First Grader Writes Book, Raises $92,000 For Sick Friend

A six-year-old writing a book to save his best friend’s life?

That may sound like a fantasy, but that’s exactly what first grader Dylan Siegel from Los Angeles has done.

A few months ago, Dylan announced his idea to help his best friend, Jonah Pournazarian, 7, who is battling glycogen storage disease 1b, a rare liver disease. He would write a book, sell a ton of copies and make loads of money to help researchers find a cure.

Last November the six-year -old grabbed some of his mom’s best stationery paper and wrote and illustrated a 16-page book called “Chocolate Bar.”  Then he insisted for several days that his mom and dad make copies for him. They realized he was serious and decided to take on the self-publishing of their son’s book.

“Chocolate bar” means “awesome” to Dylan and Jonah, as in “It’s so chocolate bar.”

Accompanied by Dylan’s drawings, pages within the book say:

I like to go to the beach. That is so chocolate bar.

I like to go swimming. That is so chocolate bar.

I like to help my friend. That is the biggest chocolate bar.

Since the publication of his book, Dylan has been on a roll that most authors can only dream of.

So far, the young writer has raised more than $92,000 to support a University of Florida research team that is working to cure Jonah’s disease. But as impressive as that is, Dylan has declared he wants to keep going and raise a million dollars.

Just watch watch this video of Dylan and Jonah at their book-signing at a Barnes & Noble store, and you’ll get an idea of Dylan’s magnetism and incredible appeal. As Jonah’s mother says, “Dylan has touched us so much. It’s beautiful.”

In addition to giving numerous interviews, the two boys have watched their website and Facebook page go viral and received hundreds of supportive messages from all over the world.

What’s the secret to Dylan’s success?

Dylan’s mother explains in this video how thrilled she and Dylan’s father were to get behind their son’s project and send out the message that you can make your dreams come true. As she put is, “If you have a big idea and a big heart and you want to make something happen, you can do it.”

This must be the most chocolate bar story you’ll hear today!


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Latoya Brookins
Latoya Brookins4 years ago

What are everyone else's word/expression that means awesome?

Remember on Mean Girls how Gretchen kept trying to make "fetch" happen?

In the Smurf movie, they all used the word Smurf to mean everything. "that is so cool" became "that is so smurf" or "that sucks" would be "that smurfs"

Tammy Baxter
Tammy B5 years ago

amazing! What a wonderful child!

Tamara Huggins
Tamara Huggins5 years ago

What a great kid!!

Marcel Elschot
Marcel Elschot5 years ago

This is great

Maria Barbosa
MarĂ­a Barbosa5 years ago

Made me cry! Faith in humanity restored!

Latoya Brookins
Latoya Brookins5 years ago

I bet there are a lot of kids that have similiar ideas but no one to help them achieve them.

tiffany t.
tiffany t5 years ago

bravo little man both blessed be

Khadija O
Khadija O5 years ago

Dylan is the cutest chocolate bar ever! I wish them both the best and definitely signing up to his fb page.

Arild Warud

What a moving story,great kid.

Leuth Novotny
.5 years ago

definitely ... the biggest chocolate bar