FreedomWorks Threatens Tea Party On Going Soft On Health Care Repeal

Republican lawmakers may slowly be coming around to the reality that many provisions of health care reform are not only popular but constitutional. Over the weekend even Tea Party darling Rep. Allen West (R-FL) expressed support for some of the key provisions including its coverage guarantee regardless of pre-existing conditions, the ability to remain on a parent’s plan until age 26 and the provisions that close the Medicare “doughnut hole.”

That would explain why conservative pressure groups FreedomWorks and Club for Growth issued new statements calling for the total repeal of the bill. They’re worried they’ve lost the fight. “The Club for Growth supports complete repeal of Obamacare. And complete doesn’t mean partial. It means complete,” said Barney Keller, a spokesman for the group. “We urge the so-called ‘tea party’ Republicans to keep their promises to voters and continue to fight for complete repeal as well.”

As Talking Points Memo reports, conservatives true natures are coming out in this battle.

Dean Clancy, who leads health care advocacy for FreedomWorks, said the group “would be very concerned about bills to resurrect parts of Obamacare.”

He said Republicans should take no responsibility for the broken system that would result.
“It would be the height of folly for Republicans to say, OK, this is our problem now,” he said. “It’s not the Republicans’ fault if 25-year-old slackers suddenly are dropped from mom and dad’s health insurance policy. It’s not the Republicans’ fault if various other provisions of Obamacare are no longer on the books. … The American people need to have a chance to reflect on the fact that the Democrats basically rammed an unconstitutional bill down their throat.”

That’s right all you graduates who can’t get a job because Republicans have killed them all off. The right thinks you’re nothing but a slacker anyways who likely deserves to get sick and then bankrupted by your health care bills and student loans.

The longer conservatives talk the clearer it is the only free market they believe in is a predatory one, and that is especially true when it comes to health care.

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Linda T.
Linda T5 years ago

What ever happened to the Republicans pro life stance? I guess they only mean pro life when it means abortion not when it means providing health care to the masses that are alive.

Jen Matheson
Past Member 5 years ago

Hah ha, I hope the Republicans come around and thes two coperations don't have a leg left to stand on.

Keevin Shultz
Keevin Shultz5 years ago

Yes, caring for the sick and injured (of all people) is the very definition of "going soft" and must be stopped immediately.

Dennis Deal
Past Member 5 years ago

Yep the far right has your best interests at heart... Sure it does. You can tell how all of the far right support predatory business practices. Nothing like working against one own best interests.. Just another another reason why no republican/tea party member is getting my vote.

Tomorrow we all find out whether the Supreme Court finds any of it Unconstitutional.

Billie C.
Billie C5 years ago

there are parts of obamacare that are good the problem is with the parts that are unconstitutional. there is no reason congress can't enact parts and pieces of obamacare. we don't need this giant piece of garbage. there is so many tax increases and other garbage buried in it we are still finding out things. obamacare needs to be tossed and we need to start over. if we're going to do this then go for single payer. stop giving the insurance companies all. obamacare is a total freebie to the insurance companies, they gave a few crumbs for the whole pie.

Wayne W.
Wayne W5 years ago

Thanks for pointing this out, but it should not come as news to anyone that the health care insurance industry opposes affordable health care.

Again we have the disconcerting notion that anything one disapproves of must be unconstitutional. In the first 10 years after the Constitution was ratified, there were the Militia Acts which included a government mandate for every free, white male over 18 to buy a weapon, ammunition and appropriate supplies. A few years later, the Disabled Seaman's Act was passed into law requiring government run healthcare of merchant sailors. This law was, unlike the ACA, out and out socialist healthcare, government mandated health insurance with health care provided by government doctors. There's nothing in our early history to make anyone believe that mandates and government-run healthcare were abhorrent to the Founders.