Forget the Turkey, It’s Jared Who Needs a Pardon

Forget the turkeys. If anyone’s really in need of a presidential pardon this November, it is White House senior advisor/son-in-law Jared Kushner. Between his embarrassingly incomplete disclosures and flat out lies to Congress, it’s pretty much inevitable that he’ll become a future target of special investigator Robert Mueller’s indictments.

That Meeting With Russia

Over the weekend, America learned that the Trump campaign had been approached via email by a Russian spy/surrogate for a meeting with the president, and the campaign failed to disclose to investigators.

Despite looking suspicious, on Sunday, Kushner’s attorney was heralding his client as a “hero” for telling his peers they shouldn’t have contact with foreign parties. By Monday, however, we learned that Donald Trump Jr. had met with this spy anyway.

Also, Kushner’s email hardly absolved him. He wrote, “A lot of people come claiming to carry messages. Very few we are able to verify. For now I think we decline such meetings.” That’s not him saying that the Trump team shouldn’t collude with Russia, that’s his way of saying he only wants to spending time meeting with direct connections to the Kremlin.

It’s not clear how Kushner’s legal team will spin the fact that Kushner knew it was wrong to set up these meetings but sent Trump Jr. anyway, but I’d have to hope the defense won’t include the word “hero” this time.

Spotty Memory on Wikileaks

In July, Kushner told the Senate Judiciary Committee that he had no contact with Wikileaks during the campaign and couldn’t remember anyone else who had. Not only do we now know that Trump Jr. communicated with Wikileaks during the campaign, but that Kushner forwarded an email about Trump Jr.’s contact with Wikileaks to a colleague within the campaign.

Whether or not he “remembers,” Kushner was at one point aware that Trump’s son and Wikileaks were in conversation. For this indiscretion, Kushner’s lawyer blamed the inconsistency on a “classic gotcha question” by Congress. Asking Kushner if he or someone he knew communicated with Wikileaks during the campaign hardly seems like a trick question, though.

Failing to Disclose

In order to obtain security clearance to work in the White House, Kushner had to list all of the foreign dignitaries he met in the past several years on an official form. Somehow, he forget to mention 100 such meetings, including a sizable number with officials associated with the Kremlin.

That’s not the only incomplete disclosure form. As Vox points out, Kushner has had to amend his financial disclosure time 39 times since joining the White House staff, usually at the prodding of the Office of Government Ethics. Apparently, he’s forgotten to name all sorts of businesses he has his money wrapped up in, an apparent attempt to conceal his conflicts of interest.

Amongst the more troubling omissions are the Russian business ties. Over the summer, he claimed, “I have not relied on Russian funds to finance my business activities in the private sector.” Although his disclosure form indicated that at the time, it didn’t turn out to be true: since then, authorities learned that Kushner had invested a lot of money with a Russian billionaire with strong ties to the Kremlin.

No matter what Kushner’s legal team says, none of these situations are looking good for Trump’s son-in-law right now. It might not be long before Trump is faced with the dilemma of possibly needing to pardon an important part of not only his administration, but also his family. Not that pardoning would be advisable – it never works out long-term for the Thanksgiving turkeys, either!

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Wikileaks said they were asked to hack Mrs Clinton's server, and they refused - I believe this detail should have been added.

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Just looking at Jarad Kushner he has a neck that just needs to be wrung he is what the Germans would call a Backpfeifengesicht a face badly in need of a fist in it.

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Needs a pardon does not mean deserves one.

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No turkey did anything wrong for which he or she should need to be pardoned. The Trump family, on the other hand, has done many hateful things that should rightfully put them in prison on, but they don't deserve to be pardoned for any of it.

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