First National Pet Food Drive in the U.S. Starts Today

PETCO and the PETCO Foundation, along with help from Best Friends Animal Society, are launching the first national pet food drive in the U.S. that will last November 5-15.

In March PETCO and the PETCO Foundation started a pet food drive in select stores. Now there are collection bins in over 1,000 locations throughout the country. So far, the venture has already collected more than 110 tons of food and litter.

With the guiding principle that people shouldn’t have to choose between feeding themselves, their kids or their pets, or giving up their pets in tough times, stores are partnering with food banks and rescue groups in their community to provide pet food and litter to pet parents in need. Hill’s Science Diet will also be matching donations bag-for-bag, up to 25,000 pounds, for every bag of their cat or dog food purchased at a PETCO store and donated to the drive.

Volunteers from Best Friends will also be at 198 stores on Nov 6-7 and 13-14 to help with the food drive and tell people about their No More Homeless Pets campaign. Check here to find a list of stores where they will be volunteering. 

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Kristin G.
Kristin G.5 years ago

Great! This will come up good since almost everybody loves pets.
-pet food
pet food

Sylvie K.
Sylvie K.7 years ago

They have been rescuing
dogs and cats for 15 years. They drove 30 dogs out of a pound that
sells dogs to Class B dealers for vivisection research, a whole
facility, before Christmas. They made it out of a fire last
year and lost a job the next day. Now, a year later, they lost the new
...job to downsizing and unemployment red tape has a moratorium on their
eligible benefits for 10 weeks. They have not had a single benefit since September. They applied for the
aid card, but you can’t buy dog food, paper towels, tissues,
soap, toothpaste, shampoo,laundry detergent, or quarters for laundry or a
bus pass. They got 2 weeks to go and absolutely no dog food pantries or household supplies for the Thanksgiving holiday or the week thereafter.

the church told them 7x to come by for a grocery gift card, and never gave it to them. the pastor said, 'come to the church and i will wash your hands for you.'

the red cross regional director told them to 'fill the tub with soap and stomp' ...on their clothes - would not help with quarters for laundry or a bus pass to go to a job interview. or paper towels. or soap. or tissues. says the red cross is tapped out for the year in september.

doggie food banks - the human society no longer has a dog food bank and the other two - one allows 2 5lb bags a month, but requires a bus pass to get to; the other has not called back, despite the black tie fundraisers they hold - they don't call back dog o

Helene B.
Helene B7 years ago

When I buy my pet food at Petsmart, I always buy a little more to bring to my local animal shelter, it feel great!

Athena C.
Athena C7 years ago

Just do it!

Theresa C.
Theresa C.7 years ago

People need to know that whenever the mood strikes them, or whenever they can afford it, their local shelter would be more than happy to take any bag (big or small) of food as a donation for their facility. THIS CAN BE DONE 365 DAYS A YEAR! Dogs and cats can't differentiate whether it's a holiday, or whether a food company matches bag for bag. Give anonymously - God is watching, and He is the only one that matters.

Jo Hofreiter
Jo Hofreiter7 years ago

Why shouldn't this this foundation and Petco have this running all year long?????

Take care,

Monique D.
Mon D7 years ago

How great! I have said for years they need something like this, but it should be an ongoing thing not just for 2 weeks. I wish they did this near where I live, I would gladly donate or volunteer

Carol Lopez
Carol Lopez7 years ago


Elizabeth Shay
Elizabeth Shay7 years ago

this is wonderful!! I have a case of cat food (less 1 can) that I bought for my cat and she doesn't like it. And I bought it at PetCo! Double bonus :o)

Barbara Erdman
Barbara Erdman7 years ago

Good cause :-)