French Right Wing Hits New Low With Adult & Child Marriage Amendment

France’s Religious Right is attempting a last ditch effort to derail marriage equality legislation by addinng some 4,661 amendments including  provisions to legalize incest and child marriage. Have they no shame?

France’s marriage equality bill was introduced into parliament on the 29th of January and is set for a grueling two weeks of debate throughout which it is predicted the minority right of center parties will attempt to attach every poisonous amendment they can.

Those amendments are said to include certainly debatable issues like multiple partner marriage, but also venture deep into outrageous territory with incest and child marriage.

There are also reports of some bizarre little gems in the list including those to combat what French lawmakers say will be a deluge of gay immigrants descending on France; an amendment to abolish civil marriage in its entirety; an amendment to impose that same-sex couples be forced to take on the name of the registrar officiating their marriage, supposedly to recognize the “merit” of registrars–how nice; and an amendment to ensure that the biological father of any child born to married same-sex couples be recognized first, this over supposed fears that the bill is the “death knell” for presumptive parenthood.

These attempts at derailing the bill have, however, been brushed off by France’s majority socialist party, with Prime Minister Jean Marc-Ayrault saying that he had expected such opposition but that in the end it will not matter. This is most likely the case as President Hollande backs the legislation, his party holds an outright majority in parliament, and the legislation is also supported by a number of centrist parties.

While there has been significant but not overwhelming opposition among France’s general public, including the carefully orchestrated march of some 300,000 anti-equality demonstrators on January 13, a tentative majority of French people when asked in impartial polls seem to favor the change, something that was bolstered by the pragmatic yet still abysmal jettisoning of language in the bill that would have conferred adoption rights to same-sex couples.

President Hollande and his party has remained resolute that the legislation would pass, this made clear in an impassioned, and what the media has called “historic,” speech made by Justice Minister Christiane Taubria who told parliament upon commencement of the debate that the legislation was “an act of equality.” She also challenged opponents in a way few legislators have, asking, “We want to know: what will the marriage of homosexual couples take away from heterosexual couples?” She closed by saying that the party was “proud” of its support for the marriage equality bill.

In stark contrast, that France’s Religious Right would even contemplate playing such a despicable hand, as though children in forced marriages are pawns in their game and not victims of sinister (and nearly always religious conservative) oppression, betrays a true lack of ethical thinking that should shame each and every one of them.

And to our American friend Brian Brown of the National Organization for Marriage who has been in raptures these past few weeks over France’s Religious Right and their impotent march against marriage equality, are you proud now Brian?


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Alan Lambert
Alan Lambert5 years ago

I don't have a problem with plural marriage (polygyny and polyandry) as long as everyone consents. The problem with including a child in a marriage is that the child is not capable of informed consent. The same way with incest, the nature of the previous parent/child relationship tends to preclude informed consent even when both are adults.

Kate S.
Kate S5 years ago

TY for informing

Chloe B.
Chloe B5 years ago

Sorry ewoud k. but I do agree with pam w., most of the people I've discussed this matter with and who are against marriage equality are muslims. I think the population of anti-gay marriage is made of christians, muslims and a lot of people who deep down inside don't really mean any harm and could possibly be brought to reason but are still attached to old-fashioned values that were part of their education and who haven't really given this a good thought. However, in true honesty I think the majority of French people don't give a rat's bottom about gays getting married. The law will pass anyway, it's not like we need to consider religious groups' opinions as religions really don't get a say in the making of laws, not to mention that we are talking about a civil union here, not a religious one. They should all be reassured, in their psychological prisons that are churches and mosques, the concept of marriage will remain deeply homophobic and untouched by evolution, so, no worries! And Greg X please take your medication.

Greg X.
Greg X.5 years ago

I used to be gay, but over SEVEN years ago Jesus set me FREE! I am now free from the sin of homosexuality. Marriage is between 1 man and 1 woman according to the King James Bible (Genesis 2:24) so I am now married and my wife is pregnant by me. What's really cool is that now my life is not focused on "ME" I actually think about other's. More to the point, it's not about "ME" at all it's ALL about JESUS CHRIST! Jesus is Lord!!

John Sergent
John Sergent5 years ago

Ewoud: Not so much a fear that children raised by gay people will be gay themselves (though some really do believe that) but more a fear of something that *is* true: when gay is treated as a variation within what is normal, children (especially, but not limited to, those raised by gay people) grow up not learning to see it as evil. At the root, it's not a fear of what anyone will do, but of how people will think.

ewoud k.
ewoud k5 years ago

No Pam, no (or only very few) muslims in this battle, it's catholics, other christians, and the whole spectre right - extreme right that's involved here. A mixture of being afraid that gays, once permitted to have children, will educate these children to be gays as well, and fear that in attacking the traditional values and forms of marriage those in favor of marriage for all will succeed to end the dominant position of the male in heterosexual marriage.

But the discussion is closed now, the vote will be held tuesday, and as things go now the act will pass.

About time, for a country that calls itself the safeguard of human rights. (but that must be IT: for those against gays are not human.)

pam w.
pam w5 years ago

Nancy....don't forget how many Muslims are now in France.

Nancy Black
Nancy Black5 years ago

This was a surprise to me; I thought the French were more tolerant than we. I know it is only the crazy Religious Right Groups, but I still thought they were quite as prudish as we. Probably, they are not, but it does seem they are as bigoted as we and many men and probably women are insecure with their sexuality.

Cheryl H.
Cheryl H5 years ago

The desperation of the insane religious right is getting more pathetic all the time. Organized religion has done more damage to the world than most other things, with its wars and misogyny as well as the flavor of the month-- homophobia. Two very dear friends, now long dead, were married by a sympathetic clergyman in a Christian denomination many years ago in San Francisco. If that marriage had been recognized legally, as it should have been, the survivor would have been eligible for his partner's social security after his death. They had been together a long time, and the survivor had nursed his friend for over two years after a surgery from which he never recovered. Nobody has the right to judge their love, least of all the fake Christians that thrive on fear and hatred. I wish they all would get raptured, just so the rest of us wouldn't have to put up with their blatant stupidity any more.
Oh, and not once did I ever hear either of these fine gentlemen talk about burning anyone at the stake.

Mary L.
Mary L5 years ago

Because of course two people who love each other getting married is just the same as incest. This is the 21st century, would you people at least try to make it to 1990's?