Finally, a Brewery Created an Alternative to the Terrible Plastic Six-Pack Rings

If you’re environmentally conscious, you probably cut up those plastic six-pack rings in an effort to protect wildlife from getting caught in them, or urge others to do it. But there’s bad news: even if we break them down to tiny little pieces, the plastic still poses a threat to marine animals who can ingest them.

Now Saltwater Brewery, a small craft brewery based in Florida, has launched a brilliant way to tackle the problem by kicking plastic out of the equation entirely.

After teaming up with engineers and ad agency We Believers, the brewery has createdeco-friendly six pack rings that won’t hurt wildlife. That’s something we can drink to!

ringsCredit: We Believers/Vimeo

The rings are made of barley and wheat that are leftover from the brewing process, and they’re not just tough enough to hold up to their plastic counterparts, they’re also entirely biodegradeable and totally edible.

rings3Credit: We Believers/Vimeo

Its a big investment for a small brewery created by fisherman, surfers and people that love the sea, Peter Agardy, head of brand at the brewery, said in a promotional video.

It might be a big investment, but it’s unquestionably one that’s worthwhile considering how large in scale the problem of plastic waste in the ocean has become.

We’ve seen firsthand how devastating these products can be for so many marine animals from small fish to whales, and studies continue to sound the alarm about how widespread the issue is, from an estimated 90 percent of seabirds ingesting plastic, to plastic being discovered in remote regions of the world. There’s even trouble with supposedly biodegradable plastic being not so biodegradable.

rings2Credit: We Believers/Vimeo

Many people have called for better waste management practices to keep plastic out of marine environments, but even the best systems aren’t going to keep up with our current rate of consumption. Now more calls are being made for reducing our use of plastic altogether.

Chris Gove, the company’s president added that they want to “influence the big guys” and “inspire them to get on board,” and as the brewery notes, if more did switch, these six-pack rings would be even cheaper to make, which would make them an even better option for major brands.

Hopefully, more will follow the lead here and consider ways to improve their environmental footprint. These new edible rings are certainly a promising sign that more companies are looking for innovative ways to help.


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M s
M s5 months ago

why aren't we DEMANDING all breweries use these rings? talk with your wallet .1st write to the breweries informing them of these rings and refer them to saltwater brewery Tell them if they don't convert to the biodegradable rings,you will stop purchasing their product Money talks people........

Melania Padilla
Melania Pabout a year ago


Sarah Hill
Sarah Hillabout a year ago

Wow! Great idea!

Siyus Copetallus
Siyus Copetallus1 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

Carole R.
Carole R1 years ago

Wow ... what a great idea.

Jenny S.
Jenny W1 years ago

I'm so glad to hear!

Rudy T.
Rudy T1 years ago

Can I ask by have you talk with other beverages business to follow up too. It'll be a great improvement and you'll gain a lot of supporters though business deals like in the show Shark Tank you can join Pepsi and Coke Products business. 😀

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Carol M.
Carol M1 years ago

Yeah for Saltwater Brewery for coming up with an alternative to the plastic. It uses by-products of brewing with which they need to do something. Personally I would prefer recyclable boxes. I can't imagine many fish eating barley and wheat....

Sherry Kohn
Sherry K1 years ago

Many thanks to you !