First Line of Defense: Flight Attendants Work to Stop Human Trafficking

Did you know that there are more slaves today – 27 million – than ever in all 400 years of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade combined? 

Every year over 2 million women and children are sold into slavery around the world in what is considered a form of modern day slavery. Human traffickers lure their victims in with promises of a better life and enticing job opportunities only to trap them, girls often as young as 11-years-old, in a horrific cycle of abuse.

Airports are  prime location for traffickers to be discovered and victims saved. That’s why Innocents at Risk, a non-profit organization dedicated to fighting child exploitation and human trafficking, has created a program for educating flight attendants about the warning signs. The “Flight Attendant Initiative” provides flight attendants with brochures with vital information on human trafficking, including a hotline number that can be called if they suspect any suspicious activity.

American Airlines fight attendant Sandra Fiorini is one of the program’s biggest proponents working with the organization’s founder Deborah Sigmund to mobilize lawmakers on Capitol Hill to protect trafficking victims.

Fiorini also educates flight attendants around the world, providing them with the brochure and bracelets that contain the human trafficking hotline number to report suspected activity. When the number is used law enforcement officials are sent to the airline gates to investigate suspicious travelers.

Flight attendants are in a unique position to notify officials of suspicious activity immediately and save victims before traffickers leave the airport. As Innocents at Risk says, they are the “first line of defense” against human trafficking and a much needed one when you consider the severity of the problem.

Take a look at these astonishing statistics:

  • Human trafficking is the fastest growing criminal industry in the world, second only to the drug trade
  • 130 countries are origin, transit or destination countries for human trafficking
  • One victim is trafficked across international borders every minute
  • Over 300,000 children are trafficked within the U.S. every year
  • Around the world, more than one million children are subjected to human trafficking for sex or porn
  • Human trafficking is a $32 billion dollar yearly business – a $100 million business annually in the D.C. Metropolitan area alone 

Women, girls, and boys that are trafficked are stripped of their lives, rights, and dignity. It can only take a few seconds to lure away a child but years upon years to rescue victims or prosecute traffickers.

Flight attendants can do their part but so can you.

Learn more about what you can do at Innocents at Risk.  

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Pat Tyler
Pat Tyler7 years ago

Selling people,children ....Who beside the flight Attendants is doing something about this ,since it seems to be getting worse and worse.

Adam G.
Adam G7 years ago

to harm a child, especially if it is sexual molestation, is the lowest, vilest, most evil & disgusting act on earth.

such people as commit these crimes have forfeited their claim to humanity & with it, their human rights.

lock them in wooden stocks in a public square & allow any & all to throw whatever they wish at the sicko, chain them to a chair & give the parents of their victims a cricket bat and 5 minutes alone with the perp, burn the scumbag at the stake...

all of these are valid options for the genuinely guilty.

Rajeeva Ranjan
Past Member 7 years ago

All concerned must be vigilant against such inhuman activities by which humanity feels ashamed.

Tekla Drakfrende
Tekla Drakfrende7 years ago

but we need to work on a deeper lever too - why does anyone think it´s ok to have sex with these children and women? Why do they have customers???????
Please! all good men - speak up for your gender!! If you are the ones opposing trafficking it is much stronger than if we women do it! If they see us as something to rape/abduct/kill they won´t listen to us talking..... So please! there are so many GOOD men - please speak up! Take a stand!

Low B.
low beng kiat7 years ago

Together we can end this human trafficking issues.

Carol Ann Evans
Past Member 7 years ago

I believe these flight attendants are very brave to take on such a scary task, however, if it means saving the lives of innocent girls and stopping the sickos, God bless each of them. Good luck to every flight attendant out there who is willing to take this risk.

Connor H.
Connor H.7 years ago

there is most likely slavery involved in your chocolate!

Judith H.

An investigator told me around ten years ago that there were flights going out at midnight in Seattle full of white American kids to Saudi Arabia. These flights were planned just for these kids, mostly girls. They were investigating it and trying to find those behind it. Seems there are always people who can be bought at any price it cost to the other person. Men must have their fun, it seems. God made some mistakes when designing the male for increasing the species. There should have been a turn off switch, or some genetic switch that would decrease the drive when there are enough people in the world. Men think they need sex several times a day. It is not biologically necessary. Now there is a place for genetic engineering in my opinion. They just have abnormal and harmful urges that they are unable to control. That is grounds for radical action. Men have not evolved enough and there is too much stimulation in the environment that they act more like male rabbits. Cure the bastards.

Teresa E.
Teresa E7 years ago

What heroic flight attendants, I hope they receive lots of support.

Jan Buckner
Jan Buckner7 years ago

Wonderful initiative to rescue these children. Help for the helpless.