Free After 6 Years Chained, This Dog Can’t Believe Her Nose

ROMANIA — Animal rescuer Norica Prigoana was attempting to buy a second hand stove when she caught a glimpse of a brown-eyed beagle chained under an old vehicle in the seller’s backyard. In an instant, the rather sticky price of the stove drifted to a quiet corner of Norica’s mind as she wrapped her hands around the face of the beagle whose tail was wagging at the speed of light.

Norica began to gently ask the stove seller a few questions about the dog. She chose her words carefully in order to avoid creating a defensive situation, because in that instant Norica had already made up her mind. She would save this dog. It was simply a matter of time.


Norica learned that the the beagle had been on that chain for six full years, not once taken for a walk or into the comfort of a warm home. The dog, now named Lady, had no dog house, no bed, no nothing.

It took weeks of negotiation to secure Lady’s release from an “owner” who actually lived abroad, but Norica was finally granted permission to take Lady.

That morning, Norica couldn’t get dressed quickly enough. She ran a brush through her hair and hurriedly tied her pink shoelaces at the front door. Norica simply couldn’t wait to get to Lady and to watch this dog take her first steps into the wide world around her.


She Can’t Stop Sniffing

“Lady was amazed that she could run free to smell every single stone,” Norica said. “She met new dogs and cats and she was very friendly. She had no problem with meeting other animals as she was so happy to be free from the chain that kept her hostage for six years without the possibility to run even to move more than 1 meter.”

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Although she didn’t thoroughly enjoy her bath and exam at the veterinarian, Lady was a trooper.



Norica’s own dog shelter was completely full, so we sponsored the costs of Lady’s care at a foster center where she enjoys an indoor outdoor area and there isn’t a single chain in sight.

“She is now very interested to see everything around her, but she is MOST interested in sniffing.”


Food For the Dogs

The Harmony Fund has sponsored the cost of Lady’s care as well as food for 150 other dogs at Norica’s shelter including a litter of puppies left at the gate last week (photo below). All dogs at Norica’s rescue center are spayed and neutered and international adoption plans are now underway for Lady who has only just begun to explore the millions of wonderful scents this world has to offer. Lady prefers to view the world through the tip of her nose, and today, she can’t get enough of the good things that are coming her way.



Past Member 2 months ago

there's no reason at all for a dog to be chained. if a person has a dog-keep it in the house. take it for walks, to parks, etc.. it's so easy to take care of a dog. there's something seriously wrong with anybody who leaves their dog chained up. they need to be in jail, or a mental hospital. I agree with Linda Hernandez: chains should be against the law. thank you for this news. I'm glad this poor dog finally got a real life.

Marie W
Marie W5 months ago

Thanks for sharing.

Melania P
Melania P7 months ago

Poor baby; the Harmony Fund does a great job, I donate them once in a while.

Sharon S
Sharon S9 months ago

Lucky Lady, free at last to explore & sniff life.

Christine S
Christine S9 months ago

What an incredible lady and what a lucky dog to at last be safe and free ,some people just have no heart ----keeping a poor little soul tied up for 6 years .

adi Ra
adi Ra9 months ago

She deserves all the best!

heather g
heather g10 months ago

Thank heavens the beagle was rescued. In Northern Canada, sled dogs are kept outside tied to a chain, in the bitter cold year round and SPCA does nothing...

joan silaco
joan s10 months ago


Deborah W
Deborah W10 months ago

Same lack of concern seems to run through all countries, especially the USA which has no excuse for such maltreatment among its many animals.
After 6 years on a chain, without comfort and human contact, (although someone must have given food and water from time to time), why not just go the extra mile and take the dog, screw "permission" from abroad. After all she's gone through, with international adoption plans still in the works, the final curtain is up and she's still waiting in the wings. IS AN UPDATE ON PROGRESS POSSIBLE -- PLEASE.

Linda Hernandez
Linda Hernandez10 months ago

Chains are horrible..and should not be used ...this poor dog for 6 years..was a so glad that the lady saw her and rescued her..chains should be dog chained..