Former Murdoch Executive Arrested Again

London police have again arrested Rebekah Brooks, the former CEO of News International, the British newspaper wing of Rupert Murdoch’ media holdings. Brooks was arrested early this morning and is currently being questioned along with her husband, Charlie Brooks, a horse trainer and long-time friend of Prime Minister David Cameron.

Both Brooks and her husband were reportedly arrested at their home in Oxfordshire. Brooks herself had been previously arrested on July 17, 2011, on an appointment at a London police station, on suspicion of conspiring to intercept communications. This time, she has been arrested on suspicion to pervert the course of justice, says the Guardian. Four other people have also been arrested, three at their homes and one at a business address in East London.

The arrests did not result from information provided by News Corporation’s management and standards committee (MSC), which Murdoch’s company formed after numerous revelations of phone hacking — including the hacking of murdered British schoolgirl Milly Dowler’s voicemail — and corruption including bribes to police emerged last summer.

Prior to her resignation as chief executive of News International as the extent of the phone hacking scandal came to light, Rebekah Brooks had been the editor-in-chief of the now shuttered tabloid News of the World and also the editor of another Murdoch tabloid, The Sun. She is the highest-ranking News International official yet to be arrested, notes the New York Times. Andy Coulson, the former communications director for Cameron and a former NoW editor, was also arrested last summer as part of Operation Weeting, the London police’s investigation into hacking.

Brooks’s husband, Charlie, has known Cameron, who is to make his second official visit to the US this week, since their school days at Eton. Charlie Brooks was in the news last July in regard to an incident involving a laptop of his that had been left in a bag in a London underground parking garage near the Brooks’s apartment. Security guards found the bag, which also contained some papers, and contacted police; Charlie Brooks was unable to prove the items belonged to him. He said that he had “left the bag with a friend who was returning it, but dropped it in the wrong part of the garage.” He was also in the news last week after it emerged that the police had given his wife a retired police horse, Raisa, while she was working for News International, and that Cameron had ridden the horse while visiting the Brooks at their country estate.

As of this posting, Rupert Murdoch has not written anything on his Twitter feed since March 10, three days ago. His most recent tweet notes his looking forward to reading “Niall Ferguson’s new book, Civilization, The West and the Rest” of which he says “Bet lots to think about.” The Guardian begs to differ; the New York Times points out that the “book is the basis for a television series in Britain” and calls for a “return to a traditional education” based in the Great Books. All good to ways to preoccupy one’s thoughts when the present cares of one’s media empire are looking a bit troubled.


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Janice F.
Janice Forester5 years ago

I think that the Murdoch empire run the politcal system in the UK which is not good

Jim and Pat Clark
James Clark5 years ago

Come off it they'll get away with it scot free. Charles Brooks is a long standing friend of Cameron of over 30 years and his wife is also a friend of Cameron. Slime ball Cameron is in this as well, it took a lot of pushing by Ed Milliband and others to get this enquiry. Cameron and his millionnaire cronies in and out of the British Government will make sure the Brooks's are OK, it's called British justice. It's been said before "We must obey the strictest letter of the law, which is be easy on the rich and hard on the poor". Slime ball Cameron is taxing and putting the poor out of work and letting his banking friends have big bonuses. Cameron is one orf the 1% he doesn't care about the 99% in Britain or for that matter the US or the rest of the world

Don H.
Don H5 years ago

Chad A, Americans don't hold powerful wrongdoers accountable because these powerful wrong doers essentially own the entire "justice" mechanism.

Murdoch won't even be investigated in the U.S. If he was he would go unpunished. There are special standards for the right leaning wealthy overclass.

Remember, the criminal Bush Administration went un-investigated and unpunished and the the massive Wall Street/bank fraud went un-investigated and unpunished.

Giving these crimes a pass is the greater crime.

Pogle S.
Pogle S5 years ago

I hope the police have a case that will stick!

Chad A.
Chad Anderson5 years ago

Why can't Americans hold powerful wrongdoers to account?

Geraldine Ley
Geraldine Ley5 years ago

I meant GOOD. Murdoch probably thought if she resigned (with a big pay off) all the corruption would remain covered up.

Geraldine Ley
Geraldine Ley5 years ago


Teresa Cowley
Teresa Cowley5 years ago