Former James Bond Star Says “Don’t Eat Foie Gras” (Video)

If you’re a foodie, you might be tempted to seek out a sample of the culinary French delicacy foie gras. Literally translated, “foie gras” means “fatty liver,” an unhealthy condition that’s inflicted on them by the producers of this expensive product.

What those producers won’t tell you is that ducks and geese must undergo cruel treatment and torturous force-feeding in order to create this delicacy for restaurants and chefs.

Former James Bond star Roger Moore has created the sad video below with the help of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, to show the public how birds are force-fed through long tubes to fatten their livers, a procedure that gives the birds a liver disease similar to cirrhosis in humans.

According to the Center for Media Democracy, “fattened goose liver sells for around a hundred Euros a pound in France, and more during the holidays. Foie gras farms, and the force-feeding of the birds is so cruel that many countries around the world have banned it, including Israel, the United Kingdom and Switzerland.

“In 2004 California Governor Arnold Schwartzenegger signed a bill prohibiting the production and sale of foie gras in the state of California. But many restaurants still serve it, including the Belgian fast food chain Quick, which will be offering its French customers a hamburger served with a slice of foie gras in the days leading up to Christmas.

“Quick notwithstanding, Moore’s video has had some success. It persuaded British department store Harvey Nichols to remove foie gras from its fancy restaurant menu.”

[Source: The Post Chronicle|CMD]

Image Credit: Flickr - jurvetson


John S.
Past Member 6 years ago

You should warn people that this video gets pretty graphic. As to the issue at hand, I am proud meat eater but I never see the necessity of torturing animals before they die, especially when the death is painful.

Manuela B.
Manuela B7 years ago

OMG! this is the most cruel video i've seen for a while. Why would people want to eat this stuff? not only for what it is but how it is harvested. So cruel... shame, shame, shame.

Anna G.
Anna G7 years ago

i'm a vegetarian so i would never eat fois gras. i think no one should.

Alex E.
Alex Euzenot7 years ago

It's not only a shame but also a lack of culture to say that because since many years European countries like France have prohibited these practices.

Barbara U.
Barbara U7 years ago

I'm a vegetarian too (working on becoming vegan, but occasionally eat eggs). It has always horrified me the way we treat animals meant for food. I know we humans are omnivours but this so called expensive delicacy is not necessary for our well being.

Elaine Metz
Elaine Metz7 years ago

Good for Rodger Moore. Just another way for some to get fat on the pain of the producer

Nita Smith
Nita Smith7 years ago

Roger Moore is a good advocate for this campaign and I hope people will sit up and take notice. The poor force fed ducks liver is swelled to ten times its normal size to produce this hideous stuff. I rang up a local restraunt the other night as they had it on their menu. I asked if he knew how it was made and he arrogantly said "of course, I wouldn't have it on the menu if I didn't". I said "that's my point, why have you?" He became aggressive and said he would talk about it later when he wasn't busy. I said he could be sure of that and everyone who knows of their local restraunt selling it should jam the phone lines until they take it off the menu.

Victoria B.
Victoria B7 years ago

It just tastes of chicken liver pate anyway, lots of pretentious fluff on the basis of, 'it is desperately cruel so we think it is a delicacy, so we can charge an exorberant amount from foolish idiots who want to social climb ' Oh yes !!


Jean Sleigh
Jean Sleigh7 years ago

I have eaten it - in France - years ago.. but later when I learnt how it was 'made' I was horrified.... However, knowledge is power and since then I have refused it and will never eat it, AND I also inform the person who is offering it how it's 'made'... they are usually shocked too and don't know what to do with the open tub... but it's bought and the demand was generated. It's very sad... but I'm glad to see such a high profile person advocating for the cause :) Good ol' Roger...

candela A.
atayan A7 years ago