Flaming Gorge Pipeline Would Devastate Colorado River

I’ve lived in Colorado’s Front Range for several years, and I love the diversity of people and geography that it offers. Unfortunately, Colorado is a very arid part of the country, making each of its rivers an essential resource for both human and animal populations.

As people continue to flock to this gorgeous part of the country, municipal water supplies are being taxed beyond their capacity. In a desperate attempt to meet the growing need for water, the Colorado Water Conservation Board is poised to approve a drastic project that will devastate trout populations, protected wildlife habitats and local tourism and recreation spots in Wyoming, Colorado and Utah.

This proposal — called the “Flaming Gorge Pipeline” — would charge taxpayers $9 billion to annually siphon 81 billion gallons of water out of the Green River at Flaming Gorge Reservoir in southwest Wyoming and pump it 560 miles across Wyoming, up and over the Continental Divide, and down to Colorado.

On September 13, 2011, the Colorado Water Conservation Board will consider a $150,000 grant request from a regional water authority that will push the Flaming Gorge Pipeline to create a special task force to study the proposed project.

Learn more about the Flaming Gorge area in the video below, and if you don’t think taxpayer dollars should be used to fund a project that will further destroy the Green and Colorado rivers, call or email the Colorado Water Conservation Board to voice your opinion.

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Ruth R.
Ruth R4 years ago

Thank You. Good Post!

Roseann D.
Roseann d6 years ago

Seems like it's time for a waiting list to move into such areas and getting everyone on board with water conservation.

Beverly G.
bev g6 years ago

ROSEMARY G, i think like you. i wish ALIENS would come and sort it all out. The whole worlds gon mad.

Rosemary G.
Rosemary G6 years ago

I think the Human animals have all gone mad. Help please, ETs come and take them away from here, because they are destroying our home the Planet Earth..

Lilithe Magdalene

Municipalities need to get smart about how they use water. Wonder how many golf courses there are along the Colorado. Seems like an overly stupid idea to me.

Patrick F.
Patrick f6 years ago

This story seem to have confused a lot of us, I originally thought they were referring to an OIL pipeline but this one is a WATER pipeline. Still not good but not as bad......

William Y.
William Y6 years ago

This country needs to get off the oil standard.

Isabel Araujo
Isabel Araujo6 years ago

Let us all say NO!

Pat D.
Pat D6 years ago

Pipelines pollute....just look at the trouble Montana had this year. There's no question that additional problems would arise from any additional pipelines built. Stop the Keystone XL from running from Canada to Texas, USA will only have more problems to deal with. No one seems to know how to control them.

Suzanne L.
Suzanne L6 years ago

SAY NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!