French Gunman Planned to Kill Again, Under Siege With Police

Police in France have surrounded an apartment block in a quiet residential neighborhood in the southern city of Toulouse and are currently negotiating with suspected gunman 23-year-old Mohammed Merah, who has claimed responsibility for the shooting deaths of three paratroopers and four people, three of them children, outside the Jewish Ozar Hatorah school on Monday.

Merah is said to be of Algerian descent and, according to French prosecutor Francois Molins, has been to Afghanistan twice and had trained in Pakistan’s Waziristan, a militant stronghold. However, the media and information office of the governor of Kandahar, said via Twitter that “Security Forces in Kandahar have never detained a French citizen named Mohammad Merah.” French interior minister Claude Guéant says that Merah has told police that he belongs to Al Qaida and killed the victims “to take revenge for the deaths of Palestinian children” and because he was angry at French “crimes” in Afhganistan.

The French government says that Merah had been under surveillance by security forces but had not done anything suggesting that he was “preparing criminal activity.” The New York Times reports that Merah became a suspect a few days ago after police traced an IP address that had been using “in connection with the killing of the first paratrooper 10 days ago” to the suspect’s mother. She was questioned by police on Wednesday afternoon. Police had already detained the suspect’s brother, who was “known locally for his radical religious ideology,” and a friend outside Toulouse on Monday.

Authorities have seized a Yamaha TMax scooter that Merah directed them to and that was used in the shootings. He has also claimed that he has stored automatic firearms and weapons in a Renault Megane and a Clio.

The funerals of the four who were killed at the school on Monday were held in Israel today. The funerals for the three soldiers were also held today and attended by French President Nicholas Sarkozy who said that the soldiers, who were all of Caribbean or African descent, were killed “because they were French soldiers, they worked for the French army.” He also said that “We must give in neither to discrimination nor revenge.”

Nicole Yardeni, a local representative of the Jewish umbrella group the Crif, has said that Sarkozy had told her and Muslim leaders that Merah was preparing himself “to kill again this morning when police intervened.”

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Vlasta M.
Vlasta M5 years ago

Notice that this guy is benignly called "French gunman" rather than more appropriately Islamic terrorist, or French Muslim terrorist. When BBC talks about Islamists and Islamic terrorism, they say "Asian youth" or Asian gunman, in oder to make believe that it has nothing to do with ISLAM. It has EVERYTHING to do with Islam and teachings of Koran and Hadith!!

The supremacist ideology of Islam is very similar to the supremacist ideology of Nazis, with similar delusional Jew hatred that in WWII led to Holocaust, just as second Holocaust would happen if Arabs had their way with Israel.

Islam is incompatible with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and MUST reform or had no place in a civilized society. There are now 5.5 millions of Muslims in France and only 500,000 Jews! Some studies show that about 20% of ALL Muslims are Jihadists, thus there are 550,000 crazy (mostly young Muslim men) in France who are willing to murder and die for Allahu Akbar, just as that terrorist did after murdering Jewish children and French soldiers. Contrary to what Sarcozy said that it has nothing to do with Islam, IT HAS EVERYTHING TO DO WITH ISLAM and their delusional Jew hate and hate of non-Muslims.

Beth S.
Beth S5 years ago


What you fail to see is that you have been taken in by the expensive PR firms and psychologists that Arab oil money has been able to buy and the Muslim Brotherhood brags about manipulating: that Israel is Goliath and the Palestinians are David.

1.6 BILLION Muslims out there, and 400 Million are Arabs. 6 Million Israelis.

Islam is the Goliath and Israel the David.

stan b.
Stan B5 years ago

Kilgore. I wonder if you would describe them as " A few rockets fired with slingshots " if they were directed at you. Israelis have had to put up with over 10000 missiles, some very sophisticated and supplied by the mad mullahs in Iran over the past few years.

I had a look at you profile which gave absolutely no information about you except that your nom de plume is Kigore Trout. Sounds very " fishy " to me.
You don't have an alter ego who answers the phone and makes coffee in a Canadian tertiary institution do you?

Fred H.
Fred H5 years ago

Wow, Kilgore, in only two posts you demonstrated a remarkable degree of ignorance about the Middle East and a healthy degree of anti-Semitism, to boot. So, because you don't like Israel, you have no problem with all Jewish children being killed. How pathetic!

Gillian Miller
Gillian M5 years ago

In the meantime, one of the extremists went to Afghanistan and Pakistan to learn to kill. This terroist practiced on some soldiers then went to a Jewish school to slaughter little children. Yet the anti-Semites on this board attempt to justify the death of these soldiers, a rabbi - a young father and 3 little children leaving a 17 year old boy bady hurt. Now this was done in the name of Islam and Kilgore doesn't blame the extremists or the person that perpetrated this evil deed, but Israel. Now, doesn't that make a change?

I feel for the families of this murderer and those that have been killed by other terrorists. This also includes Moslems, they suffer because no-one will speak out for them in case they realise that Moslems hurt Moslems.

Gillian Miller
Gillian M5 years ago

Tens of thousands of Christians, especially Coptic Christians, are being forced out of the Middle East as refugees, with no right of return, because they are being killed by those who should be protecting them, do you condemn this? Coptic Christians have lived in Egypt longer than Moslems have yet their holy places are being desecrated, they are being killed by the military, they are raped and killed, do you condemn this?

I condemn those, such as yourself, who do not speak out against those atrocities committed by extremist Moslems against other Moslems or non-Moslems. Aasia Bibi is going to be killed in Pakistan because someone didn't like her religion. A little 5 year old girl was raped but the authorities turn a blind eye, as they do to the brothel. When will you speak out for them?

Gillian Miller
Gillian M5 years ago

Kilgore "I have no problem with Judaism, living in New York I know more than a few"

My best friend is a Jew, (just before I stab him/her in the back). It is one of the most insulting things that can be said. You then follow it with some of the most uninformed and ignorant garbage that I have come across for a while. Arabs stopped the itinerant Arabs from taking land because, at that time, there were no Palestinians and there still aren't. Jordan has taken their land, do you condemn them? (The flag of Jordan is the symbol of those known as Palestinians, have you noticed?) The itinerant Arabs are actually tools of the terrorists and the Moslem controlled countries who abuse them, do you condemn them? Those who are not Moslems killed because they were not Moslems, do you condemn them? The attempted genocide now happening in South Sudan. The rape of little girls to force them to convert, in Pakistan they take very small girls and put them in a brothel, do you condemn it? The paedophilia (both boys & girls) as allowed in Islam, do you condemn it? The Hadith explains how to sexually abuse little baby girls, do you cpondemn it? The abuse of Moslem women, do you condemn it? The forcing of nearly half a million Jews as refugees out of their homeland leaving less than 2 thousand, they have no right of return, do you condemn this? Tens of thousands of Christians, especially Coptic Christians, are being forced out of the Middle East as refugees, with no right of return, because th

monica r.
monica r5 years ago


"Blowback" should then be directed at an appropriate target. Are you suggesting the children, the oldest of whom was 7, did something personally to offend this Al Qaeda-trained jihadist?

Oh, yes, of course they did. They committed the offense of being born to Jewish parents, ergo, they had it (blowback) coming?

Carol Dreeszen
Carol D5 years ago

My problem stems from the fact they have no business expanding their settlements and when the Palestinians shot a few rockets with the slingshots - Israel retaliates with everything but the kitchen sink - even white phosphorus - which has been outlawed. They also have no business preventing the country of Palestine coming into existence. The United States is guilty of pandering to these pit bulls and I think it's time people make their own judgement - without bullies and lobbyists calling the shots!

Kilgore...So I am assuming you are in perfect compliance with Palestine shooting a couple rockets with sling shots!? And you think Israel are not suppose to reply to this!? Do you have any brains at all!? Your rational SUCKS!!! Totally ignorance to look at a situation like this that way..just totally insane!! wonder there are the situations there are over there...I bet the Palestinians think the same way you do! Pit bulls!?!? ROTFLMAO!!!

patrica and edw jones

It gets so tiresome trying to educate people like Kilgore(what a moniker - very apt) about the rights and wrongs of this situation. The rabid dog that killed those children, a Rabbi and 3 French soldiers - got off very lightly in my estimation. A bullet was too good for him - Fred K had the right idea with the porkfat bullets. However it was doubtful whether this guy was really a true Muslim since he drank and took drugs...but he did follow in the path of Muslim Extremists and being the cretinous cowardly rat that he was - probably believed he was headed for Paradise and the 72 Virgins.
Since Israel is the only true Democray in the Middle East - and has never started any war - it has Right on its side to defend itself in any way it can.