Florida GOP “A Bunch Of Right Wing Crazies” Says Former Chair


Political parties are often run like families, so when there’s a break-up, it can get ugly and fast. That’s what’s happening in Florida where former Florida Republican Party chairman Jim Greer has called party officials liars and “whack-a-do, right-wing crazies.”

The statements came under-oath and in a deposition related to criminal charges he’s facing. Greer said some GOP leaders were meeting to discuss ways they could suppress black votes while others were constantly scheming against each other. He blamed criminal fraud charges filed against him in 2010 on legislative leaders and other party officials who he says orchestrated an investigation by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the statewide grand jury to avoid paying him money he was due.

Greer has filed a lawsuit against the party and the two officials in an attempt to collect $130,000 he was promised in a written agreement shortly before he resigned. The lawsuit, pending in Leon County, is unlikely to be resolved until after a criminal trial scheduled for mid November.

On the issue of voter suppression, The Tampa Bay Times reports that Greer said he had just completed a December 2009 meeting with party general counsel Jason Gonzalez, political consultant Jim Rimes and Eric Eikenberg, Crist’s chief of staff, when questions arose about fundraising. “I was upset because the political consultants and staff were talking about voter suppression and keeping blacks from voting. It had been one of those days,” he told the Times.

Among other highlights from Greer’s testimony are the following statements:

Greer said “the party was in turmoil” as officials wanted to get rid of him and former Gov. Charlie Crist because they disagreed with some of Crist’s decisions, including the appointment of a liberal African-American judge to the Florida Supreme Court, Crist’s endorsement of John McCain for president in 2008 and the hug Crist gave President Barack Obama in 2009. “My phone lit up with people wanting me to censure the governor,” Greer said. “The tea party came into existence. There was a feeling within the party that the tea party was just a bunch of whack-a-dos.”

After the party’s budget and audit committee started asking questions about House and Senate spending, including legislators who used party credit cards for personal expenses, Greer said he wanted to open the books and credit card records, but party officials and legislative leaders vetoed the idea.

Greer said he warned others at the party that the budget committee was made up of “whack-a-do, right-wing crazies” who were trying to take over because of continuing disagreements with Crist and legislative leaders. House and Senate leaders insisted that no one at the party could control their campaign finances. “We eat what we kill,” Greer said the leaders told him. “Legislative leaders were using their party credit cards like drunken sailors and they made it clear to me I was not to interfere with their spending,” Greer said.

No word yet on whether or not Greer’s testimony will be implicated in the federal government’s case against Florida’s restrictive new voting laws, but it’s a safe bet lawyers from DOJ are combing through the statements now.


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Terry V.
Terry V5 years ago

Something to think about.

The Greatest Speech Ever - Charlie Chaplin !


Stanley B.
Stanley Balgobin5 years ago

OK we got a crazy FL state with neo-con right wing loonies. This is the truth! There's no denying it. The ultra right has shifted to fascist, they would make the Nazi party look lame. If the GOP KOCHroach funded gerrymandering, voter suppression, $$$$$Corporate steal the elections for Rmoney Lyan alliance in 2012 we've got a serious opportunity for civil war in America.

Jonathan Y.
Jonathan Y5 years ago

Not just in Florida, (where it started big-time in 2000) but in every state there is a concerted GOP effort at voter suppression. They know that if every poor or elderly citizen votes it will be harder for them to win, especially since they've declared war on medicare and social security.

And they know that by pegging elderly citizens, legal immigrants, and the marginal poor with increased voter I.D. requirements, they will cull more Democratic voters from the rolls. In many states, counties and districts, just a few votes can flip the election. They will tell you in deadly earnest it's about 'protecting the vote', just like depriving people of their marriage rights is about 'protecting marriage.'

Michele Jones
Michele Jones5 years ago

Oh dear. "Whack-a-do" should not be a phrase in a professional's vocabulary!! Crud like this goes on in both parties in every state. This is why I hate politics -- all a big joke to keep the rich getting richer while wiping out the middle class with exorbitant taxes. Nauseating.

Jon G.
Jon G5 years ago

Shared and Tweeted

Michael M.
Michael M5 years ago

Well no duh!

And quite frankly, it's not just Flori-Duh either! Just look at the nutballs coming out of Utah and Texas!

Michael T.
Michael T5 years ago

I totally agree Frances. I think the entire GOP legislature should be charged with treason and sedition. I mentioned in an earlier post that they likely timed it so that their efforts would affect the election and then as pressure mounted pull back their Jim Crow laws. The Kochs are smart even though they are deviants.

Frances C.
Frances C5 years ago

Voter purging, and poll taxing is against the law. It is also UN-AMERICAN, WRONG AND UN-PATRIOTIC. We knew this has been going on, and now it has been proven. I grew up believing that more people should exercise their right and privelege to vote. Now the GOP wants to disenfranchise voters who they believe will vote for Democrats. I hope those who are doing this will be investigated. Anyone who votes for Republicans in the States where this is taking place are guilty by associaton... they are enabling those wrong doers.

Abbe A.
Azaima A5 years ago

nailed it

Ahren A.
Past Member 5 years ago

Can't understand why anyone would want to be a Republican unless money is the only law you live by, forgetting all else.