Finalists Announced for 2011 Social Innovation Awards

JustMeans recently announced the finalists for the 2011 Social Innovation Awards, which will be presented at the Redefining Value: Integrated Reported and Measuring Sustainability Conference to be held in London later this week.

The Awards recognize leaders that are implementing strategies and programs driving social and environmental innovation. Over 50% of companies listed on the Fortune 100 have participated in the three years of the Social Innovation Awards. Different categories recognize for-profit companies and non-profit companies.

Martin Smith, CEO and Founder of JustMeans, described the importance of CSR when announcing the awards last year. “For many market leaders, a lens towards social and environmental management is now a core component of innovation.  Many of the top companies in the world of CSR are embracing a collaborative and open innovation model of managing CSR in order to achieve rapid results.”

For Best Use of New Media, the finalists are Ethical Bean Company, a fair trade organic, community-minded and environmentally aware coffee company; SC Johnson; and Thomsom Reuters.

The companies nominated for Best Product Design are The North Face, Ecolab, SC Johnson (and its Greenlist product), Citizens Financial Group, ArcelorMittal, and The Coca Cola Companies. PricewaterhouseCoopers, ITT, The Westpac Group, and Baxter International are all finalists for Best Employee Engagement Strategy.

There were two categories where the winner has already been announced due to the high quality of their initial submission. Novo Nordisk won for Best Integrated Report and Herman Miller won for Best Sustainability Performance.

Other finalists are listed on the JustMeans website.

Previous winners of the Social Innovation Awards include Tesla Motors for Best New Green Product; Sparkseed, a social incubator which works with new social entrepreneurs for six months; and the grassroots employee effort at eBay known as Green Team to help make the company a greener place to work.

Tickets are still available for the Redefining Value conference and you can register here. Winners for the Social Innovation Awards will be announced on March 25th. 
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