Friday Wrap: Celebrating Water, Health Care, and Freedom for Porpoises

Happy Friday, Care2 members! With the weekend upon us, it’s time to play a little catch-up!

Middle East

Last week, in an attempt to curb violence against anti-Gaddafi rebels, the U.N. declared a no-fly zone over Libya. According to the Western leaders who okayed the military action, the intervention is not meant to oust Gaddafi, but simply to protect Libyan civilians. Later on in the week, it was reported that there have been nights of anti-aircraft fire in Tripoli.

In Syria, at least 15 people have been killed in a raid on a mosque that had become a center of government resistance. Syria has been under emergency law since 1963.

Conflict is heating up in Yemen, where many government officials have been resigning in protest against President Ali Abdullah Saleh. The President refuses to step down, and the conflict continues.

World Water Day

This Wednesday, we celebrated World Water Day with some awareness of how important it is to protect and preserve water.

Care2 blogger Beth Buczynski reports on plans for a mega-dam in Ethiopia that would ruin the livelihoods of many Indigenous communities in the area and upset the delicate balance of the valley’s ecosystem. In the article, you will find petitions from Survival International against this dangerous project.

One way to celebrate World Water Day is to exercise your own power to conserve water use. Our partner Treehugger gives Care2 members some important tips about how to green your water use. My favorite tip is “Don’t spike the punch.”

What do you call it when a bottled water company creates an “eco-friendly” bottle? Bluewashing. Read more about why you should avoid drinking bottled water.

How safe is your tap water? If you’re not sure, you might be able to find out soon. This week, three major utilities agreed to expand transparency in their water management processes. This might positively impact communities whose water is affected by fracking and other chemical reactions.

Anniversary of Health Care Reform

This week also marked the one year anniversary of Obama’s Affordable Care Act. With so many conservatives crying socialism and trying to repeal the law, it is important to acknowledge some of the important changes the law has brought (and some of its faults as well). Care2 brings you the update via Consumer Reports.

We also report on the common misconceptions people promote about the health care law. Despite the outcry from the right, the law has provided extended necessary coverage to many people who cannot get privatized care.

Education and Freedom

This week, people around the country have gotten in trouble in the classroom for some strange things. A middle school student in Virginia was suspended and eventually forced to transfer schools because she brought acne medication to school (reported by Judy Molland). She was accused of putting the “safety and well-being of other students and staff at risk.”

In Florida, one girl is facing pressure to drop out of school because of her fatal allergy to peanuts. Parents of her classmates are unwilling to enforce the strict safety measures that permit her to attend school (even though it is federally mandated to accomodate her).

A student in Louisiana was sent home for wearing a shirt that expressed solidarity with LGBT rights. The T-shirt in question stated, “Some Kids R Gay. That’s OK.” The student was sent home for declining to take off the shirt. Whatever happened to freedom of expression?

It’s not just students who are being punished in schools. One teacher near Chicago was denied her request for three weeks vacation to take a pilgrimage to Mecca. She soon resigned rather than miss the important religious experience.

Animal Welfare Success Stories

Many of us heard the horrifying story of a pit bull who was starved and thrown down a garbage chute the day before St. Patrick’s Day. Care2 blogger Sharon Seltzer spoke to Chief Bruce Sanchez of Associated Humane Societies about Patrick’s recovery, which has been slow but successful. (Read today’s UPDATE here)

In the Rescue of the Week, one woman writes of her powerful bond with a shelter dog named Holly who had suffered from some severe burns.

Another rescue story features an adorable newborn kitten whose love helped a man cope with cancer.

Last but certainly not least, volunteers rescued a porpoise from a rice field in Japan after he was displaced by the horrific tsunami. As people try to put their lives back together after the extreme destruction in Japan, they are taking the initiative to help the animals who are also affected by the disaster.

Thanks for reading, Care2 members! Have a fantastic weekend. Stay tuned next week for more exciting Care2 stories and actions.


Photo courtesy of Peaco Todd, Care2 blogger.


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There are good people in the world who do good. There are bad people who do bad. We are thankful for the good and so disappointed we have the bad.

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Some good - some bad...but Shelly's right..every inch we move forward is worth celebrating!

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