Flat Tire Leads Man to Find Kitten During 12 Mile Walk Home


Written by Chuck Merriman of New York

The day started out like any other day. Got up, went to work, got my paycheck, started on my way home. I was low on funds so I wanted to stop at my bank to get my check into my account. Unfortunately, it was Saturday and my bank was closed. The ATM was open, but with my luck, no pen to fill out the deposit slip. So I figured I’d stop in the convenience store to grab a coffee.

As I was pulling in, another car started to pull out, so I swerved to avoid a collision, and I hit the curb. I knew my tire was punctured, so I grabbed a coffee. I came out and just double checked my tire, and my assumption was correct. I also hadn’t noticed a spare tire in my car, as it was bought used, and couldn’t think of where they would have stuck one in an ’86 Firebird. Great! I pulled out my cell phone, and it was almost dead. I memorized a few numbers, and made a quick call to my mom, but no luck. My phone died shortly after that.

So I walked. It wasn’t that bad of an evening out, but I was on afour lane road, and I had about a 12 mile walk ahead of me. I started walking. Stopped at a few places, trying to get a hold of any one I could by pay phone, but no one picked up. I even left messages, saying that I would call back. Still no luck. With no change left, I set out again.

About a mile and a half down the road, at about exit 11, I saw ahead of me what I thought to be some landscaping fabric getting blown by the breeze. As I got closer, two little blue eyes turned to me and went “mew.” My heart melted immediately. A little ball of fluff was one the side of the road. I picked her up and I could tell she was scared and cold.

This was in late October, so it was cool, but not cold. I carried her in my hands (I could fit her in one of my hands, but I was trying to protect her and keep her warm) for about another three and a half miles with her clawing and squirming, trying to get down. I stopped in a store to grab a coffee to wake up a bit, and to get the chill off. I put her in my lunch bag so I would be able to go into the store with no problems. She meowed, and the girl behind the counter gave me a look, and I told her the story up to that point. The girl wanted to see the kitten, so I brought her out. We tried to give the kitten some milk, but with no luck. I left with my coffee and kitten, and continued on my way home.

She Didn’t Want to Be Carried Anymore

After about two hours, and about seven miles, I was tired from walking and working. The kitten was really trying to get down, I’m stressed out and having a hard time trying to hold on to the kitten. I wasn’t going to drop her off on the side of the road, so I put her in the hood of my sweatshirt. I should have done that in the first place. She passed out. I was able to walk the rest of the way with her in there.Five more miles until I was able to get to a store where I knew the people, and I was able to use the phone to get a hold of my girlfriend, and was able to get a ride home. She fell in love with the kitten also.

Our first night home - both tired after the long walk.

I get home and then realized I had another problem. I already had two other cats at home who were littermates. My male cat, Diablo Bob, was a little unsure at first, but after about 24 hours, he was fine. My female cat, Jezebel, well, she’s a LOT more territorial. She hissed and was pretty pissed off for a few weeks.

Bob and 11 (the kitten’s name due to the location where she was found) hung out for the next few weeks, and Jezebel finally came around to 11. About a month or so after I brought 11 home, Jezebel’s eyes got infected. I brought her to the vet and got some meds. While I was worrying about Jez, I didn’t realize Bob’s health (which was never the best) was taking a drastic turn for the worse. I brought all three to the vet, first check up for 11, a recheck on Jez for her eyes, and to see what could be done for Bob. 11 was fine, Jez got a refill on her meds, and the cancer in Bob had spread too far for surgery. I had to say good bye to my first cat that day.

11 had learned a lot by hanging out with Bob. Liitle things that Bob had done for years, 11 does. She runs to the door when I come home from work, follows me around and lays on my sholders, makes sure I’m cooking the proper way and adding the right ingredients. She also sometimes gets on Jez’s last nerve just like Bob would. But Jez and 11 are getting along now, for the most part.

A Surprise Twist….

Here is 11 today

Back to the story of my walk now.I got a tire and put it on my car and brought my car home. A few weeks after, I was cleaning out my car, and found a spare tire behind the panels in the hatch. I didn’t need to walk that day in late October, but I’m so glad I did.

Brought to you by The Great Animal Rescue Chase


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Photo credit: Kellyrichardsonfl | Dreamstime.com


Christine Stewart

I am so glad Chuck found 11- great rescue story!

JoAnn Paris
JoAnn Paris3 years ago

I love this - thank you!

Ionete Oana
yonette VO3 years ago

Great rescue! So glad that you, Chuck, stopped to take the small kitten and did not give him up when he was nasty ( scratching )! Thanks God for people like you!

Jay Bauder
Jay B3 years ago

So cute

judith mignacca
judith mignacca3 years ago

Dear Chuck, here's one catlady who's really glad you never found that tire on that cold October day. So sorry Bob wasn't around long to see Little 11 grow big and strong, but it looks like he trained her up to be a good girl. Thank you so much for saving her life. May you, your girlfriend, Jez and 11 have a long happy life together!

Carolanne Powell
C Powell3 years ago

Heart warming story & so glad this kitty found you/you her :)

Stardust Noel
Stardust Noel3 years ago

Great story, glad he didn't find that spare the day he found the kitten.

Past Member 3 years ago

destiny made a family happy and saved a kitten, great, thanks to him

chris J.
christine jordan3 years ago

love it when men have a heart

chris J.
christine jordan3 years ago

Animals deserve rights, someone start campaigning for that please and let the U.S.A. start with an example for the rest of the world. This should also mean that this is not how it is supposed to be; as soon as someone sees a cat, animal controll is called and then cat is gassed. Instead the T.N.R. program is used. No more healthy animals put to sleep. Have a heart! Too many people care about their next hit of drugs than spaying or neutering their pets. Those that cant be helped by T.N.R should go to a camp where food and neutering is provided paid for by taxes from non-pet owning people, or other source. Spaying your pet should be required, it should be affordable, maybe even financed. We could have a more humane world if some people used their brains. Its appalling how animals are treated.