Free Kids From Global Poverty Through Education

Care2′s friends at the ONE Campaign have been working on a unique way to bring their message that education is the pathway out of global poverty to President Obama. In partnership with the Global Campaign for Education, ONE asked their members around the world to submit stories supporting education, one of which would appear in a book they’re delivering to President Obama. This book, titled The Big Read, is a volume of stories intended to foster literacy and inspire action on behalf of the 75 million children who are currently not in school.

The stories in The Big Read describe personal and often heart-wrenching struggles to attain education for themselves, their students and their loved ones. These inspiring stories reveal our irrepressible hope and our determination to help others achieve a basic, free and good quality education.

ONE selected a single story to appear in The Big Read, which they will deliver to President Obama in June with a request that he ensure a pathway out of poverty for every child. Selected ONE member Chirstina Holder, who is working as a Uriel and Caroline Bauer Human Rights Law Fellow in Lusaka, Zambia, where she promotes human rights-based approaches to development, writes:

I’ve spent eight months in Zambia, and have realized that quality education is the key to lifting individuals, and the nation, out of poverty. After learning how to read themselves, women I work with from Lusaka’s Garden Compound pooled their resources to open a “community school” so their children could learn to read and write, too. At Mother Teresa Hospice and Community School, where I volunteer each Friday afternoon, some of the adult residents volunteer to teach children reading and math.

Without the opportunity to attend school, these children risk becoming child laborers in local industries such as stone-crushing — pounding big rocks into gravel for sale to builders. But slowly, regular Zambians are laying the foundation for every child to enjoy the right to quality education, a prerequisite for ending poverty.

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To read more of the stories, check out ONE’s blog.


Janice Burnett
Janice Burnett8 years ago

I read the previous add for the declaration of human rights to become a national promotion on passports. What a great add and a great idea. Have a look and if it doesn't stir your soul for universal peace between all countries, then you don't have a soul. I will support this as it covers everything everywhere and should be made a universal law.

Steven Z.
Steven Z.8 years ago

The Issue of Human Rights will almost Always Clash With Security. It would be Nice to See People Who Defend Human Rights in Zimbabwe not be Referred to as Being Racists. That is another Country where the Struggle for Human Rights needs to Addressed.