First the GOP Co-Opts “War On Women” Now They Want “Choice”

First, they came for the war on women. Now, the Republican party — with assistance from their own female leaders — are coming for “choice,” too.

As the party began losing female support due to the GOP push to regulate women’s reproductive freedom, cut the social safety net and deny them access to affordable birth control and health care, the Republicans have been searching for a way to turn the war on women frame on its head. Now, they think they’ve found it — have female leaders from their own party say Democrats are the ones coming for women’s freedoms and liberty.

Suddenly, the Republicans love “choice” especially when it comes to health care. “We want to make certain that we are the ones that are in charge of making those health care decisions and that we are the ones working with physicians, said Tennessee Rep. Marsha Blackburn during a rally at the capitol opposing the Affordable Care Act.

“[T]his is putting government bureaucrats between us and our doctor. It gives government the decision making power, not us,” agreed Florida Rep. Sandy Adams apparently without the slightest trace of irony.

Both representatives are sponsors of the D.C. 20 week abortion ban, which would make terminating a pregnancy impossible for any woman who discovers that her fetus has a genetic issue or is somehow non-viable, a bill that many would consider to be a real life case of “government bureaucrats” getting between women and doctors.

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Sam Richardson

I have to say that I'm still not at all impressed or swayed by the GOP. Clearly this latest stint is in realisation that they were seriously fucked because more women vote than men do, and no woman would want to vote for the GOP.

Christopher Fowler

Typical of the GOP meme. Make a claim that is opposite to the truth and have the people most affected by the lie shill for the party to try to legitimize the lie.

Has anyone noticed that the women standing up for the GOP's War on women and their war on choice are all beyond childbearing age AND ALL OF THEM are politicians? I have to wonder if they are actually interested in getting re-elected or elected to higher office or if they are just in it to get their names in the papers. If that's the case, then maybe they are hoping that the American public has as short a memory as the GOP and the far right Christo-fascists do.

Myron Scott
Myron Scott5 years ago

Interesting exchange between Chad and Eddie. I've griped
for many years that people generally and anti-government types
in particular tend to complain only about government bureaucracies,
never about private sector bureaucracies, which are just as bad.
Oh sure, people gripe about calling a software help center and
getting a human only after an extended period of complex
automated phone system interactions - and then the human only
speaks some dead language and, anyway, ultimately just refers you
to a different software manufacturer's help line. Or the layers of
divisions one has to work through with an insurance company or
creditor (especially a bank). But still they say things like,
"Government never solves problems. It just creates bureaucracy."

Large, complex organizations, public or private, create bureaucracies.
Complex societies tend to breed complex organizations. At least the
public ones in theory are more amenable to direct public control and
transparency. That doesn't always work; but thinking we can reduce
bureaucracy by privatizing government functions is shallow and,
usually, just a cover for increased corporate control of our daily lives.

- With apologies for maybe diverting from the main thread.

Sue T.
Susan T5 years ago

I as a woman believe I am responsible for my body.

That being said (or typed) I chose who when and where. My choice, my consequences. No one should have to pay for my actions and decisions.

There is no war on women. As a woman I am really saddened and kind of confused that after all these years of women being the government has to pay for our birth control?

Eddie O.
Eddie O5 years ago

Chad A. - I think we're so sensitive and involved with government bureaucrats as this is where we should have our power, at least in theory. These bureaucrats are our employees and so we by right should have a say so in how they function. In theory at least, we should be able to fire, recall, or never "hire" them again.

Whereas with corporate bureaucrats, we truly don't have much power. Business is designed to do just one thing, make as much money as it can. To do more, requires people to be caring, just, fair, humanistic, etc... And, for some corporations to be fair, means that they can't compete with the unjust corporations that screw everyone at every chance they get.

Again, this is where government bureaucrats come in as they are the only ones that can utilize power to demand corporations show some sign of fairness and integrity. The problem arises when these government bureaucrats become corrupt and allow corporations to take every shortcut they can find.

We can only enact some sort of control on corporate bureaucrats via government laws and restrictions, hence this is where our focus needs to be, at least this is my perception of things.

Chad A.
Chad Anderson5 years ago

How is it that we are so sensitive about government bureaucrats, who are democratically-accountable to us and operate in a transparent and legally-responsive environment, but do not care about authoritarian undemocratic opaque corporate bureaucrats. Am I the only one who thinks that corporate power over our lives is part of the problem?

William Y.
William Y5 years ago

@ Bill R. We didn't turn over the canal to Panama, we had leased the territory for 75 years, it was returned to them as per the treaty.

Myron Scott
Myron Scott5 years ago

Yah, right Bill. In your fever dreams - and those of the Nativist
and Imperialist opponents of the Canal Treaty, which even
Kissinger favored. Had Noriega tried it, he'd have been quickly dead
rather than in jail. But Daddy Bush didn't give him a chance to
try it. So now we know where W got his illicit preventative war
doctrine. (And some of you thought he got it solely from Cheney.)
The apple did not fall that far from the tree.

Now, I propose that we both end this off-topic chatter, or take
it to a different thread.

Bill Reese
Bill Reese5 years ago

Panama, was a republican skirmmish, we lost 23 young warriors in removing a dictator that would have loved to control all of the commerce between the Atlantic and Pacific Ocearn to our shores. He would have controlled all movement between the Pacific Rim countries and Northern Europe, without paying hefty fees. Yes, it is sad anytime we loose a person in our military, but it would have cost more if we did nothing and waited until it was well prepared for an invasion.

Why in the world the US ever turned the canal over to the Panamainan Government I will never understand. We lost hundreds of people digging the canal and the French had lost multiple times that.

Eddie O.
Eddie O5 years ago

Bill R. - You talk about being responsible, but this is obviously another major contradiction. If a parent is "responsible" they certainly don't let their family suffer in any way, shape, or form, if they can possibly prevent it.

In a like manner, if a country/government is "responsible" they certainly don't let their citizens suffer and die, from a lack of health care.

A caring, responsible, government doesn't spend trillions of dollars on war, massive destruction, invading innocent countries, building more and more nuclear weapons, dropping depleted uranium coated bombs on other societies, causing massive birth defects, suffering, and death, slaughtering hundreds of thousands of common people in other parts of the world, while at the same time depriving it's own citizens from having accessible health care, good education, and safe, dependable, infrastructure!

We are a disgrace as our country, the GREEDY OBSTRUCTIONIST PARTY (the PARTY OF HATE) in particular, has degenerated to only care about MONEY, POWER, GREED, and CONTROL. This Party of NO cares nothing about people, human beings, (or animals for that matter) - their health, happiness, or well-being! This is horribly shameful and especially for a country that could be so much more compassionate, and a TRUE world leader!