Finally, Someone Fired at the EPA… But Only Because He Questioned Pruitt

With all of the ethics scandals currently surrounding the EPA, we’ve been waiting to hear about some high-profile terminations at the agency. On Tuesday, someone finally got sacked… the only problem being is he was one of the people trying to point out the agency’s corruption.

Mario Caraballo, an associate with the EPA’s Office of Homeland Security approved a report on EPA Director Scott Prutt’s outlandish multi-million dollar security spending. The report reached a conclusion that most of America already suspected: that Pruitt had no reason to spend that much on his safety.

After the report helped to out Pruitt as a conman, Caraballo was fired, in what many believe is an act of retribution. The agency is officially saying they let Caraballo go over an issue that occurred when he served in the military nearly a decade ago. However, that doesn’t pass the sniff test since the EPA formally reviewed this unspecified incident years ago and did not consider it disqualifying to his employment at the agency.

So that Caraballo’s termination will not be in vain, let’s talk about the report! The report looked at the supposed threats that Pruitt cited to beef up his security detail, and considered there to be no credible death threats made against him.

Democratic Senators who reviewed the material said the Secret Service heard no chatter about threats against Pruitt’s life, and the EPA’s own internal documents repeatedly failed to justify the security spending.

What has Pruitt so nervous about his safety? Apparently, chanting protesters, an angry passenger who cursed at him on an airplane, letters from people serving prison sentences and a postcard that simply read, “CLIMATE CHANGE IS REAL!!! We are watching you.”

Given Pruitt’s pro-corporate, anti-environment approach to running the EPA, there’s no doubt that people are going to be critical of his work. To construe this criticism as a death threat is ridiculous, particularly in light of Pruitt risking issuing a death sentence on the people of the planet by refusing to address climate change and the legitimate threats it poses.

Hopefully, Caraballo’s firing will be added to the list of Pruitt’s other ethical concerns. He’s already been caught demoting and reassigning EPA staffers who stand up to his corruption and misspending, so this latest example seems right in line.

Although it’s likely that Pruitt sacked Caraballo as a warning to those who defy or seek to undermine him, an anonymous EPA staffer told Politico that doing this would backfire.

“This isn’t going to frighten staff, this is going to embolden us to leak more to get these criminals out,” the staffer said. “They need to know we’re not intimidated and we’re going to blow the whistle on anything even borderline questionable.”

Take Action

We all know who the real individual that deserves to be fired from the EPA is – and he’s right at the top. In light of his total lack of ethics, it’s time for Pruitt to get fired. Call on President Donald Trump to get rid of this wasteful administration by signing this Care2 petition.

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Chad A
Chad Anderson12 months ago

Thank you!

Julie D
Julie D12 months ago

Pruitt has been assigned to the EPA expressly to destroy it and nullify it. As have all the other appointments to all the other agencies that are important to our health welfare and safety, such as DeVoss and others. Neither Trump nor any of the GOP will do anything to remove Pruitt, he is doing exactly what they want.

Lesa D
Past Member about a year ago

thank you Mario for doing the right thing... #34310 petition signed...

thank you Kevin...

Winn A
Winn Aabout a year ago


Winn A
Winn Aabout a year ago

Pruitt needs to go NOW

Jen S
Jen Sabout a year ago

Signed; this clown is as unethical, inept, unqualified, greedy and egocentric as the infant in chief. They deserve each other; the people do not.

Chrissie R
Chrissie Rabout a year ago

Thank you for posting.

Karin Hanson
Karin Hansonabout a year ago

Right, you wouldn't want to report on any of the Greedy Old Predators in Trump's admonistration....... that would not be an act of loyalty to a "Liar in Charge"!! Pruitt should be fired, just like Price and the rest of the grabbers of taxpayer $$$$.

Debbi W
Debbi Wabout a year ago

Signed petition. Pruitt is the one who should be impeached, removed from office. He's costing the tax payers thousands and thousands of dollars for this paranoid needs. He's a science denier and a conman, just like Herr Drumpf.

tammy C
tammy Cabout a year ago

stand for your beliefs