Free the Net and End the Digital Divide!

The internet should be free! No hidden rules, monthly specials or exclusivity deals — just free and open for everyone to use. Yes, I know that we live in a capitalist society and ‘freeing the net’ would cut into the profits obscene profits of the telecommunications companies, but the internet is a critical resource that should not be restricted!

Take action to free the net and end the digital divide.

Technically, the internet belongs to everyone, yet all over the world, government regulators as well as a powerful corporate entities, are making important decisions about the future of the web.

Whether you are a webmaster or a casual user, the digital world can undoubtedly be a vital part of our lives, but only for those individuals that have the privilege of accessing this information.

For years I’ve dreamt of free municipal internet, but this shouldn’t be a dream–it should be a reality! The questions we are currently debating around access should be replaced with debates on how we can increase wireless capacity and utilize connectivity — making wireless internet available throughout cities, not just in hotspots and most importantly, giving everyone access!

One of my friends was recently in Seoul, South Korea and gushed about their wireless capacities. When it comes to broadband penetration, South Korea is the world leader — with comprehensive free wireless networks and speeds 100 times faster than the typical dial-up connection in the United States! The technology is available, now we just need to increase the awareness and pressure governments and corporate entities to start ‘freeing the net.’

If you are anything like me and if you’re currently reading this off of a computer screen, you’ve come to depend on the internet for many of your everyday needs. But the truth of the matter is that millions of people around the world are not as fortunate as us, which is why we must take the necessary steps to help increase internet access to all citizens around the world.

Sign the pledge to work to extend access to the internet — the open, free internet — to all across boundaries of place, culture and class.


Marianne Good
Past Member 4 years ago

Thanks for sharing.

Maria Fernandez

Shanon S r right! but, please think: how much money do you pay in taxes?
Does your money goes for what you want to ?
Education and Health should be free.
Stop the madnesss yes!children are dying EVERY day of hunger ....and this is due of luck of Education!!

Linda M.
Linda M8 years ago


Carol H.
Past Member 8 years ago

It is impossible for such a service to be free but at the very least they should lower the cost.

Maria Fernandez

rich countries and rich people, like senator in Arizona, must pay as we do, the problem is poor people who hasn´t even seen! a computer in their life.
Internet is not only used to have fun. Many people is studying and trying to get a profession, or learning to read, or to get out of poverty, using this powerfull tool.

Chuck Roomi
Chuck Roomi8 years ago

Yeah! Cars should be free, too! And food! Not to mention Rent. No more paying for anything!

Shannon S.
Shannon G8 years ago

Stop the madness, NOTHING is free.

Ronald N.
Ronald N8 years ago

Aren't these telecommunication corporations why we are something like 24th in the world in high speed internet? Every couple of months or so, that goes by, I hear we are further behind. Isn't this the plan? I had high speed and was happy 5 yrs ago. Then my carrier was dropped by the FCC and I had to go with a speed that was roughly !/4 the speed and on top of that the cost was more. I guess at this rate we'll be a third world country, but we won't know that until we have a chance to visit other countries. Maybe it's an attempt to keep us in the Dark Ages.

The worst cases of slow speed internet are in the remote regions of the United States. They get dialup. I guess it comes with the territory. the U.S. is repressive, and controlled! Oh! I forgot. If you're really rich, you can get real high speed, but at premium costs. I know Senator John McCain had special high speed internet to his remote house in Arizona. Yeah, but he's rich and he had connections!

Patricia McCaskill
Patricia M8 years ago

when I lived close enough to a phone station I could get DSL at a long term low affordable price. (I'd name the company here but might be considered spamming) Now that I'm further out in the country, it is dial-up or paying $60 a month and don't even get 3mph..which you need for videos and movies. Other countries provide this service.
What do school age children do? Computers are required, how can one do research with dia-up?
Having the internet is not "a luxury" is is a much needed learning tool for many.

Maria Fernandez

Just as Michele, living in a rural area and wireless Internet is very expensive, but ..what the heck, I have to pay it, cuz I don´t know what could I do without it. No activity, no family or friends, etc.It should be FREE!!