Frito-Lay dumps their eco-bag: Itís just too loud.

Frito Lay’s journey towards sustainable snack packaging took an unexpected detour this week, when they announced that they are withdrawing their revolutionary compostable Sun Chips bag.

It’s just too crinkly.

Apparently the excessive noise is just too much for consumers, who would prefer to reduce their ecological footprint quietly. A Facebook group called “SORRY BUT I CAN’T HEAR YOU OVER THIS SUN CHIPS BAG”  has 44,000 fans, and there are quite a few youtube videos circulating on the topic.  

The Sun Chips folks have been on an aggressive timeline to make the snack line solar powered, compostable, all natural and earth friendly. I have watched with skepticism… and then admiration…as they committed to pushing the envelope on green snacking (if there is such a thing in a category that involves moving small bags of air around the country on trucks.)

But part of this aggressiveness may have been because they started advertising some of these benefits before they were available. I guess consumers responded favorably to the ads (such as the one below)…Frito Lay they seems to have skipped the usual intense consumer testing regime that major brands typically put their new products through.

I haven’t seen any announcements for leaf blower or Harley recalls, so I suppose we have to assume that noise is a bigger issue with salty extruded grain products than it is for gas powered machinery. And I suppose an extra 20 decibels could be a pretty annoying change. But would consumers have complained as much if the bag made the chips $.25 cheaper? Probably not. When it comes to greener products consumers seem to expect little personal inconvenience. But sometimes you can’t have your chips and eat them too.

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criss S.
criss s7 years ago


jane richmond
jane richmond7 years ago

Can't hear you the bags too loud! Hope you find something everyone can agree on---biodegradable bags and healthy snacks.

Patricia M.
Patricia M.7 years ago

Hard to believe. I think the Stephen Colbert monologue on the subject summed it up pretty well. Should your trash exist as a monument to your waste 1,000 years after you've died because you didn't want to listen to the bag for a few minutes.

Ronald S.
Ronald S7 years ago

Just cannot understand that the amount of noise produced by the bag could be so much that it would out balance the eco-benefit of the packaging. I am in favor of less packaging and, just as this is, eco friendly materials. How self indulgent and self centered these people must be.

Michelle M.
Michelle M7 years ago

Boo! by all means, try to find a quieter bag, but don't get rid of them all together!

Christina Webb
.7 years ago

Evil facebook, takes the cake and runs with it...not walks, runs. Then all our cake will get all over the carpet and on your face and we will have no more cake.

People are very into media. Its like the best friend they never had and they'll go to any length to be cool. ANY length just to be seen and heard.

There are serious validation issues in this country. We all want to matter to someone or something but at what cost?

Green is a color, the color of money.

Kelly Boyle
Kelly Boyle7 years ago

Get a bowl or open the bag completely making it lay flat like a paper towel and the chips simply lay quietly on the surface. Come on folks, let's exercise a small amount of common sense. Sun Chips, don't listen to the haters of clean energy and clean earth.

Nicole C.
Past Member 7 years ago

People are incredibly lazy. Just open the loud bag and dump your chips in a bowl and there will no noise other than your chomping.

Keshia W.
Keshia Wright7 years ago

While yes people are being ridiculous with their complaining, all companies are going to listen to consumer complaints.

However Frito Lay is NOT giving up the whole idea. Their 10 1/2 oz. bags will still be 100% compostable, while they CONTINUE to find ways to make the bags less loud.
They're trying to still be good for the planet, but sometimes you have to cater to consumerism. Plus if they nip this problem in the bud now, more people are going to buy this compostable product instead of having an excuse (lame though it is) to not help the environment.

Jody W.
Jody Williams7 years ago

Oh for Pete's sake! I'm Deaf, I've bought 4 of these bags, gone through them, and now they're out in my backyard composting away.... This could very well be an audist issue. There are so many other things contributing to noise pollution... *smh*