Finding A Groom For Dying Celebrity Dog, Lucky

Lucky the Maltese has posed with so many of Hollywood’s hottest stars it has earned her the title of “Most Photographed Dog in the World” for the 2013 Guinness World Record. The celebrity seeking hasn’t been done to win awards, but to raise awareness for homeless animals. In February Lucky was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Her guardian has a come up with a unique plan to find a new animal ambassador to take Lucky’s place when the time comes. She wants the Maltese to get married.

To kick-off the plan Wendy Diamond threw a wedding shower in a Manhattan hotel for her treasured little dog and celebrated with 32 guests, both human and four-legged. The group enjoyed sandwiches, cupcakes, tea and champagne. Lucky, who was outfitted in a “frilly pink dress” had fun and didn’t give a hint as to the real reason the group had gathered.

The event officially let the world know that her fight with cancer is coming to an end. After a series of treatments, the dog has three months to a year to live. The search for a new animal to carry on her work for homeless pets is becoming urgent.

“Lucky’s entire life has been about bringing awareness to rescue,” said Diamond. “We’re looking for someone to take over.”

Diamond, who is an author and founder and editor of Animal Fair Magazine, is planning an elaborate wedding on July 12 for Lucky and her yet unnamed spouse. The animal advocate says the ideal candidate for the next “most photographed celebrity canine” and partner to Lucky should be “friendly and not camera shy.”

Diamond also said Lucky’s spouse-to-be doesn’t have to be male or even a dog. She’s open to other animals applying for the position, including cats.

Interested pets can apply at Diamond and Lucky’s Facebook page, or at their charitable group, Diamond will pick the winning animal on June 28, two weeks before the wedding.

Wendy Diamond adopted Lucky in 1999 when she was told that someone was giving up a young white Maltese dog. Having already adopted a Russian Blue from one of New York City’s high kill animal shelters, she decided to take Lucky herself, before the little dog ended up at the same shelter.

Diamond told Petside that when she met the dog, she was so hyper and running in circles, she thought sarcastically to herself, ‘How lucky am I?’ and that’s how Lucky got her name. Soon Diamond and Lucky became inseparable.

At the same time, Diamond started Animal Fair Magazine as a way to make animal rescue more glamorous by getting her celebrity pals involved in the cause. One night at a dinner party attended by Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant, Diamond asked Hugh if Lucky could take a picture with him.

The photo drew lots of attention to Lucky and Diamond’s cause and the trend began to have the dog photographed with all sorts of stars. Over the years Lucky has been photographed with celebrities such as: Betty White, Kristen Stewart, President Bill Clinton, Sir Richard Branson, Snoop Dogg, Kim Kardashian, Barbara Walters and many more.

“She’s my business partner, my roommate, and my best friend,” said Diamond. “We’ve traveled all over the world together, and she’s seen me through my father’s death, and my different relationships. She’s my family.”

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Photo Credit: AbbyLanes


Kelsey S
Kelsey S4 months ago


Janet B
Janet B4 months ago


Sheri Schongold
Sheri Schongold4 years ago

God bless Lucky and I know he and all his animal friends are waiting on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. She will have fantastic friends and will hurt no more. She has been an exceptional ambassador and the next one will have large "paws" to fill.

Linda MacRae
Linda MacRae5 years ago

My thoughts and prayers are with Lucky and Wendy.

Karen J G.
Karen J G5 years ago

I agree with those who say never buy from pet shops. You are not rescuing that pet shop pup or kitten. Instead, you are simply pushing the demand for puppy and kitten mills, which are true horrors, for the parent animals kept solely to reproduce as often as possible, and no matter whether those parents are fit for breeding. So many mill pups live short lives and cost their new owners a fortune in vet bills, because of the horrendous conditions they come from.

Instead, I wish that all pet shops wishing to 'sell' puppies of kittens, showed animals from their local shelters and did adoptions, rather than buying those sick babies from the mills. This only perpetuates a vicious industry that cares only for money and not the animals. PetSmart gets their cats and dogs from shelters and adopts them out - more power to them !

I wish it was illegal for pet shops to buy puppies and kittens from whatever source. Instead, let them help find homes for the hordes of wonderful pets who turn up every year in every shelter. Shops could charge a reasonably fee for providing the service, and still sell the needed items for any new pet to the adopting owners. Let all those shelter babies and youngsters find homes, and put the mills out of business for good. Far more animals would be truly rescued this way.

If someone really wants a purebred animal, let them pay what it is truly worth and buy it from a reputable breeder who cares about the health and genetic quality of their animals, a

Samanta Zbinden
Samanta Zbinden5 years ago

It's very sad that animals are being sold in pet stores, because for instance I know that it's better to adopt pets than to buy them, but I can't help but wonder what happens to those that don't get bought? do they end up in shelters anyways or what? It's still sad...especially with those little fish than are kept in small plastic cups pretty much the rest of their lives, I would personally buy at least one to give him at least room to swim around.

Linda MacRae
Linda MacRae5 years ago

Wendy, you have done amazing things in bringing awareness to shelter/rescue animals. Cudos for this but I really do understand what you are going through right now and will be facing very soon. No words can express this kind of loss. I, too, had to put my beautiful rescued greyhound to sleep 2 1/2 yrs. ago, after having lived with me for over 12 wonderful years. He was my best friend and I still shed tears when I think of him and miss him terribly. However, on the brighter side my wonderful greyhound found me another companion with alot of moxie and attitude. His name is Charlie and he is a PomChi. He came to me only 4 months after Remy died, again was a rescue. I was his 5th hom and he was not yet 2 yrs old. Charlie is now my constant companion and so very loyal and protective in spite of his 8 llbs. size. I know Remy found this little guy for me and I am so very grateful despite the tears! You will find another little friend to rescue and heap all your love and attention on. Good luck and stay strong!

nicola w.
Jane H5 years ago

You never get used to putting them to sleep and losing them ...and you agonise about WHEN...
my vet said a very wise thing to help me ...
"I would much rather put down an animal a few days early than even one day late "...
It helps and i console myself that there's more room in the my animal Ark for another rescue !

Lorraine Hagin
Lorraine Hagin5 years ago

Rescuing an animal from a shelter is the best feeling ever, they're special and sense that you have done something wonderful for them. They repay you with so much endless and unconditional love but when you lose them, their loss is horrendous but never forget however painful it is, there is always another unwanted animal who is desperate to give their love and help us ease our pain!

7yrs ago I put my beloved 10yrs old rescued GSD "Herbie" to sleep, he had cancer which absolutely destroyed me. To this day I still haven't got over losing him but I made the decision to let him go before the cancer took hold - he went with " pride and dignity" but I hate myself for it but I knew I couldn't and wouldn't let him suffer, everyone said I did the right thing but it still hurts! I have another dog now "Elbie", he too is a rescued GSD - had him a few months after I lost Herbie, it's as if he left me to make way for Elbs, he's my hero - my "little man!"

Right now I feel sad for Diamond having to face up to the fact that she's going to lose her dog Lucky. I admire her for all the good work that she's been able to do to raise the profile of homeless animals but I'm not sure where I stand on the "marriage" thing - it's a pity that she's not going to a shelter to find another dog, maybe then I may have a different view it. Surely rescuing another abandoned dog would have been so much more awarding and also what a brilliant new ambassador for the plight of the homeless animals

Carrie Anne Brown

thanks for sharing :)