French Nurse Starts a Rent-a-Breast Service for Gay Parents

If breast is best, why should gay dads have to settle for giving their kids the bottle? That’s the thinking that has led one French nurse to offer her services as a surrogate breast feeder.

An advert, published on by a 29 year-old woman who self identifies as a nurse, is in French but a rough translation reads:

“I am a young mother in good health… and I’m renting out my breasts for breastfeeding infants. I’m in the Paris region and I can offer up to a dozen feeds a day for your baby. Gay men in couples are not able to breastfeed…. Breastfeeding helps babies be healthier because breast milk gives babies complete nutrition.”

The woman is offering this service for 100 Euros or $134 a day.

It is illegal to sell breast milk in France and all breast milk expressed for other purposes than feeding one’s own children must go through what is effectively a milk bank.

However, the woman is offering a service rather than simply a product. Furthermore, it appears she intends this service to be delivered “in-person,” as it were. Therefore she would appear to have circumvented the ban.

Indeed, owners of have consulted with the site’s lawyers to be confident that this does not violate any laws. Legal opinion remains divided on this and in particular whether this service violates milk screening procedures and poses a risk to public health.

Nevertheless the woman, whose identity has not been revealed, says she’s had quite a few responses, though not always of the kind she had hoped for.

“I’ve received more than a dozen requests, but only half of them were serious. The rest were from perverts,” she is quoted as saying.

The notion of wet nurses is not a new one, but ones that specifically cater for the children of male same-sex couplesis something new for France, and carries all the same loaded worries.Given the violence and heated Religious Right demonstrations that occurred up to and even after France legalized marriage equality and same-sex parent adoptions a few months ago, this act has received perhaps even more attention from the press.

It has even prompted the website’s owners to tell the press the young woman offering her services is not passing judgment one way or the other with regards to the gay marriage issue — though, presumably, she has no overt objection to same-sex couples rearing children.

Alexandra Woog of isquoted as saying “She has no political message to deliver. This is a true service rendered, a sort of modernization of the role of the wet nurse.”

He has, however, advised the woman to be careful because the ad obviously could make her a target for possible abuse or even physical danger.This apparently isn’t the first time this kind of issue has arisen in France.

The International Business Timesreports that in 2011, a number of attempts were made to source breast milk through Facebook.

This prompted Professor Jean-Charles Picaud of the French Association of Human Milk Banks, and Professor Pierre-Henri Jarreau, president of the French Society of Neonatalogy,to issue ajoint statement that explained the dangers of obtaining milk in this manner, saying”These risks are mainly infectious,because the milk can be contaminated by bacteria or viruses.”

It would be easy for this story to be an empty and salacious one, but it has provoked a number of talking points, not least of which are that it is up to the woman in question what she does with her body (within legal bounds) and the health concerns and benefits surrounding offering such a service.

Wet nurses are now often considered a throwback to bourgeois parenting, but this e-loue service provider has managed to earn international column inches for her pointing out that there still may be a need for such services.

Could this create a revival of wet nurses, or perhaps even spark an extended relationship between male same-sex couples and surrogate mothers? It’s too soon to guess, but it certainly provides an interesting set of talking points.

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Nice answers in replace of the question with real point of view and explaining about that. Rent a Breast the woman is offering a service rather than simply a product

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Noted Thanks for sharing.

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Angela Roquemore5 years ago

Funny as hell, actually.

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Joan E.
Joan E5 years ago

She will not be an uncaring worker for hire, because breastfeeding releases the hormone oxytocin, which makes the woman feel warm and loving to the child.

Manuela C.
Manuela C5 years ago

That's kind of cool, actually!

pam w.
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Mary ann....since you're worried about ''bonding''......why not get breast milk from a wet nurse and use it to bottle feed?

BINGO....bonding AND breasts!

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Trinity L, I'm with you! With both my babies, I had TONS of milk, to the point where I had to pump and freeze after each feeding! I would've loved to volunteer my services as a wet nurse to parents who either couldn't nurse or didn't have enough milk for their babies, or even donate my milk to milk banks, but no such luck either way. Pity, who knows how many babies could've benefited from that?