Friday Wrap: Storms, ‘Storm’ and One Angry Beaver

Happy Friday, Care2 members! Take a quick glance at this week’s news:

Middle East and North Africa

Once again, Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh has refused to sign a deal to step down from power. This leaves Yemen in a questionable state. Protesters and pro-Saleh forces have engaged in violence, leaving at least 44 people dead from the clashes. After a week of fighting, a ceasefire has been called. However, with Saleh still refusing to step down, the future remains uncertain.

Although President Hosni Mubarak has already stepped down from power, military and police violence is a continuing problem in Egypt. Peaceful protesters are still in prison, including blogger Maikel Nabil Sanad, who is being held in solitary confinement.

NATO continues its involvement in Libya with its heaviest air strike thus far in the capital city, Tripoli.

For full Care2 coverage on conflicts in the Middle East and North Africa, click here.

Floods, tornadoes and climate change

The Southern United States is still being affected by the recent flooding of the Mississippi. Judy Molland brings us a personal interview from a resident of Memphis, Tennessee, where the flooding continues.

A deadly tornado hit Joplin, Missouri this week, part of what has been described as an extremely atypical tornado season. The death toll has been climbing steadily as residents continue to clean up the destruction from the devastating disaster.

Unfortunately, the Midwest is also under attack by a man-made destructive force — Republican budget cuts. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor is still insisting that disaster relief funds be slashed from the budget, despite the increasing need to help storm victims.

With all this horribly destructive weather on the rise, many people are asking the question, “Is climate change to blame?”

Strange stories of the week

Our new South African correspondent, Andreas Spath, brings us tales about the wild animals that roam the streets of urban Cape Town. Penguins, baboons and hippos are among the creatures that coexist with Captonians. Great White Sharks also swim nearby.

While some animals are able to peacefully coexist in urban areas, once in a while, an animal in a city gets so angry that it causes an uproar. This was apparently the case in the Canadian town of Fort Smith, where a wandering beaver actually shut down a main street. He also had a loud altercation with a german shepard from behind a fence.

A Toronto couple has decided to raise its newborn baby genderless. In order to protest the pressures of society’s gender norms, they are going to raise the baby (named Storm) without discussing his/her gender. Storm will be able to decide which gender he/she identifies with as he/she grows up.

Animal welfare success stories

After months of debate, the California State Assembly has approved a ban on the sale and distribution of shark fins. Now the bill moves on to the senate for the final vote. If passed, this bill will be groundbreaking legislation for the banning of shark fin products within the United States.

Four abused calves were rescued from a ranch in Texas. The animal rights groups involved in the rescue have released a video showing the horrible violence and abuse the E6 Cattle Ranch inflicts on their livestock. The ranch is now under scrutiny because of its practices. The police have issued 5 arrest warrants for the ranch workers from the video, and another two for the foreman and the ranch owner.

Success for puppies in Texas! The Texas Senate has passed a bill that will crack down on irresponsible puppy breeders that do not provide sanitary conditions to their dogs. The bill should be signed into law soon.

That’s all for this week, Care2 members. Have a playful weekend, and Happy Memorial Day!


Image by Peaco Todd, a Care2 blogger


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Grace Adams
Grace Adams6 years ago

I doubt the beaver was really angry--just irritated and confused about getting lost in a world it never made and wasn't used to having to deal with--I am glad the Royal Canadian Mounty managed to herd it through the town and out into something more like beaver habitat outside of town.

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i live in Cape Town and never have i seen any animals apart from
dogs and cats roaming the streets.where does he get his inf. from.
have he seen any of them. would like to know. sounds like a cock
and bull story to me.

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What is this tales of the weird?

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