL. GOP has done everything they CAN to make Obama look ...BAD.........How has that worked for......THEM........WITH YOU???!!!??, To me they have made themselves look a lot....WORSE!!!!!!!. Some judge needs to do SOMETHING about that purge thing in Flordia and other STATES, So Legal voters cab be RE-INSTATED, While true ILLEGALS ARE ...PURGED. But legal voters have been thrown out......not a good thing. Diana.

Florence Eaise
Florence Eaise5 years ago

Its about time they are being given the Rights they shoul have had all along

Charlene Rush
Charlene Rush5 years ago

This anti-union business is quite intriguing.
First of all, the right to unionize, is one of the only allies of the average person, against Big Business.
Second of all, IN THE EVENT YOU NEED A HISTORY LESSON, when unions evaporate, so go the wages of all of those who are not unionized. Many companies freely admit, that they will offer the same wages as the unions, if the employees do not form a union.
Well gee, let's see, now. What happens if the unions are not there to press non-union companies to compete for better trained employees?

I realize that common sense is in short supply, but for those without a college degree, unions are the answer for many.
We appear to have short memories. When Big Business gets too powerful, we form unions; when unions get too powerful, we desolve them. The public has an arduous time, keeping situations in balance. I guess, that's what makes us human.

Rex J.
Rex J5 years ago

Stevie R.

They will target any neanderthal republican or democrat. Smart people can multi-task which means they can pass gay right bills and fight fires all at the same time. Besides it's not the state house or senate who fights fires. I thought even you could understand that but I guess I have to admit I was wrong to think you smart enough to know that.

Rex J.
Rex J5 years ago

Good luck. Get rid of all these neanderthal republicans.