Fighting for Every Breath

Tuesday, members of the Care2 team, joined by a large group of representatives from various environmental nonprofit organizations, delivered more than 49,000 petition signatures to the Environmental Protection Agency in Washington, D.C., urging the EPA to stand up to big corporate polluters and voicing support for the EPA’s proposed clean air protections.


EPA Deputy Administrator Bob Perciasepe was at the Washington, D.C. EPA headquarters to receive the signatures. He spoke briefly to the group of environmental activists gathered in front of the building, thanking them for coming out to present the agency with the signatures and comments.

About a month ago, the EPA had invited public comments before moving ahead with taking action on new carbon pollution standards for power plants — and what they got was a flood of signatures and letters from almost 50,000 individuals who wanted to convey how serious they were about protecting our air for future generations.

These newly proposed EPA clean air standards have the potential to make environmental history. They aim to reduce the amount of carbon pollution from power plants, which is the single largest source of climate-altering pollution in the United States. For the United States to implement carbon pollution regulations of this magnitude would be groundbreaking for the country.

Health is also a top concern of those supporting the pollution standards. By adopting the EPA’s plan for air pollution protections, the U.S. government could greatly reduce the risk of lung disease and asthma attacks, which are heavily impacted by the high smog levels.

If passed, these clean air protections would follow the successful implementation of last year’s Mercury and Air Toxics Standards — both actions being two big steps in the right direction. The passage of these historic carbon pollution standards would also signify the U.S. finally taking bold initiative in reducing its monstrous carbon footprint, which it  has, as of yet, continually refused to do anything about.

But now, thanks to the overwhelming number of voices flooding the EPA with words of encouragement for clean air protections, this is looking like the beginning of a more responsible, environmentally-savvy America.


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@ "Wiebe S." ~ Yes, you are a conspiracy nut ~ glad that you realise it too...

Been off your med's for a few days now, have you ?

Why don't you take your "chem trail" lies and shove them..


David L.
David L5 years ago

GOOD to see...

AND the facts and figures that this story links to on pollution/greenhouse gas/carbon contributions from the energy sector, and similar industries (such as steel and aluminium smelting..), also supports my position against the baseless and unsubstantiated lies that the "Vegan sisterhood" keep repeating over-and-over on here.

Those more rabid vegan neo-nazi corps on this site keep on claiming that "up to 50% of methane, and much of the carbon dioxide are produced by livestock (usually feedlot cattle in their demented fantasies..)"..

Whereas the more realistic fact is that around 40% of the carbon dioxide and monoxide, and large quantities of methane and sulphurous and nitrous gases (often trapped and removed by "washing" of gases, but not always..), are produced by energy producers (mostly coal - but also some gas, oil and wood burning..); and other large industries.

This leaves both the worlds total livestock industries ("from the cradle to the grave.."), and the transport industries (mostly involving infernal combustion engines..), contributing around 30% /- each to the world's "greenhouse gas" production..

IF you CAN'T trust the 'vegan sisterhood" to be truthful with the facts on this issue alone ~ how CAN anyone trust them on any of their other pet subjects on here ~ especially when some of their more rabid ranters frequently come on here wishing death and eternal damnation on all mankind ?!?


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