French Report: End Padded Bras And Beauty Pageants For Little Girls

It looks like the American show Toddlers & Tiaras won’t be making an appearance in France anytime soon.

Last Tuesday, a French senator issued a report aimed at stopping the “hyper-sexualization” of young children.

The report was prompted partly by publication of a multi-page feature in Vogue’s December 2010 issue in which 10-year-old Thylane Loubry Blondeau, and two other girls, were photographed pouting and posing heavily made up, with lipstick, tight dresses, jewels and high heels. This led to an international debate over the sexualization of children.

Young Girls Disguised As “Sexual Candy”

The parliamentary report, Against Hyper-Sexualisation: A New Fight For Equality, calls for a ban on beauty pageants and child-size adult clothing, such as padded bras and high heels, for girls under age 16.

From The Guardian:

Chantal Jouanno, the author of the report and a senator and former sports minister, has also called for the outlawing of young models in advertising campaigns and the return of uniforms in primary schools as part of a series of measures to stem the psychological damage she believes is being done to children.

Jouanno said young girls were being disguised as “sexual candy” in a competition over appearance, beauty and seduction, which she said was “contrary to the dignity of the human being” and a step backwards in the battle for sex equality

“This phenomenon is a real concern for society,” Jouanno told Le Figaro newspaper. “Today, children are building their identities amid a regression of sexual equality and on the return of stereotypes contained in music clips, games, reality television programmes. The danger is not only individual but collective.

“We have a great responsibility as both politicians and parents.”

She argued that while the sexualisation of children is not widespread in France, it is increasing and becoming acceptable because of what she described as the insidious “normalisation” of pornographic images.

Stop The Exploitation And Sexualization Of Tiny Girls

Exploiting and sexualizing tiny girls is morally reprehensible. Yet again, girls learn that their value lies mainly in how they look and that it’s acceptable to make kids seem like tiny adults.

These girls are scantily clad and painted up like dolls, making them look too mature for their age. And of course they are being exploited for financial gain, in a way that also promotes pedophilia.

As a mother, I find this incredibly depressing. Why would any parent choose to put their little girl through this?

We can hope that this French report succeeds in outlawing such degrading treatment of young girls.

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Kathy Perez
Kathy Johnson5 years ago

there should be an age limit in my opinion.. these parents are sending their daughters the wrong message

Nessie Benjamin
Nessie B5 years ago

Often the French are criticized for over sexualizing their culture. They obviously know sexualization is for adults and not for children. Bravo!

vicky t.
vicky T5 years ago

Beauty pageants for kids, or How to teach your child that a person is prettier than another which makes her deserve glory and admiration.

While you should be teaching your daughter that each one of us is beautiful in her own way!!

Heather H.
Heather H5 years ago

Don L. I don't know how to send green stars either. I click where it says send green star and I get a message that says I can't send green stars to myself (which of course is not what I intended to do). Go figure.! I just wanted add to my previous message to say that I was a child runway model because my Mother ran a Modeling Agency and she thought it would be fun for me. Of course it wasn't fun but at least she did not make me up to look like a hooker or clown like the women of today are forcing their daughters to do. Also, I wasn't competing with anyone, just showing off clothing selected by the stores involved. Maybe it's not the same. I don't know. But, speaking for the children, I must emphasize that...when the fun ends, please let them go back to letting them live their childhood as children not as copies of what Mommy wanted to be but couldn't. Thank you!

Nancy A.
Nancy A5 years ago

The mothers are definitely to blame. I worked with a woman that started her daughter doing these at 1 year old. She took out loans to buy the makeup, cloths and classes. Last I heard, the child was 8 years old and begged her mother to let her stop. She wanted to play on her school soccer team. The mother refused and to this day, is still forcing her to do padgets and will not let her participate in any school activities because she doesn't have the time.

Unless there is a law against it, mothers will continue to force their childred to be adults and not let them be kids. The reprocussions to these kids is horrific.

Don Lukenbill
Don L5 years ago

Virginia B. -- Regarding the Learning Channel: I've notice the same decline in programming. Sad.

Don Lukenbill
Don L5 years ago

Heather H. -- Can't send green stars, but would send you a boatload if I could.

Heather H.
Heather H5 years ago

Sexualization of girls at an early age like that is setting them up for a life of abuse by ruthless men and women who PROFIT from their beauty and naivety. A top example of that was Jon Bennet Ramsey, she was the epitome of that rat race and if she didn't die from it, she certainly died because of her involvement in it. Stage Mothers (the ones who get the children started in the first place, are fulfilling dreams of stardom vicariously and putting their children at risk to satisfy their own basic lack of self esteem. They are the ones who should be targeted for your anger against child beauty pageants. If it wasn't for them there would be no child beauty pageants.

Melania Padilla
Melania P5 years ago

Blame the mothers!! How stupid you have to be to allow your children participate in this kind of pageants? And you are surprised of the high numbers of 15 year-old pregnant girls....

David L.
David L5 years ago


~ it is therefore in there ow greedy interests to try end expand their operations wherever they can around the world;
* and THEN you have those paedo's who gain access to thousands of images of glamourised and over-sexualised little children...

The United Nations should add this to their lists of crimes against children ~ so that every country that is a signatory to the UN's charter on Childrens Rights ( "the Convention On The Rights of the Child" : ) could then be prompted to outlaw such practices..