Friday Wrap: Earth Week, Oil Spill and a Taco Made of Doritos

Happy Earth Day, Care2 members! I hope you get a chance to go outside, breathe some fresh air and appreciate nature this weekend. But in between your rambling nature walks and beach lounging, here’s a look at the summary of this week’s news.

Earth Week — because Earth Day isn’t enough

Care2 has taken Earth Day to a whole new level by celebrating the planet with posts throughout the week.

Check out an adorable and guilt-inducing video of two polar bears discussing the disappearance of their icy habitat. It definitely makes you think twice about climate change.

In one big step for Mother Earth, the Bolivian government passed a law that gives nature equal rights with humans. Hopefully this important piece of legislation will be picked up by the international community.

Care2 blogger Judy Molland has some great ideas about getting kids excited about the great outdoors.

Learn more about our connection with the Earth with a post about the Gaia hypothesis. This post reminds us that we are all connected to each other and to the planet. For a different, but not necessarily counteractive view of the Earth, check out the article God is Green, which explores the connection between religious faith and environmentalism. Both of these posts are a great way to explore your personal beliefs about Mother Earth.

See a full list of our Earth Week articles here.

Oil spill anniversary

This Wednesday marked the one year anniversary of the BP oil spill. Care2 brings you some analysis of the environmental and social effects that are still impacting the Gulf region today. Read Beth Buczynski’s informational post and an interview with Oceana’s Jackie Savitz to learn more about the recovery process. Also, take a look at the eye-opening guest post from the Gulf Restoration Network.

Care2 reported how the oil spill still inspires activism and support around the country. Amid nationwide protests, thousands of young climate activists in Washington D.C. during Powershift actually shut down a BP gas station by using flash mob tactics. Also, an 11-year-old girl in Alabama raised $175,000 for Gulf Coast birds by selling her artwork and donating the profits to the Audobon Society. What an inspirational act!

Middle East

How much longer will the conflict in Libya last? The Obama administration is researching potential countries for exile for Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi. Meanwhile, violence between Gaddafi loyalists and Libyan rebels continues. Two Western journalists were killed this week while covering the conflict.

In Syria, President Bashar al-Assad has finally declared that he will lift the emergency laws under which his country has functioned since 1963. Protest leaders say this announcement is too little too late. Violence between protesters and police continues to plague the country, and the government continues to keep a watchful eye on foreign reporting.

Bahrain and Yemen are also suffering from violence and unrest.

Strange stories of the week

Every week, there are some stories that just defy logic.

For example, according to a new birther law in Arizona, a certificate of circumcision is all you need to prove American citizenship.

Here’s another one: for a school project, one woman created a life-size Barbie doll, built to proportion. Barbie’s breasts are each about the size of her head. This monstrosity was made to demonstrate the unnatural standards of beauty that the doll promotes.

But what’s the use of even attempting to be as skinny as Barbie when you have the chance to eat a Doritos Locos Taco? Taco Bell has unveiled its plan to create tacos with a Dorito taco shell. This is truly a new level in the fast food industry’s attempt to give us all high blood pressure.

Last but not least, a video from a South Carolina Tea Party rally needs no explanation.

Animal Welfare Success Stories

In the Rescue of the Week, Laura Simpson shares a story about a couple who found a blind baby alpaca and took him over 1,000 miles in order to bring him to safety.

Another rescue occurred in Serbia, where 500 dogs had been abandoned when the caretaker at a local animal shelter died. Now, the shelter is up and running again thanks to one schoolteacher who contacted PETA for help.

Members of the Pennsylvania police force busted the largest dogfighting ring in the state and rescued 32 dogs. 19 people were arrested in the bust.

Okay, one last rescue because this week has been so great. In China, animal lovers intercepted a truck with almost 600 dogs heading to a slaughterhouse. Many of the dogs had severe injuries and deadly viruses. Now they will be cared for by a local animal welfare group.

Thanks for reading, Care2 members! Have a fantastic Friday!


Image from Peaco Todd, Care2 blogger and cartoonist


Grace Adams
Grace Adams7 years ago

The business of business is to make money. The field in which a business makes money is secondary. There must be some way it would be possible to bribe each of the fossil fuel companies to invest in sustainable energy. Maybe instead of guaranteeing loans for nuclear power we should guarantee return on investment for fossil fuel company investments in wind turbines, solar panels, energy from waste, bio-diesel from algae, anything that will help improve our nation's carbon footprint. Most of the sustainable energy projects suggested are NOT high-tech--it just needs some engineering and experience to scale it up and make it labor-efficient to compete with fossil fuel.

Michael C.
Michael C7 years ago

I hear that the store, Burkas for Barbie is hot in Afghanistan and spreading throughout all of the "stans". I don't care what Ken and G.I. Joe say about her.

Michael C.
Michael C7 years ago

A lot has recently been said about Taco Bell and much of it is not repeatably. I have not been to one in years, i live in Mexico, it might not work here.
I have a confession, "yo quiero Taco Bell" or at least their burrito supreme. So some years ago, i set out on a quest, a journey to replicate it.
After many attempts, I did it and it scares the hell out of me, everytime i make one.
Might i add that i do is only once a month, more than that would probably kill me, you see i am 60 and thinking about sticking around a little longer.
I would post the recipe here but i am concerned the your homeboys at Homeland Insecurity might arrest me for possession of a WME, a Weapon of Mass Extinction.
Trust me, while it is powerfully good, no human should ever eat one.
Sorry Morgan Spurlock, did you suffer in vain! Why didn't i learn anything from your journey over into the darkside.
I have sought to go back to by near vegetarian ways. To create something new, a triple decker, veggie burger, with a thick layer of spinach and onion.
Still i have my dreams, sorry Taco Bell.

Sue Matheson
Sue Matheson7 years ago


Alexandra Rodda
Alexandra Rodda7 years ago

James J, should keep his comments to himself. He never misses an opportunity to have a dig at global warming aka climate change, environmentalists and liberals. He likes to cast doubt about scientific opinion, as in the comment above. The first part of the comment has in fact come true in China. Some Chinese people that I know who came to Australia from Central China kept on exclaiming about the beauty of our blue sky and sunlight. They were also delighted that our air was so clean.

With regard to his second comment, Earth day was actually created by Wisconsin senator Gaylord Nelson. Ira Einhorn was a radical liberal who apparently was involved, but was not the originator of Earth Day.
Though it is highly probable that James J. would lose his astroturfer salary once environmental responsibility and clean energy go mainstream, I have no doubt that he too would benefit from such and outcome, along with the rest of the life on this planet.
He could make a little atonement for his stupidity by planting 10 trees with his 5,364 butterfly credits, then it would not be such a nuisance to have to put up with him.

Robert O.
Robert O7 years ago

What an interesting week it was. Thanks.

Lindsey Williams
Lindsey Williams7 years ago

thank you!

Robert Dean
Robert Dean7 years ago

Earth day is great as it makes people aware of what we are doing to this great planet of ours. The real shame is the greedy human garbage that we have to vote for, none have any moral compass they work for the oil and gas industry not the common people. Unless we get rid of the garbage we will get nowhere, scientists are right when they said that storms would get most intense and occur more frequent. But, the garbage that we put in power chooses to ignore them and continue to pollute. Change our present course and curb the emissions we live, we don't we die it's really that simple. Technology isn't going to save us either

Michael C.
Michael C7 years ago

Conclusion of response, see above:

If your reading my words then your are familiar with the work of CARE 2 and its contributors. They strive daily to keep us all aware of the events that shape our lives but i believe that they also expect something from us well. No form of renewal has any value if it is not put to the test, no form of education, unused, benefits anyone. I guess that means that each of us has a role to play but let us all, just for once, push the limits. Choose a topic, be it, energy, GCC, health, the environment, you name. If each of us can choose one, perhaps two new challenges imagine what new meaning could come to those words: EARTH DAY!
Lastly, i would like to thank Ira, not the man but the human, for the part that he played in the creation of what we today know as,

Michael C.
Michael C7 years ago

Message cut off, half way into response.

EarthDay, in our home it is everyday.
But do not look to appliances or electric cars to solve your problems or slow Global Climate Change' (GCCs) advance, a softer easier approach may be called for. Try walking or biking to the store, start slowly, if you must, you may like it. You will come to realize hidden advantages to doing so, everything looks a little different from street level, going slow enough to process what you see and the people you encounter.
Who would have thought that poor, little Bolivia, a country considered by most to be 3rd world and a country least likely to be found on a map by almost anyone, a country and a people who have come to recognize that Nature must be afforded the status of Equal Rights to man.
While one year has passed since the BP spill in the Gulf much uncertainty remains, the economic lives of many shall be restored but what about the violation of Natures Equal Rights from the wrath of man. There in the Gulf remains 3200 wells, not yet permanently sealed, each one a potential Deep Horizon disaster. I ask that each and everyone of you make today your personal EarthDay, call, write Emails, shout if you must, let those responsibly know that
If your reading my words then your are familiar with the work of CARE 2 and its contributors. They strive daily to keep us all aware of the events that shape our lives but i believe that they also expect