Friday Wrap-up: This Week’s News and Views from Care2 Causes!

What a week! And how quickly did it go by? Luckily, Care2′s Causes team has been here every step of the way to bring you the latest news stories, the controversies and the sheer craziness that’s occurred. Here are the highlights:

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, but did you know that it’s also National Organ Donor Day? In her post Valentine’s Day Gift of Life, blogger Ann Pietrangelo explains why new organ donors are so desperately needed, and how signing up this Valentine’s Day could be the ultimate gift of love. This week, Ann’s also explained why a man’s big package – health benefits package, that is – is the only thing on one woman’s mind right now. I knew it! Size Does Matter.

Ever heard of a green-friendly Valentine’s Day? Neither had I, but blogger Erica Oglesby reports on how the studio behind a new romantic comedy film went to great lengths to minimize the impact its production was having on the planet in her post Hollywood Stars Send Mother Earth a Valentine. It’s a fantastic read and hopefully this sets the precedent for future Hollywood productions!

Now, this might just be a case of puppy love, but I’ve fallen head over furry heels for this next story. In One in Five Would Choose Their Pet Before Their Spouse on Valentines Day blogger Jerry Stone tells us about the international survey behind the statistic, and then asks you the question “Partner or Pet?” in a Care2 quick poll. It’s so hard to choose…

Want to avoid a “Bad Romance” this Valentine’s? Then go gaga for Kayla Coleman’s latest post Lady Gaga Gives Smart Sex Advice.

And, by the way, blogger Beth Buczynski (who is considered a love doctor to many environmentally minded hearts) hopes you’ll take her advice, too: Want To Be Sweet? Skip the Flowers this Valentine’s Day.

Someone we’ve fallen out of love with this week is John Mayer – I still love your music dearly John, but seriously, dude, you’re about as funny as testicular torsion. This sentiment and more is shared by blogger Amelia T. in her post John Mayer Spews Racist, Sexist, Homophobic Slurs. Amelia has also tackled the serious issue of violence sparked by the internet and online communities in her post, Rape Case Shows New Dangers From the Internet. Finally, have you ever read a New York Times article and thought that the logic simply did not add up? Well Amelia has, and she tells us all about it in Why the “New Math” of No Men on Campuses Doesn’t Add Up.

We at Care2 are fairly proud of our arithmetic skills. That might be why we have another math problem for you to solve in Erica O’s Female + Career = Doomed post in which she talks about society’s stereotypes surrounding women who put their career before love, and asks the question, “Can women really have it all?”

A really important Health Policy story came up this week with the news that the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) is to be revised. Blogger Kristina Chew takes us through some of the proposed changes in The DSM Gets an Upgrade and talks about the importance these changes hold, for instance for parents of children with Asperger’s syndrome.

If that post grabbed your attention, you might also be interested in blogger Ann Pietrangelo’s post Health Insurer Defends 39 Percent Premium Increase in which Ann tackles the serious issue of soaring insurance costs, and details the vicious cycle that is bumping up insurance prices. There’s also one other story from Ann, Gastric Banding Proposed for Obese Teens – a controversial topic, no doubt, but a necessary step? Ann explores the details of the procedure, the risks and the reasons behind the proposal, but make sure to add your own opinion.

You may not be aware, but Care2 formally welcomed a new Producer/Editor to the team this week, Nicole Nuss. She’s been quite busy too, with posts from  A Look at Wendell Berry’s Bringing It to the Table: On Farming and Food, to So, I Guess the Federal Budget Deficit Isn’t All that Bad After All, and also a look at What’s Behind the President’s Health Care Summit?

Now, this next post answers one of those burning question I know many of you have asked yourselves time and time again: What’s So Great About Bamboo? Blogger Jasmine Greene asks the trailblazer Carole Meckes what it was that prompted her to work with bamboo, and why bamboo is such a valuable and versatile natural resource. Jasmine’s also written a really informative piece on high-rise farming, which is a relatively new concept that looks set to catch on in today’s cities. Read all about the positives and negatives in Farms That Reach the Sky.

Also from our Trailblazers section is Reaching Millions of Girls in the Developing World, a guest post by Kathy Calvin, CEO of the UN Foundation, where Kathy discusses the foundation’s latest undertaking in creating holistic solutions to child poverty and exploitation in the developing world. And there’s one final post to mention from this section today, Recycling Oil: BioDiesels? What? in which you can learn about Brent Baker of Tri-State Biodiesel who is redefining biodiesel production to drastically cut its carbon footprint.

Now, have you heard people talking about “cap and trade” and ever wondered what it was? In The A-B-Cs of Cap and Trade: A Video blogger Kayla Coleman gives us a great resource to find out exactly what cap and trade is, and how it can potentially help to lower pollution and environmental damage.

We also have a great story on technologies that really do have the potential to change the way we live. You can learn more in Beth Buczynski’s post Four Green Technologies That Could Change The World. Beth also tells us how attempts at keeping the Winter Olympics environmentally friendly have sadly fallen short of expectations this year in her latest post Efforts to Green Winter Olympics Fall Short of Gold. However, someone that should get Gold this week is the Olympian athlete Hannah Teter who has spoken out against the Canadian seal slaughter. Find out exactly what she said in U.S. Olympian Bashes The Canadian Seal Slaughter.

Turning our attention to the Super Bowl for a minute; in her heartfelt and sensitive post The Saints Come Marching In: Why Their Win Matters, blogger Peaco Todd talks us through why the Super Bowl victory for the Saints signaled a greater triumph over adversity than just one football game. Also Super Bowl related, I have to ask, have you seen the Audi ad that’s got everyone talking? Blogger Dave R. hosts the ad in his post Green Police? Audi’s Superbowl Ad A Winner, But Not Everyone Is Laughing and he asks whether it ruffles your feathers or tickles your funny bone? Now, how about a female perspective on the Super Bowl ads? Blogger Robin Marty puts them under the microscope in Super Bowl Commercials: How Women Fare.

While some of us may have overdosed on sport this week, Robin, like the true feminist trooper that she is, asks the question Does Sports Illustrated Sexualize Female Athletes? She’s also worried. She keeps hearing a strange background noise, and it’s coming from the rabble who are constantly telling women that a woman’s life is measured by her biological clock! Well, Robin takes that theory apart in Tick Tock Tick Tock – Everyone Can Hear Your Biological Clock! Robin also found time to spank American Apparel for their thick-headed booty call competition in American Apparel Makes Ass of Itself With “Best Bottom” Contest and she updates us on the disturbing story Lessons in Bad Advertising: Don’t Use Babies to Emulate Underwear Commercials.

Care2 member Karen King has contributed a special guest post in response to Robin’s American Apparel piece, adding her own perspective on how American Apparel isn’t the only company exploiting the female form to push their wares. Read The Best Bottom Contest: A Care2 Member’s Perspective today and join the debate! As well as this, we’re also highlighting Care2′s activists in a new feature called Activist Spotlight. This week, we’re taking a look at some of the petitions that activists in the Care2 community have created on topics they feel strongly about, so why not go and give your opinion at Activist Spotlight: Dogs on Deathrow and Aboriginal Art at the Olympics.

Blogger Ximena R. has tackled a couple of really tough stories this week. Where others can’t find words, she has managed to, and with sensitivity and grace. First of all, she exposes a Facebook group that thinks it’s okay to kill female sex workers. Truly horrible! Read about it now in Facebook Fail: Group Calls for the Murder of Hookers. Secondly, a case of so called “honor killing” came to light this week involving a 16-year-old girl from Turkey. This case is shocking, but I’d not realized how prevalent the practice was until I read In The Name Of Family Honor: Girl Buried Alive For Talking To Boys.

In a related piece, Care2 Campaigner Natasha G. brings us the encouraging news that new legislation to curb violence against women has been introduced into Congress. Read about it in her post, Congress Reviews the Global Epidemic of Violence Against Women. You can also read Natasha G’s uplifting post on Nelson Mandela in Nelson Mandela’s Triumphant Release — Twenty Years Later, and learn about a story of corruption and money laundering in Kick Foreign Corruption Out of the US!

A very interesting story, now. Sleep is a Feminist Issue? by Kristina Chew takes a broad look at the latest claim that sleep, or the lack thereof, is a serious issue for every modern woman. I confess, I’d never thought much about it myself, but take a look at the post and see what you think. 

Onto animal rights now, and, as a vegetarian, I was pleased to hear this week that Hawaii legislators are considering a ban on foie gras. Blogger Heather Moore takes us through the case against foie gras, as well as the science and the ethics behind the arguments in her wonderfully uncompromising post Will Hawaii Be Next To Ban Foie Gras?

I know many of you have been following the story of the elephant Queenie who, along with two other elephants, had lived the tortured life of a circus animal. While her two companions have now been rescued, Queenie’s owner who mistreated her so, is refusing to give her up without a fight. Blogger Alicia Graef asks you, the brilliant Care2 community, to help if you can in Queenie STILL Needs Help…

Treating animals with kindness and respect, something which Queenie’s owner failed to do, is a theme in Heather Moore’s post Humane Educators: Working at the Roots in which she stresses the importance of educating children on how to care for animals from an early age. It’s a must read!

Something which gave me a bit of an education this week was Angel Flinn’s post Rights or Wrongs which distinguishes the two movements of animal welfare and animal rights, and tells us exactly why they shouldn’t be confused. It’s eye-opening, challenging and certainly well worth a read.

Cockfighting. It should be illegal, right? Most, if not all, of the people that I have spoken to about this awful “sport” agree with that. So why isn’t it illegal in every state? This is the vital issue that blogger Sharon Seltzer confronts in Why Is It So Tough To Make Cockfighting A Felony? in which she details the legislative fix that could finally end cockfighting for good. Sharon’s also been on the case of a recent story surrounding 13 neglected lions and how their re-homing at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park may not be all it appears. Read about it now in Was the Public Deceived About Lions Rescued from Romanian Zoo?

Also on the subject of animal rights, Clorox has responded to Care2′s petition calling for them to stop their animal testing. See what they had to say in Clorox Responds to Animal Testing Petition.

Turning our attention to Politics, have you heard the latest on Hiram Monserrate, the New York State Senator who was convicted of domestic abuse? This week he was expelled from the New York Senate. Most of us would take that as just punishment for our actions. Not Monserrate. He intends to run again in March’s special election. Blogger Amelia T. updates us on this case and the latest twist in the tale in Hiram Monserrate Expelled from NY Senate for Domestic Abuse, Says He Will Run Again.

Also this week, blogger Jessica Pieklo delves into the controversy surrounding America’s immigration system in Blow it Up and Start All Over: The ABA on Immigration Courts after the American Bar Association decided that the system is broken beyond repair. Jessica casts her expert legal eye over the significance of this statement and its limited impact. Jessica also wrote a post this week on the sad death of Representative John Murtha who died at the age of 77. Read an elegant tribute to this fierce politician in Remembering Representative Murtha.

It’s the woman some of you love to hate. I’m talking, of course, about the irrepressible (and goodness knows, many must have tried) Sarah Palin. Blogger Aaron Pendell brings us the latest news from this week’s Tea Party convention and how it was overshadowed by a Palin mishap. Or was it a mishap? Conspiracy theorists, put your thinking caps on for Tea Party Convention, GOP influence overshadowed by Palin Gaffe… (or, was it a gaffe?)

Next, blogger Tracy Viselli gives us some entertaining political commentary in John Edwards Proposed to Mistress Rielle Hunter, as she discusses whether the reports are true or not, and why this news is politically relevant.

Also in our Politics section, blogger Marc Seltzer asks the question “What can a federal government do about jobs and deficits?” and attempts to give us some of those much sort after answers in his insightful post Federal Spending on Jobs vs. Private Business Activity.

Also, you can read Jaelithe Judy’s thoughts on Why President Obama Should Not Forget Melanie Shouse, the emotional story of one woman to whom President Obama owes a great deal.

It’s been a busy week in our Education channel too! Heard of the No Child Left Behind Act? Education blogger Judy Molland breaks down the successes and failures of the act in her post So Many Children Left Behind? and lays out why she thinks President Obama’s plans for education reform could be just as challenging as health care reform. Also, don’t miss Judy’s latest post Bilingual Secretary Speaks Spanish, Loses Job where she examines the circumstances surrounding this shocking story and the resulting lawsuit that has followed.

Being a blogger on LGBT rights, this next piece had a powerful effect on me when I read it. Blogger Peaco Todd tackles the issue of double standards when it comes to education and gay students in Bullying is Bad… Unless the Victim Happens to be Gay. This week Peaco also asked the question Are Good Manners Part of a Good Education? and the Care2 community answered in force, while her latest post asks Does America Have an ‘Innovation Deficit?’ Make sure to have your say.

And now, let’s see… what’s left? Oh, my small contributions to Care2! Well, it’s been a bit of a funny old week on the LGBT news front. We’ve had more movement on the repeal of the gay military ban ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,’ but also some backlash. You can read about it in my post Don’t Repeal Military Gay Ban or Rights for Pedophiles Might be Next Says Oliver North. We’ve also had the “revelation” that Judge Vaughn Walker, the presiding judge in the Proposition 8 gay marriage trial, might himself be gay. You can find out the reaction to this news and more in The Defense Sucked, but NOM Thinks it’s a Gay Judge That Will Cost Them the Prop. 8 Trial. And finally, the disturbing news that ex-gay literature is being handed out to some high school students. Have your say about this in the comments section of Cure ‘em Young! – PFOX Promotes Ex-Gay Therapy in Public Schools.

So, that’s it! What a wild ride! One last thing, though. This post contains all the news and views from the past week here at Care2 as provided by all our brilliant Causes writers in our many Causes channels. But, are there any new channels that you’d like to suggest? If so, click here and look at the options we’re considering, vote for the one you want, or feel free to suggest something brand new!

by Steve Williams


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