Cute Video Alert: Pug Goes for a Swim!

It’s Friday. And it’s time for some fun!

With the holiday weekend here, and many of us feeling those temperatures rise, we all need to take a note out of this little dude’s playbook. Grab your floaties — or in his case, little yellow swimmer jacket — and head for the pool!

I don’t know what my favorite part of the clip is — his jacket or his little snorts? 

photo credit: thanks to nikoretro via flickr for the adorable pic!


Tracey W.
Tracey W7 years ago

Hi Taina, LOL, you are right! I need to relax. I love pugs, too. I'm sorry you misunderstood my comment about your writing. I only meant that you may have misunderstood my intent and I apologize because it seems that has now happened twice. No matter what I say, I seem to keep getting myself in trouble here so I'll just shut up now. :) Have a nice day! Peace!

Mary Ellen W.
Mary Wightman7 years ago

I thought it was a very cute video!

But, BTW Tracy W, I know plenty of dogs that not only DO NOT like the water but ARE terrified of it. I also think your slam at someone for not writing perfect English is pretty ignorant too. The internet is pretty global, in case you hadn't heard!

Peter B.
Peter B7 years ago

thanks for shareing

Suzanne H.
Suzanne Hall7 years ago

That was adorable! He sure was having a good time.

Anne E. Kabala M.
Anne McEnroe7 years ago

OK, I love the life vest! too cute!

clara H.
Clara Hamill7 years ago

Love the video the ones who voted no are probaly the overblowing it animal rights nuts.

Angela M.


Isma Whitewolf
Isma kumar7 years ago


Deb W.
Deb W7 years ago

omg so adorable!!!

Cindy C.
Cindy C7 years ago

how wonderful awwww.