Fight the Shark-Finning Industry

This post was written by Georgienne Bradley, the Executive Director of the Imaging Foundation. Georgienne was one of the first people to document shark finning when, in 1981, she was scouting stories to The Cousteau Society. Imaging Foundation knows Our Oceans Need Help Now! Whales, dolphin, sharks, and all sea life require a delicate balance to survive. IF uses images and media to educate, IMPACT, and call us all to action. It’s your ocean! Do something about it!

We have lost over 80% of the large fish in our oceans. Disappearance of these apex species is endangering all our ocean animals. We need to take action now, or our children might never experience the beauty of a dolphin or marine turtle, fisheries will collapse and thousands of humans will starve. Our oceans are heading toward the tipping point from which they will not be able to recover.

Shark Finning is one of the largest problems we face. This inhumane practice must be stopped. Sharks are hauled out of the ocean, each fin is methodically sawed off the living animals. Then the sharks are dumped back into the ocean. The animals thrash as they sink to the ocean floor where they will lie, unable to swim, as they slowly die.

It is estimated that 10-100 million sharks are slaughtered each year for their fins. The shark-finning industry is valued at US$1.2 billion.  How can we fight this?  We can start by simply clicking our computer mouse.

Chase Bank is giving away a total $5 million to non-profits across the nation.
The recipients of this money will be decided based on which organizations have the most votes on Facebook. With your help, the Imaging Foundation will win much-needed funds to support shark protection and other ocean conservation issues.

Here’s a step-by-step guide for how to vote:

  1. Log in to Facebook and follow this link:
  2. Facebook will then ask you if you want to “Allow” this application on your homepage. Click “Allow.”  Keep in mind, you can always remove this access immediately after voting.
  3. You will then be prompted to the Imaging Foundation Community Giving page.
  4. Click the “Become a Fan of this Page” button.
  5. Once you are a fan, click “VOTE FOR CHARITY”

At this point, your profile picture will appear on the page, showing your commitment to ocean conservation!


Hannah D.
Hannah D7 years ago

WHY do humans just don't care about 'what they do to this animal'? Do really think that they don't feel anything - or do they really just don't care????

Biby C.
Biby C8 years ago

I can very well understand Christina H's fury as I'm also one who's against shark finning. However, to understand the prestige part of it, one has to understand more about Chinese history and culture. When the age old tradition of serving shark's fin soup started, it was restricted only to the imperial court and the very rich nobles because it's frightfully expensive due to it's short supply. They didn't use to catch sharks like they do today. Hence, it's been ingrained into the minds of the people that it's prestigious to serve this so called 'delicacy'
at banquets.
I'm not being pessimistic but I have a feeling that this situation will probably take a generation to change. And even then, we have to start educating the young ones right now.

Marishka k.
Marishka k8 years ago

this is terrible
this has to stop it is so cruel!

gerlinde p.
gerlinde p8 years ago

these poor animals,this has to stop

Christina H.
Christina H.8 years ago

Sharks' fin has absolutely no nutritional value & no flavour. Crab meat and other seasonings are added to give the soup flavour. There are so many much tastier & healthier vegetarian options available. Serving sharks' fin soup at a wedding just makes you a shark murderer, there is no prestige in it.

ANNA V8 years ago

This is so cruel .It is time that these ingnorants learn how to eat something different then these poor sharks,end other species of animals!

Merryl G.
David G8 years ago

What a sick bunch of morons! Nothing is sacred except for the almighty buck. Sensible people need to take a stand. Stop the abuse of all animals. Treat farm animals with respect. Imprison any offender who thinks it is fun or profitable to abuse or kill an animal! Let's make this a serious issue!!!!

Meghan C.
Meghan C8 years ago

This is so barbaric and cruel. How can any civilized government condone this?

Dylan H.
Dylan H8 years ago

we must help save theses sharks!
this is sooooooo cruel!

Dylan H.
Dylan H8 years ago