FOXNews: Do They Really Think Their Viewers Are That Stupid?

Fox News just seems to have no respect for the intelligence of the people who go to their website.  As I was doing some additional research for my last post on the use of the “deem and pass” rule to pass healthcare I stumbled across this poll on  There are so many things wrong with this poll that I am not sure where to begin.

1. The question itself contains a lie because there will be a vote (see my last post)

2. It leads the reader to pick the third option since the question itself tells any reader why members of Congress are sent to Washington i.e. to vote for the will of the people who put them there.  (I wonder how many of the people opposing healthcare voted to put in the Democrats who are supporting it…my guess is very few).  So in reality these members of Congress are probably following the views of their constituients at least the ones that voted for them.  Of course anyone who has studied the writings during the Constitutional convention will know that not everyone thought that Congress should just obey the will of the masses.  Particularly so with Senators who were not free elected but were instead selected by members of the State Legislatures.

3. I get so irritated when someone pulls out the Founding Fathers as if they were a group of the wisest sages known to mankind as opposed to men with great failings and great accomplishments not to mention great disagreements.  Anyone who thinks that the likes of John Adams, Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, etc. agreed on anything sufficiently enough that asking what the Founding Fathers had in mind makes sense should probably have their voter registration card ripped up unless they read both the Federalist Papers and the Anti-Federalist Papers or at least be forced to watch HBO’s John Adams mini-series.  Heck, if you want to go back to the way the Founders wanted things than we can get rid of popular election of Senators since that wasn’t allowed or better yet let the House select the President since George Mason, one of those esteemed founding fathers, anticipated that, “nineteen out of twenty” times the president would not be chosen by the electors but that it instead would be decided by contingent procedure.  The original Constitution called for the House to vote for the top five candidates from the election so at least we could conceivably get rid of our two party system.

4. To be fair it does say at the bottom that this is not a scientific poll which is obvious because

A) it has an distinct selection bias i.e. it is on a conservative news website (I admit to writing for a liberal one so I think Fox should man up and admit they are no more a fair and balanced news station than the conservate Weekly Standard or the liberal American Prospect are fair and balanced magazines.  At least they don’t try to hide from their ideological framwork)

B) As I already mentioned the question is heavily loaded, factually incorrect, and historically ignorant

C) Since most fans of Fox News no doubt discard all science as “theories” to be believed at whim not being scientific probably increases the validity to those that actually took the time to vote.

D) It allows for an “other” where people leave inane comments such as:

This one by Carolina_Living “The healthcare legislation needs to be voted using a two-thirds majority. The Slaughter rule is being put out there so we accept the up and down vote. Both of these methods should not be used here. The up and down vote and the Slaughter rule should be viewed as treason if used on the healthcare legislation and should to be dealt with accordingly.”

Okay, first off two-thirds majority is only required to overturn a veto or to approve treaties.  It’s not even two thirds to get cloture to stop a filibuster, it’s only 60 out of a 100 which is three fifths i.e. slightly less than two thirds.  So this person is ignorantly suggesting that it is treasonous to vote up or down on a bill with a simple majority and insists that votes require a two thirds majority that is not entailed int the Constitution.  For that matter neither is the filibuster that is simply…gasp a rule of the Senate.  Which by the way the Constitution leaves it to Congress to create its own rules including deem and pass.

See the poll below:

A ‘No Vote’ Vote: Is This What the Founding Fathers Had in Mind?

Americans send people to Washington, D.C., to be their representatives — to cast votes that represent the will of the people. But House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is pushing Congress to pass a sweeping health care reform bill — without a vote. Do you think this is what the Founding Fathers had in mind?

Yes. Pelosi’s just using Congress’ own rules to pass a law – get over it, people.

Not sure, but didn’t Jefferson say: “A wise and frugal government… which shall restrain men from injuring one another, which shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits …”?

No. I voted for a congressman who will represent my point of view in making laws – if they won’t, then they’re gone in November.

This is not a scientific poll.


I did try to find some similar polls on MSNBC and CNN because I doubt they are any better.  If you find any put links in the comments and I’ll be happy to trash them as well.

And yes, I know that Care2 has polls as well but ours are a simple yes or no on one question and we DON’T try to deny or hide our, for the most part, progressive political ideology.
Scott P


starnsky sky
starnsky sky7 years ago

I have watched CNN, MSNBC, and FOX and of the three FOX is the most accurate in news. MSNBC rarely ever reports the truth. CNN is a good news network as well, but FOX is the BEST!

Bobby D.
Bobby Davis7 years ago

Can anybody really take those bubble heads on fox news serious. They have been caught many times lying to the people.

Nellie K A.
Nellie K Adaba7 years ago

Some views might be uneducated or uninformed. I don't Fox News because of its bias and it's subjective point of view..... It doesn't show the whole picture. It only shows bits and what people what to see and hear, or it lies about it, twist the truth/facts...

Seth E.
Seth E7 years ago

I think the easiest way to detect the Fox News aficionados is to look for the keywords from the propaganda.

Too many of these viewers are nothing more than parrots, repeating what they heard as if it was biblical text, and they seem to lack any actual thought or knowledge in their comments; perhaps they do know better, but they keep that knowledge to themselves, lest they betray their rightist, elitist cause.

Some of the better among these keywords are "social justice" and "socialism," and even using these shows lack of knowledge of the concepts; it's easy to belittle progressive policies when painting them as tyranny, when in fact, all attempts at tyranny are from the corporations supported by the right.

The common definition from the right for "socialism" might better fit the social dictatorships in the USSR, Cuba, PRC, North Korea, etc. where attempts had been made (at least rhetorically) to establish communist societies, which are leaderless, only to be usurped by dictatorially-minded leaders.

We know social dictatorships to have failed to achieve equality in societies, but the same can be said of pure capitalism, as well.

The most successful societies have been social democracies, such as in Europe, where government helps the people, all the way to the lowest classes, without imposing too much on them, and free markets are allowed to thrive, but with sufficient regulation to prevent the corporate dominance that we have now in the US.

Gabriel S.
Gabriel S7 years ago

Thank you for explaining that, I can't believe that they have gotten away with it for so long.

De OppressoLiber
De OppressoLiber7 years ago

How can you be upset over the truth? FOX tells a much closer version of the truth.

The truth is that democracy and socialism have nothing in common but one word, equality. But notice the difference: while democracy seeks equality in liberty, socialism seeks equality in restraint and servitude.

The vast majority of the United States is angry about the destruction of America. The liberty you have is at the expense and sacrifice of others even if you choose not to believe that this is true.

If you hear the words “people like you” and you become defensive then you probably object to much of what follows “We the people”. I will accompany anyone to a first amendment rally yet will you be by my side at a rally for the second amendment?

Scottie K.
Scottie K7 years ago

Having lived in the reddest part of a red state where I was one of the few who didn't percieve what fox news said as gospel, i can tell you unequivocally that yes,in some ways fox viewers
ARE that stupid,and it is stupidity of the most vile sort,willfully

Miguel Ramos
Miguel Ramos7 years ago

Even though I do listen to Fox News, it's apparent to me that it isn't really "fair and balanced, " similar to most of the programming on a lot of their radio and TV stations. Most of the other network and independent news source also have a slant of some kind. In order to get a balanced view, one needs to go to a multitude of different sources.

Unfortunately, most people lack the tolerance to listen to things they don't like to hear. But in order to arrive at a more informed and intelligent, one needs to tolerate the unpleasant blogger's b******* which is my case is the likes of Rush and Palin (hold my breath a little bit longer) in order to make a more rational choice on many issues.

Seriously, I attempt to listen to all sources - - left, right, moderate, and independent. From Glenn Beck to Robert Scheer and all those in between. From Truthdig to Fox News.

Kurt V.
Kurt Vangsness7 years ago

Bob M,

Most people do not even know what Capitalism is anymore. We haven't been a truly Capitalist society in over 100 years. We are closer to a Fascist/Socialist state.

We are not as Statist as Europe, but we are getting there. Capitalism is about freedom and liberty. People are free to make their own descisions and choices.

Government interferes with those freedoms in the name of "Social Justice", which leads to greater government control in the name of the "common good" and eventually to oppression.

Socialism, Marxism, Communism, and Fascism all assume a Utopia that doesn't exist, nor will it ever exist. Human Nature is first and foremost about self-interest and all of their descisions are based upon this, e.g., take care of yourself and your family first before anyone else.

Most of our economic problems are due to the government in the first place. It’s called the law of unintended consequences and it’s always the typical pattern. A problem occurs due to government imposed regulation/interference. The government blames some populist scapegoat. The government rides to the rescue with more proposed regulation and protections. It’s a vicious cycle. It is the definition of insanity, i.e., doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

bob m.
bob m7 years ago

Capitalism; fast food . Eats its' own . PIGpen populism.
Will collapse like any other "ism".