Kiss Your BitTorrent Goodbye and Go Mad for Maddow – It’s the Care2 Friday Wrap!

Hello all. It’s Friday wrap time again and our writers have all been a busy bunch this week, so here’s an overview of some of our Causes stories that you might have missed.

First, in our Civil Rights section Jessica Pieklo talks us through an alarming decision made by the District of Colombia Court of Appeals that calls into question the power of the F.C.C. to prevent telecom companies from controlling and censoring Internet content. Is this a necessary step to prevent file sharing (with clients like BitTorrent), or a step too far? Have your say.

Next up, one of my contributions. There’s a pretty derisive climate around at the moment – in case you hadn’t noticed – but there’s a new campaign saying “Not in Our Town!” to hate speech and hate groups that I really think you might like to learn about. Find out more here.

From our Wildlife channel Beth Buczynski asks, is a lack of slaughterhouses killing the locavore movement? Why? Well, despite the growing number of locavores across the nation, the imbalance between local meat producers and the number of facilities in which they can safely process their animals is making it hard to ensure local foods are available for a larger audience. It’s a great read so I recommend that you take a few minutes to have a look.

Also from the Wildlife channel, something that shocked me this week. Jennifer Mueller brings us the story that, so far in 2010, six California sea lions have been executed by wildlife officials in Oregon for eating too many endangered Chinook Salmon. The conflict is playing out as a competition between fishermen and sea lions for a declining population of endangered fish. This has caused quite a debate in the comments section, so why not join the discussion.

In our Animal Welfare channel there’s a story that I know a lot of you will have been waiting for. You may remember the awful news of the SeaWorld trainer who was killed by Tilly the orca a few weeks ago. Well, the autopsy report has been released, and blogger Heather Moore sensitively takes us through the findings and puts them into perspective, but one thing has become clear: Tilly wasn’t playing.

Also from our Animal Welfare channel, blogger Sharon Seltzer provides us with the alarming story of one organization that has been accused of putting money over animal welfare and euthanizing cats and dogs with treatable diseases. I was shocked, and I’m sure you will be. Read the post here.

This week in our Environment channel, blogger Nancy Roberts brings us the Toxic 100. No, it’s not about the sometimes dire music in the charts at the moment. The list details the top air-polluting corporations in the U.S. and how the costs of dirty air effects all of us but especially poor and minority populations. This is eye-opening stuff, so take a look.

Does the subject of carbon emissions really get you fired up? If so, read this story from blogger Dave Rochlin in which he argues that, while the long overdue and ambitious new automobile efficiency targets set by the EPA this week might be a good start, when dealing with climate change, there’s a lot more to think about than just how much gasoline gets burned.

From our Politics channel, Aaron Pendell asks, when propaganda masquerades as news, and more importantly, when it’s as successful as O’Keefe’s ACORN hatchet-job, how can we expect any rational debate to take place? Rachel Maddow has some insights and Aaron takes us through why she’s so right.

Over in Health Policy, Ann Pietrangelo… well… she says it better than I ever could. “A little over five years ago, my family suffered the loss of one of our own at age 52. Her forethought in filling out an organ donation card resulted in either saving or improving the lives of eight strangers. Nothing can ever make up for the tragic loss of a loved one, but through her death came renewed hope for other families. Find out how you can make a difference.

In our Women’s Rights channel, Ximena Ramirez introduces us to Innocents at Risk, a non-profit organization dedicated to fighting child exploitation and human trafficking, and their latest program for educating flight attendants about the warning signs. Learn about it here.

In our Trailblazers section, Suzi Parrasch brings us a guest post from Shannon Boase, Founder and CEO of Earthcycle Packaging Ltd. It’s a really interesting story about one woman who started a personal battle against the incineration of leftover palm fiber because of its negative impact on the environment and the effect it had on her own health, and how she found a way to turn that waste into, you guessed it, packaging! Read more of this terrific story here. 

Over in our Education channel, Peaco Todd examines the confounding trend of revisionist history in which certain people seem to be reworking the facts to support current political agendas. This is an issue of deep concern to me, as I’m sure it is to you, and Peaco doesn’t pull any punches, so find out more here.

Also from our Education channel, tis’ the season for… college admissions! Blogger Kristina Chew offers us a different perspective on the admissions game in her fascinating and informative article in which she tackles the obsession that America has with the college admissions system.

Next from Education, Judy Molland tells us the battle is over! After almost three years of bitter disagreement, the Washington D.C. Schools Chancellor, Michelle Rhee, and the Washington Teachers’ Union, finally reached a tentative agreement on a 5-year teacher contract. This has been quite the saga, so get up to speed on it here.

Last up from Education, let’s talk about sex. Actually, probably best not, as writer Ann Bibby brings us this unbelievable story: Wisconsin sex ed teachers in Juneau County are caught between a rock and a hard place. A new state law requires them to give factual, age appropriate sex education instruction, but the county DA is threatening to charge any that comply with this law with endangering minors, which could mean nine months to six years in jail in addition to destroying their teaching careers. This is a must read for sure!

So there you have it, another week is drawing to a close. Thank you to all of you who have taken the time to read and comment on the Causes channels this week, you make Care2 what it is.

Hope you have a brilliant weekend,

Steve Williams


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BitTorrent, a service used to exchange large video files.

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