Fringe GOP Reps. Attack Muslim American Charitable Org.

“This would be funny,” said Pulitzer Prize winning columnist Eugene Robinson, during his appearance on the Oct. 15 Rachel Maddow Show.  “but it’s not funny because it’s dangerous and it’s bigoted…”  He was referring to disturbing allegations of congressional espionage involving the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) raised by four Republican congressional representatives.


From “House GOP seeks Muslim ‘spy’ probe,” The Washington Times, posted Oct. 15:


[Rep. Sue Myrick (R) of North Carolina] and Republican Reps. John Shadegg of Arizona, Paul Broun of Georgia and Trent Franks of Arizona called Wednesday for an investigation by the House sergeant-at-arms into whether CAIR was successful in planting congressional interns.


“If an organization that is connected to or supports terrorists is running influence operations or planting spies in key national security-related congressional offices, I think this needs to be made known,” Mr. Broun said.


Why funny?

The humorous element is that their allegations are based upon highly questionable sources.  The type of sources — one would think — that members of congress should avoid associating with.


These Republican Reps. have based their suspicions upon an internal CAIR memo, gathered surreptitiously by Chris Gaubatz, son of Dave Gaubatz, co-author of “Muslim Mafia:  Inside the Secret Underworld That’s Conspiring to Islamize America.,” a book published by the right-wing conspiracy wasteland known as World Net Daily (WND).


Justin Elliott provided some personal background in a Oct. 15 Talking Points Memo post:


Gaubatz, who has long warned about the threat of Islamism in the United States, has claimed that he found Saddam’s long-lost WMDs while in Iraq and has labeled Obama “Muslim” and a “self-admitted ‘crack head.’”


The punch line, in this case, is that Rep. Myrick actually wrote the forward in Gaubatz’s book, and appeared quite comfortable displaying it during a press briefing.


Why Bigoted?

Also on Oct. 15, Glenn Greenwald wrote a scathing assessment of Gaubatz’s website, “The entire site is filled with the most extreme and repugnant ant-Muslim paranoia imaginable…”  Additionally, Greenwald addresses the House Republicans’ charges against CAIR:


They stand accused of plotting to influence members of Congress and trying to help interns obtain positions in Congress in order to advance their political agenda.  That’s consistent with what virtually every political advocacy group in the nation does; it’s normally called activism and democracy…


…These House members highlight CAIR’s status as an unindicted co-conspirator in a Muslim charity case without noting that one of the most powerful groups in Congress has actually been directly involved in an espionage case against the U.S., while numerous other corporations which receive substantial largesse from Congress have been convicted of all sorts of serious wrongdoing.


The issues Greenwald noted as absent from the representatives’ alarmism is indicative of the four GOP Rep.’s motives.  They appear to be highlighting their own prejudices, projecting their fear of a vastly underrepresented American minority upon those who lack the intellectual capacity or desire to question those accusations.


Why Dangerous?

The four House Republicans who presented their demands to the press Thursday are engaging in the type of “enemy within” fear mongering reminiscent of Sen. Joseph McCarthy’s anti-communist crusade during the 1950s, the negative impact of which was a needless and lingering sense of fear throughout the American populace.


What’s particularly dangerous about the GOP attack on CAIR is that the innuendo proffered by Reps. Myrick, Broun, Franks, and  Shadegg becomes amplified by right-wing media outlets, already anxious to unquestionably disseminate it.  The results of this combined hateful output are already being visited upon CAIR in the form of death threats.


Please feel free to share your opinion below, but when you do, consider the following:  Thus far the above mentioned Republicans have called upon three different government agencies to look into CAIR.   How are these agencies supposed to react when such spurious claims come with the supposed credibility generally allotted elected members of congress?


I’m most curious to see how the House GOP leadership reacts.  All four of their members involved in attacking CAIR have reputations for inflammatory and/or racially incendiary rhetoric.  They are a glaring reminder that the GOP desperately needs to address its, all too prominent, radical fringe.


See Also:

Our Vision, Mission and Core Principles.” – Read what CAIR is really about.


Spencer Ackerman, “Rep. Honda:  Slander of Muslims Is ‘Slander Against Democracy and Religious Freedom.”, 16 October 2009.


Fox trumpets CAIR conspiracy theory charges made by author with anti-Islam history.”, 15 October 2009. – MMFA’s research department provides a comprehensive look at the attack on CAIR and the indaviduals behind it.


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Crystal Wilson
Crystal W8 years ago

Hey Scott H.,

So I guess all I need to know about Christianity is what I learned April 19, 1995?

I am a bit baffled by all the hateful responses to this thread. I personally would like nothing more than to see the Taliban and Al-Qaeda obliterated. But COME ON! Having read the article and (hopefully) comprehending it, do you really think that these accusations come from a credible source? Or is anyone, no matter how much of a whack-job, who shares your bigotry a credible source?

Tony S.
Tony S8 years ago

While I know that there are extremists in the Republican party, I cannot and will not overlook other forces trying their best to destroy this country as well! Despite claims by CAIR and other Muslim organizations claiming that they are strictly charity oriented, I cannot overlook the fact that some of these organizations have ties with those whose agenda includes destroying America. Mind you, this is coming from someone who opposes Zionism and virtually ALL government-sponsored foreign aid.

All that said, I feel an HONEST investigation should be pursued. If the charges made by the Congressional Reps are proven, then the accused must answer for their actions! If however the charges are false, then said politicians should face censure or other disciplinary actions.

Sarah Reilly
redd Reilly8 years ago

cont... Everytime a child is born, it's like HE is saying "I am not yet discouraged of man." I wish i felt that way...

Sarah Reilly
redd Reilly8 years ago

It makes me really sad when people in America like Scott H. feel they know all about a religion or even an entire sect of people due to a handful of extremists if it was even them...
Really??? Can you look at a bunch of hate filled self righteous White supremists and know everything "there is to know" about being American or Christian?
But thats the American way when we're hurt or scared we need to blame and hurt someone back and we really dont care who goes down as long as someone pays because of our pride and ignorance breeded by abundance and wealth and a lack of any intelligent education system in this country.
Our hands are just as bloody as theirs! And we've been killing under the banner of christianity since the crusades. WE are NO BETTER... Theres Beauty and honor in all cultures just dont expect to find it when your busy staring at the nightly news being force fed a bunch of political propaganda telling you what to believe. Then wonder why your so miserable and depressed and counting ur Prozac. Turn off the news and read! And quit worrying about what religion you are. You dont get to Heaven and the Divine Creator through religion or Christianity. Only through Jesus and he really doesnt care what religion you are. And yes, there are Millions of muslims and sikh's who believe in Jesus and are still very much a part of their rich culture and heritage. Believe it or not and the numbers grow everyday. Everytime a child is born it's like He's telling you "I

Cindy M.
Cindy M8 years ago

"Cindy, I think you should learn to comprehend what you READ and then go back to my comment and read what is WRITTEN THERE."

OK; thanks for the tip. But here's what I read:

You were born into a Muslim family. (basic math) Some 9 years ago you rejected your family's belief. But, no doubt you didn't go to bed a devout Muslim on Tuesday and wake up Wednesday a non Muslim.

So who knows how devout you were or how long ago you began moving away from it.

But I'd guess a very long time ago, or perhaps you never really devoted yourself. But that's a guess based on everything else you've written, which indicates both a disdain for and ignorance of what is practiced by most (overwhelming majority) of Muslims.

How's my reading comprehesion now?


Scott H.
Scott Heinze8 years ago

All that I need to know about Islam, I learned on September 11, 2001.

Read more about CAIR at

Islam N.
Islam Noor8 years ago

Dear Marena

you didnt read what Glenna Jones wrote,fanatics are there in each and every religion or faith or whatever you may call it on this planet.
One of my freinds, lets call her Sofi (she was originally from California)was gang rapped by two so called very christian preists who had been related to her family's religious celeberations since her mum and dad were not even married (she was my classmate, a lovely girl who could easily brighten up your day with her smile !!), this did not make me at all think that all of the Christian priests were devils and all of the muslim priests were Angels !!
kindly, as i know that you are a patient of the Heart and you shouldnt be upset about things and be angry, so i ask you to kindly and calmly realize that there is darkness in every corner of this world, we just need to lighten these dark places instead of getting lost in them !! if a coin had no both sides its not a coin, and how could life, people, places or anything about this world be absalutely perfect, if it were so than why would have God created Heaven to look forward to or Hell to be afraid of ???!!!

Please stop being bitter about a faith that has done you no harm, as its not the faith but we silly humans who make silly and hurtful mistakes and hurt others through that.

i wish you all the best

Marena Chen
Marena Chen8 years ago

Cindy, I think you should learn to comprehend what you READ and then go back to my comment and read what is WRITTEN THERE.

And to Glenna, I'm 3 months short of 71 and I know perfectly well what I am talking about. What the clergy (muftis, mullahs or whatever) have been spouting during sermons and cheramahs for the last 20 years, have become more and more hate-filled (towards non-muslims) and ludicrous to say the very least. I finally found the courage to renounce islam and "murtad" (apostate) by doing that, I have put myself in danger of being picked up by the religious police and send to faith rehabilitation/detention centre and when I die, they will come and snatch my corpse to bury it according to muslim rights. You can all believe what you want about me - I really don't care. I'm not some silly deluded teenager - nor do I care to be politically correct just to appear as some tolerant "Saint" You should try the truth at least one time in your lives. It's amazing what it does for your soul. I've stopped being frightened of the consequences for what I've done.... AND STRANGE AS IT MIGHT SEEM, I DON'T HATE ANYONE.....

Jeffrey W.
Jeffrey W8 years ago

I don't think "fringe" means what you think it does.

Islam N.
Islam Noor8 years ago

Al Salam u Alaikum and Hi All

as Barbara so kindly expressed, yes, we shouldnt waste time hating each other, as hate makes YOU bitter not necessarily the person you hate !!
please do understand this : Islam is not young or old or a chapter in history or Bin Laden !
its just a simple way of life , a decent way of life, a way of life that ensures that you niether harm youself nor your family, nor your nheibours nor your freinds nor any living creature around you !!
i dont beleive in that just because i am young and so pumped up and want to defend a cause, NO, its jsut a simple truth that i was allowed to discover by myself, how could i not fall totally in Love with a religion where black and white, rich and poor, beutiful or ugly young or old were all given equal attention and rights ???
im the only sister to five brothers and my Muslim parents made sure that i got the best of the world could give and have a wonderful carreer and whatever millions of humans could only dream of !! thats only because they practised Islam as its true form, without extremism or addition or subtraction as they pleased !
Islam is beautiful folks, Life is beautiful, lets not waste time hating, its soooo exhausting and boring to hate someone or something!!

Love you All and may Allah (God)protect you and make you the happiest people alive :)